Why Sasha White's "The Heir" Was Criticized

The combination of completely different tunes made the soundtrack to the series truly outstanding and memorable. Perhaps this is another reason why "Brigada" has become one of the most famous Russian TV series in the West. What can not be said about "The Heir" in 2012, about which even domestic viewers refuse to hear...

Movie "Brigada": soundtrack, songs, music, "The Heir" 2012

I guess everyone's probably seen the show "Brigade." - is already a classic of Russian cinematography, which is well known even abroad. In its time, the series made a lot of noise and won a fervent response from the general public: it perfectly depicts the atmosphere of the turn of the century. of the '90s and 2000sand the cast masterfully coped with their task, making their characters as "alive" and real as possible. In general, "Brigade" liked the people storyline, atmosphere, and also musicwhich we would like to talk about in more detail today....

So: some of these songs were searched for by almost everyone in their time! "Brigada" is a real treasure trove music loverHere you can find both domestic and foreign tracks competently integrated into the plot. Many of them are still relevant among listeners today!

Romanticizing the '90s?

A still from the movie "Brigada"
A still from the movie "Brigada"

But first, a few words about the plot itself: it centers around childhood friends -. Sasha Beloe, Cosmos, Bee and Phil.. The viewer can watch how our heroes grow up from backyard boys and turn into criminal authorities... Now each of them has his own worries, his own life, his own love and his own tragedies... The series perfectly conveys the atmosphere of those years, the turn of the 90's and 2000's, and also touches on the issues of friendship and humanity, sincerity and meanness... In general - there is really something to worry about and reflect on. Perhaps the main charm of this project by Alexei Sidorov lies in the fact that no one will remain indifferent to it after watching it.

There's been a lot of talk about how it's some kind of romanticization of the '90s - namely criminal masterminds. Well, that may be true in some places. Although what kind of film project is possible without directorial romanticization? It allows you to look at some situations and characters from a new angle - to look inside, so to speak. And what do you think: is the atmosphere of those years naturally conveyed, or did Sidorov let his rich imagination too much? Share your opinion in the comments, and we'll move on to the most interesting thing - the songs themselves!

Songs from "Brigada" - everyone remembers them.

As we have already noted above, in the series sounded both domestic and foreign compositions. This is largely due to the Western inspiration of "Brigada" - the director has repeatedly admitted that among the main sources of inspiration were the masterpiece films "The Godfather", "Once Upon a Time in America" and, above all, "Scarface". Therefore, not without reason "Brigada" is often called "Russian gangster saga".

A still from the movie "Brigada"
A still from the movie "Brigada"

The music was written especially for the series by composer Alexei Shelygin. The director was shocked by how subtly and competently the composer felt the atmosphere of the script, the characters, the whole narrative.

"The music is a success! It was exactly what I had imagined. Honestly speaking - I was amazed at how Alexey and I coincided in our views on the musical theme...".

Perhaps the most memorable songs were "Boogie Woogie," "Rock and Roll," "Fiddler" and "Mama.". There were also works with a reputation, so to speak, such as "Walk, Soul!" by Shufutinsky, "White Roses" by Shatunov and "I'm Ready to Kiss the Sand" by Markin. Shufutinsky, "White Roses" by Shatunov and "I'm Ready to Kiss the Sand" by Markin. But since the inspiration came from the West, there was no shortage of appropriate melodies.

The show features such international hit songs as. "Personal Jesus," "Cause You Are Young," and "The Power.". And who were not already familiar with them, immediately started searching for their favorite tunes.

This combination of completely different tunes made the soundtrack to the series truly outstanding and memorable. Perhaps this is another reason why "Brigada" has become one of the most famous Russian TV series in the West. What can't be said about 2012's "The Heir", which even domestic viewers refuse to hear about.

"Heir" was not recognized

A still from the movie "Brigada: The Heir."
A still from the movie "Brigada: The Heir."

In 2012, a movie directed by Denis Alexeev aptly named "Brigada: The Heir.". Of course, such an event could not avoid the loyal fans of the original franchise... And not to make them angry. And judging by the reviews - there was a lot to be angry about. Here is what people who watched this creation write on Kinopoisk (where, by the way, the movie has a rating of 2.6):

"One of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life... The audience has been spit on again."


"It's so bad that there's nothing to comment on. The actors are useless, the plot is pointless and incoherent, the idea itself is nonsense, as far as I'm concerned!"


"I suggest we rename it simply 'The Heir' because this misunderstanding has nothing to do with the iconic 2002 Russian multi-part movie!"

So, what is this "Heir" who's managed criticize everything? The plot of the picture centers around Ivan, the son of Sasha White, who lives in New York and unexpectedly finds documents. From them Ivan learns that he inherited from his father 2 hectares of land on Rublyovka, factories and other wealth. And so - Ivan flies to Russia, where, of course, he is met by criminal authorities from the 90s, who are not particularly enthusiastic about his visit. And then everything goes on as it should: chases, shootings and love.

The most curious thing is that during the filming, something leaked out. about 100 million rubles! Of course, this only added fuel to the fire and fueled public discontent. Have you seen "The Heir"? If yes - be sure to share your opinion in the comments: is it worth it, or is it that bad?


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