Best New Year's Films of 2023

What to watch on New Year's Eve? Especially when it comes to watching with the whole family? Well, the list of worthy festive films is long - and here are the best of them!

Best New Year's Eve movies of 2023 with high score: list, titles, trailers

Often old film buffs say that nothing good is being filmed today! However, we have to argue with this statement: it depends on how you look at it. Of course, if we're talking about domestic remakesthen, yes, they leave a lot to be desired. And that's putting it mildly! In fact, it is not quite clear why and for whom they are filmed: viewers born in the USSR will be happy to revisit the old original classics, while young people will hardly be interested in going to the cinema for, say, "The Self-Irony of Destiny.". And, again, why? After all, Soviet cinema is already something native, something taken for granted: something we all watched on TV on New Year's Eve as children....

However, not all modern films are "rubbish". There are also self-sufficient films, with their own unique story and special holiday atmosphere... Today we decided to tell you about them! These are the best new year movies of 2023that are sure to brighten up a family holiday party!

Leftovers (7.8)

A still from the film "The Departed."
A still from the film "The Departed."

A worthy American comedy with a touch of drama, which is unlikely to leave you indifferent after viewing. The events unfold in 1970at a prestigious boarding school for boys. It so happens that not all the students managed to go home for the holidays: a couple of poor people ironically stay on campus for the holidays. But that's half the problem! What's worse is that they will be looked after by a hated and very strict history teacher Mr Hanhamas well as Mary, a cook grieving for her son who died in Vietnam ...

Audiences who have seen the comedy Alexandra Payneare already predicting a bright future for the film!

"I think this film will become a Christmas classic - it deserves it..."

Baba Frost and the Mystery of the New Year (7.7)

Still have doubts about modern domestic cinema? Then you should watch this family comedywhich gathered a lot of positive feedback, reviews, and gave people great emotions from watching...

"Baba Frost and the Mystery of New Year's Eve." - Andrei Bogatyrev's project, which leads to deep, even philosophical reflections... In the centre of the plot... no, not Father Christmas. The main character of the film is his wife! It turns out that she can also fulfil people's wishes, but at some point she "retires": people stop believing in her, and the snowy beauty turns into a typical housewife. However, this New Year changes everything....

Cyber Village. New Year's Eve (7.9)

Yes, we haven't skimped on this cyberpunk project again Sergei Vasiliev. But could they? New Year's Cyber Village. collected a lot of positive and even admiring reviews on Kinopoisk, and even a score of almost 8 points - a great rarity for a comedy domestic project.

A cyberpunk future, 31 December 2099: Nikolai, a much-loved farmer who lives on Mars, is waiting for his wife and two daughters from Earth. However, due to abnormal solar activity interplanetary flights are cancelled. But New Year's Eve is a family holiday, and Nikolai intends to celebrate it with his loved ones by all means. What has he come up with?

Family exchange (6.1)

Let the film's score not scare you - it's a really decent picture worth watching. American comedy in the fantasy genre, where teenage children swap their bodies with their own parents! What will come of it, and will it bring the family closer together?


The best New Year's Eve songs!
Happy New Year!

We also bring you a selection of contemporary holiday films previous years. These motion pictures will be a good choice for the whole family to watch.....

Christmas Chronicles (7.1)

A 2018 American adventure comedy centred around a brother and sister -. Kate and Teddy Pierce. All the kids wanted to get Santa on video, but ended up embarking on a dizzying adventure... Fairy elves, flying reindeer and much, much more - the film takes viewers into a whole new fantasy world!

Bridget Jones 3 (6.7)

Despite not having the most impressive score on Kinopoisk (6.7 points), this is a decent New Year's Eve film with a Colin Firth, Emma Thompson. and other Hollywood icons in the lead roles. Comedy melodrama of 2016 tells about the carefree life of a beautiful woman Bridget Jones. Or not so carefree after all?

Something from Tiffany's (6.3).

Christmas melodrama Daryl VaneA rather funny film centred around two couples in love and... a mix-up with presents. In the end, this little misunderstanding fundamentally changes the life of each character in the film.

Cruel Night (6.6)

Film 2022which will appeal to those who like to tingle their nerves.... "Cruel Night." combines thriller, action, comedy and even fantasy! And in the centre of all this chaos... Santa the hero! The symbol of Christmas has to rescue a girl and her parents from hostages, and bring the holiday back to their home.

"The film turned out to be quite an epic mix of action, thriller, black comedy and Christmas tale. Basically this thick mixture already tells us that the viewer is in for something special..."

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