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The history of the song "Anybody Seen My Baby?" — The Rolling Stones (1997)

The similarity of musical masterpieces belonging to different authors is a very common phenomenon. Often this is associated with scandals, exposure to plagiarism and, most unpleasantly, litigation in court. A similar thing happened with the song "Anybody Seen My Baby?", the chorus music of which is similar to the theme song of Katherine Don Lang's "Constant Craving". However, the members of the Rolling Stones nevertheless got out and evaded the accusations, delicately and generously losing the championship to a woman.

How the song was created

The composition "Anybody Seen My Baby?" Created for Bridges to Babylon by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. There is a point of view that the muse for this masterpiece was the actress Mary Badham, who received an Oscar nomination for her performance as Eyeball (Jean Louise Finch) in the film version of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Rumor has it that she had a relationship with Jagger, only for a short time, after which Mary left her friend. Nostalgia for this happy time, perhaps, formed the basis of the song.

Bridges to Babylon album cover
Bridges to Babylon album cover

While the work on the song was nearing completion and its final audition was going on, the Rolling Stones began to remember something, but somehow vaguely.

A little later, Keith Richards played this song to his daughter and her girlfriend. And as the chorus went on, both of them sang along with the lines "Constant Craving": these words exactly matched the tempo and rhythm.

Both writers swore they didn't know anything about the song. As far as they can be trusted - let's leave this question. One way or another, the composition was quite popular, since there was a Grammy award for best female vocals, and the video was awarded the MTV award.

How it turned out what happened is not so easy to explain. The authors could occasionally hear the composition and unconsciously adopt the melody. But the coincidence should not be discounted.

Anybody Seen My Baby? (1997) – The Rolling Stones
Anybody Seen My Baby? (1997) – The Rolling Stones

The Rollings did not take risks. They mentioned Katherine Don Lang and Ben Mink, who created "Constant Craving", as co-writers, and they, having received their due part of the fee, were grateful and pleasantly surprised.

Very soon after the publication, the composition entered the ratings of world hits, leading in the charts of various states and even continents.


The clip became especially memorable due to the participation of the then not very famous Angelina Jolie, who played a small club stripper who left the site in the midst of the number.

The video was directed by Samuel Bayer, who shot the video for Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and collaborated with a number of other well-known bands.

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