The story of "Iceberg": Pugacheva's coldest song

The story of Alla Pugacheva's song "Iceberg" still raises questions: why its first performer is not the primadonna and why there were only two versions of the song? Let's find out!

The story of Alla Pugacheva's song "Iceberg

For all Russian-speaking people the name of the diva is familiar Alla Pugacheva. Her songs have been hitting the Russian pop scene since the distant 1970s, and the best of them have long been timeless. One such imperishable hit was the song "Iceberg." - perhaps the most touching love song, permeated with coldness. Today let's try to figure it out, How was born the most popular track by the woman who sings, and who was involved in its creation.

Background to the song

Pugacheva on stage
Pugacheva on stage

The song "Iceberg" was born between 1983 and 1984. The author of the lyrics for it was Lydia Kozlova - poems were written as a result of a quarrel with the composer Mikhail Tanich. To Igor NikolaevThe "cold" lyrics came to his attention, as the as yet unknown keyboard player and arranger in Pugacheva's band Recital. The music came to him just as quickly.

The composition was originally suggested by another famous singer of the '80s - Olga Zarubinabut she did not include it on her tour song list. "Iceberg" was only performed in Moscow.

Eyewitness accounts

Alla Pugacheva in her youth
Alla Pugacheva in her youth

Eyewitnesses of that concert of Zarubina still put forward theories how the song could get to Pugacheva. According to one version, the song could have been recorded back in 1983But it should be taken into account that back then Primadonna was already a star, and it was absolutely impossible that her song would be sung by another artist.

This is how a spectator at that concert described the situation:

"...This was the first performance of Iceberg. At that concert, from which the program is from, I heard the song for the first time. Can you imagine that in 1983 a song recorded by Pugacheva was still unknown and not on everyone's ears? I personally can imagine even in the most fantastic dream I can't.. Unfortunately, I don't remember which "New Year's Eve Ride" it was in, but I don't think it was in the nearest one, which was on New 1984...".

The story of the Prima Donna's "coldest" song

Alla Pugacheva. 70-е
Alla Pugacheva. 70-е

How "Iceberg" "sailed" to Prima Donna remains a mystery to this day. There was great confusion about not only who sang it first, but also when and under what circumstances.

By all accounts, the song was supposed to be played in the cancelled broadcast, timed to coincide with Militia Day. The show never aired due to the sad news of Brezhnev's death. Massively "Iceberg" was already perceived by the audience from the lips of Pugacheva in 1984 in a holiday TV program "New Year's Eve Attraction."but the question of its recording takes us back to December 1983. Most likely the recording was made back then, but because of the cancellation of the broadcast it was dusted on the shelf until the next year. The second time the track was presented to the audience In "Song '84.".

What did Igor Nikolaev say?

Alla Pugacheva and Igor Nikolaev
Alla Pugacheva and Igor Nikolaev

There is no doubt that the song was sung by Alla Pugacheva in the winter of 1984. But was the entire song co-written by Nikolaev and Kozlova?

Nikolaev himself explains that in the "Estrada Theater" the song was performed by Zarubina in its original version. without the third verse. And now the primadonna, who loved not only to perform songs, but also to complete them, asked the composer to write another verse, in which, as it seemed to the singer, "We need an emotional explosion.". This is how the composition became known to the general public in a slightly revised form.

The Best Iceberg Covers

Many covers have been made to this beloved composition of the Prima Donna. To view - best covers to the song "Iceberg" by famous artists.

"Iceberg, back to basics

In 2007, the singer Olga Zarubina performed the hit within the framework of the show on the NTV channel "You're a Superstar". Let's remember how the "cold" track again returned to the performer.

"Iceberg" by Evgeny Dyatlov and Diana Arbenina

Two different artists presented "netlenka" in their own manner. In their version, the song was even more tearful due to their different approaches to the performance of the familiar lines.

Ani Lorak's cover version

How differently artists feel about music can be seen in the cover of Ani Lorak. In her performance, you can feel more life and brightness, along with the monumental and tragic original. This composition was presented on the show "Meeting Place" in 2009.

The youngest cover of "Iceberg"

Truly the freshest A cover of Alla Pugacheva's hit should be considered a track by the performer Zivertpresented in the year 2022. This reading of this song refers to a parallel universe, creating an unreal cosmic atmosphere all around.

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