How The Rolling Stones' first manager 'escaped'

"While the Beatles were setting records and bridging the generation gap, the Stones were saying, either you like us or go to hell!"

Why The Rolling Stones' first manager Andrew Loog Oldham left his post and how it saved him

Andrew Loughe Oldham had the unique honour of introducing to the world The Rolling Stones. His achievements are even more impressive considering he became their manager and producer when he was . only 19 years old! He first discovered the band in 1963 on the recommendation of music journalist Peter Jones and was immediately fascinated by the British nuggets... Oldham organised a meeting with the band along with his management partner Eric Easton, during which they all hit it off. Shortly afterwards, Oldham and Easton managed to strike a deal with the Rolling Stones contract to record with Decca, although Andrew was even younger than the band members.....

Oldham may have been too youngBut he was a hard worker, and it wasn't long before he led the band into the studio to record and release their debut album in 1964. Soon after, the album hit the top of the music charts and the Rolling Stones began their journey to fame. Despite his age, Andrew was largely exercised creative control over the band, forcing Jagger and Richards to start writing their own music. He turned them from a "Beatles knock-off" (which journalists called them at the time) into a rock 'n' roll gang of bad guys! As he once told journalists:

"While the Beatles were setting records and bridging the generation gap, the Stones were saying, either you like us or go to hell!"

Given the success and evolution the Stones have experienced since Oldham's arrival, it begs the logical question: why he left the band at the height of his fame?

Oldham's sudden disappearance

Andrew Loog Oldham and Mick Jagger.
Andrew Loog Oldham and Mick Jagger.

In 1967, the Rolling Stones were embroiled in a scandalwhich further cemented Andrew's bad-boy image of them. The story goes that the guitarist's estate was raided. Keith Richards in Redlands, which, while not producing much in the way of banned substances, included the discovery of a nude Marianne Faithfull. After that, the authorities tried to play it all up in such a way that they said that here it is - the result of substance abuse is on the face of it! Look at this! It was a notorious case that lasted several months. But while the group, which was being attacked from all sides, was figuring out how to deal with all of this, their manager disappeared

While he had to deal with the mess and protect the image of the Stones, Oldham's nowhere! Literally vaporised! Of course, the Rolling Stones (as well as many fans) regarded this as an indicator cowardice. But on that note, their business and personal relationships were forever severed.

The real reason

Andrew Loughe Oldham
Andrew Loughe Oldham

However, it wasn't quite like that (although assessing the situation from the outside - it was really hard to decide otherwise). Subsequently, Andrew gave an interviewin which he said that with The Rolling Stones. succumbed to the stereotypical rock 'n' roll lifestyle.It was then that he realised that he could no longer manage one of the biggest rock bands in the world. It was then that he realised that he could no longer manage one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

Andrew Loughe Oldham
Andrew Loughe Oldham

Oldham was so tired of this wild lifestyle that he simply decided to "wash your hands of it". As he said himself:

"Managing The Rolling Stones was never difficult as long as I could hold my own. But when I got out of my own control... Then I had to leave them. I was saving myself!"

Oldham also stated that he had "taken the band as far as he could" and that his work had "made here.".

Further life and career of the man who gave the world The Rolling Stones

Andrew Loughe Oldham
Andrew Loughe Oldham

In the end. Andrew Loughe Oldham was removed (or resigned) as manager of the Rolling Stones in 1967, but remained in the music business for some time afterwards. Even before his relationship with the band broke down, he founded a record company in 1965 Immediate with Tony Calder as his business partner. Although the label only lasted until 1970, it signed some of the leading acts on the British rock scene, including Rod Stewart, John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac and Humble Pie, among others.

Andrew Loog Oldham and The Rolling Stones.
Andrew Loog Oldham and The Rolling Stones.

Since then, Oldham has only sporadically appeared in the music business: he is said to have worked as a freelance producer for several bands, including the aforementioned Humble Pie, but had little success. He eventually married a Colombian model Esther Farfan and moved to Colombia, where he worked with several bands in his new home country. His place in rock and roll history was established in 2014 when he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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