Hackers Among Us: The Best Hacker Films and TV Series - Part One

In the article we talk about the best hacker films: from betrayal of the Motherland to the denouement of World War III.

We tell you about the best films about one of the most dangerous professions of the XXI century

When we first enter the world childhoodsThe world seems to us incomprehensibly fascinating and mysterious. Every toyEvery object is imbued with riddles and mysteries, raising endless questions in our imagination. The passionate desire to unravel the secrets of the world consumed us, and so we sometimes became "researchers" a child's undiscoveredness. We take the toy, break and we're curious to see what's inside.

However, amongst all these children's amusements temptation can grow into something much more challenging and exciting. Some people become professional hackersthat hack into international programmes. Directors found in them a vast ocean of ideas for their films. We'll talk about them next.

A short introduction

It all started with an English word "to hack"The term marked more than just carpenters or woodcutters. It meant unique craftsmenwho can easily "build a house in a summer with just an axe, without a single nail".


With the advancement of technology and the advent of the era. internets there came a point at which the term "hacker". has been given a broader and more modern definition. It has become a symbol of information revolutionsThe term "digital wizards" refers to professionals capable of "cracking" electronic defence systems like masterful safecrackers. These modern-day digital magicians have the ability to detect vulnerabilities and unlock gaps.

Hackers (1995)

Distant 1995 The year turned out to be significant for cinema, as our screens welcomed the film "Hackers", created by the American wizard of cinema, director of Ian Softley.. The everyday life of novice hackers and their virtuoso manipulations first unfolded before us on the film canvas, and the first shots of this amazing film were shot in November 1994.

All the events take place in a mysterious worldwhere commercial networks weave invisible knots and hackers masterfully dance along these digital threads. The protagonist is a young hackerthat he demonstrates his skills by breaking the defences of a secret computer. Gibsonstored in the opulent chambers of the corporation. Ellington.

The film Hackers
The film Hackers

In this random connection, he finds something momentousFor behind the mask of a computer virus lies a potential global environmental disaster. catastrophe.

Cyber (2015)

We see a quiet and measured life. Nothing seems to be able to disturb this harmony. Meanwhile, beneath the illusion of serenity lurks a huge threats. And the most formidable threat to all of humanity is the latest technology quietly gaining momentum.

Geniuses from the U.S. and China unite in front of a common cause challenge: fighting an attack that hovers in cyberspace, rushing in like an invisible storm. This attack is incredibly powerful, and it seems that the outcome of this battle could determine future of the entire planet.

Snowden (2016)

Rushing forward, Snowden dedicated his life to a noble mission. Fidelity and loyalty were the banners under which he marched, and he became a living emblem of unswerving devotion to the government of the United States. Every word anti-terrorist the programme sounded to him like a drumbeat of honour.

Light-coloured prospects awaited him in the world of special services, but even in his brightest dreams he could not have foreseen that his name would go down in history as a "traitor.". Like a bolt of lightning in a clear sky, his illusions crumbled. He found himself in a world where the jigsaw puzzle of reality had been put together picturethat he didn't want to see.

The film "Snowden"
The film "Snowden"

The loyalty that seemed to protect him turned out to be betrayalleaving him at the crossroads of temptation. Snowden's eyes have been opened to the merciless truth that his country is not fighting terrorists, but rather helping them.

Who Am I (2014)

In the shadows of monitors and the whirring sounds of computers, Benjamin was finding his true calling. His days were filled codes and algorithms, as if he were made of numbers and bits. But his heart longed for something largerabout superheroic exploits, about a world that can be changed with a keyboard and mouse. Pages comics made his eyes light up and his imagination rush far beyond the horizon.

But in reality, he was the invisible figurethat was passed by like an old newspaper in the street. His efforts and talent remained in shadowslike stars in the daytime sky. Right up to the point momentswhen he met Max. They decided resist dull routine, break the shackles of constraints and open the doors to the audacious world of cyber-crime.

War Games (1983)

Fate had its own plans for the hacker when he ventured into the bowels of a computer network Pentagon. It was like a leap into uncharted waters where every bit of information seemed magical key to virtual mysteries. His heart beat in time with the endless streams of data, as if he had become part of this digital world.

But his good fortune did not go unnoticed. Through virtual the military operators noticed an unusual intrusion. A spark flashed suspicionsand then the flames engulfed all their vigilance. The burning fear fuelled their actions, and soon it became a full-scale preparation for a possible World War III war. Signs of virtual "war" pushed them to retaliate, they could not allow any threat to their country.

The film "War Games"
The film "War Games"

Meanwhile, in virtual reality, the hacker began to realise the extent of his interventions. His joke turned into a potential catastropheand he felt the weight of his responsibility, as if the world weighed on his shoulders. He needed to solve all the problems he had caused.

Part 2

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