Anni-Frid Lingstad of ABBA's Aryan origin story

The life path of the singer was really difficult and gloomy - and from early childhood.

ABBA Vocalist Family Drama

Annie Fried Lingstad, known to fans as simply Frida, is a Swedish singer of German-Norwegian origin. She gained the greatest popularity as the soloist of the group ABBA. However, few people know that behind a wide smile and groovy dances, Lingstad hid her family drama, which remained forever in the memory of a woman. The life path of the singer was really difficult and gloomy - and from early childhood. But Anni-Frid turned out to be extremely strong and hardy.

Early years and first losses

Annie Fried Lingstad
Annie Fried Lingstad

A future star was born in November 1945 years in Norway, in the family of a 19-year-old Sunni Lingstad and soldier Alfred Haase. Alas, the mother of little Frida died just a few years after she gave birth to a daughter. The girl's father was in Norway as part of the occupation forces. Sunni was Norwegian, while Haase was German. Because of this, the family was constantly persecuted in their native lands. In the end, Sunni, with little Frida in her arms, ran to Sweden. Together with them, Syunni's mother, grandmother Annie Fried.

Annie Fried Lingstad as a child
Anni-Frid Lingstad as a child

But not everything is so simple: persecution due to links with the German occupiers was just the tip of the iceberg! The main reason for the flight lay much deeper.


Lebensborn children

Family Lingstad settled in Turshelle is a small town in Södermanland County, Sweden. However, the urgent move was preceded not only by venomous insults against women, but also by a program that was relevant in those years. "Lebensborn". This meant that at any moment little Frida could be taken away from her family.

Lebensborn children
Lebensborn children

Unfortunately, at the age 21 years old the young mother died of kidney failure. Then parenting Annie Fried fell on the shoulders of the grandmother. But what is "Lebensborn" and why did it scare so many mothers of that era?

"Give the child to the Fuhrer!"

Participants of the Lebensborn project
Participants of the Lebensborn project

Program "Lebensborn" appeared on the territory of the Nazi Germany in 1935. Her goal was to create a new "Aryan race". For this, the government needed children born from blue-eyed, fair-haired, absolutely healthy and necessarily “Aryan” origin to the third generation of parents. The children were given old German names, and they were brought up according to the ideas of Nazism. The program had a slogan that even today sounds creepy and unhealthy: "Give the child to the Fuhrer!" - said the motto.

This is what the Lebensborn special houses looked like
This is what the Lebensborn special houses looked like

When the Second World War began, such children were worth their weight in gold. As a result, the program expanded, and branches "Lebensborn" began to open in the occupied lands. The main condition was that the father of the child was military personnel SS. As a rule, parents were shot in cold blood, and children were sent to special homes. It’s hard to believe this, but then from the occupied lands to Germany they were taken from above 200 thousand toddlers. Particular attention during the selection was given to the Scandinavian countries, in particular Norway and Denmark. During the six years that the occupation of Norway lasted, Norwegian women gave birth to more than 10 thousand children!

Teenage girls "Lebensborn"
Teenage girls "Lebensborn"

With the end of the war, activities also ceased. "Lebensborn". She was declared criminal. Subsequently, Norwegian children, through joint efforts, were able to defend their rights: they were compensated and recognized as victims of the war. Of course, this hasn't changed anything. Nevertheless, this story is the best way to explain the fears Sunni Lingstad. But what happened to Anni-Frid's father?

First meeting with father after decades

Anni-Frid Lingstad, her father Haase. Clipping from the German magazine "Bravo"
Anni-Frid Lingstad and her father Haase. Clipping from the German magazine "Bravo"

Long time Annie Fried thought her father was dead. In any case, this is the version her grandmother told her. However, the situation cleared up 1977 year, and in many ways - with the help of the German magazine Bravo. It turned out that Haase all these years he lived in Germany and worked as a confectioner. He could assume that while he was fighting, Syunni gave birth to his daughter. But what he really couldn't even think about was the fact that the lead singer of the world-famous group is his child!

Annie Fried Lingstad and her father Haase
Anni-Frid Lingstad and her father Haase

In 1977 daughter and father met for the first time. After that, they kept in touch, but they failed to establish warm family ties. Unfortunately, in 2009 year the man died.

Notable is the fact that in 1992, Lingstad married German prince Heinrich Ruzzo Reiss von Plauen, and now the singer has the title Her Grace Princess Annie-Frid Reuss von Plauen.

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