Were the Beatles friends with Queen

The participants of the collectives treated each other with warmth and even co-operated, which left them with extremely positive emotions...

Was there a friendship between members of The Beatles and Queen

Among music lovers, there are many people who are both fans of both iconic The Beatlesand the equally legendary Queen. And often the public wonders: was there friendship between these titans? Such speculations do not arise out of nowhere, because often in the Internet you can come across joint photos of musicians....

Oh, and Queen's performance at Live Aid in 1985, which also featured Paul McCartneyI can't get enough of it: it was very cool (at least from the outside) that Freddie Mercury and the ex-Beatle were rocking out at the microphone during the charity anthem performance "Do They Know It's Christmas?". Was it or wasn't it? Let's find out together!

On loving and respecting Lennon

John Lennon
John Lennon

Back to the topic of joint shots: John Lennonwas probably the only Beatle who never appeared in front of the cameras with Queen. But it wasn't because he disliked the band. The real reason was that at the time Queen's star rose, the ex-Beatle had moved to America and retired from the public eye to look after his little one Sean. And yet, despite becoming something of a recluse, Lennon still remained in charge Mercury's idol.

Knowing this, one day journalists asked Freddie to compare yourself to John. To this, the Queen legend responded with the following:

"I would never want to draw any kind of parallel with John Lennon because he was just the greatest as far as I'm concerned. It's not about lesser or greater talent, it's just that some people are more capable of doing certain things better than someone else, and I just feel like I'm not ready to do certain things that John Lennon did, and I don't think anyone should, because John Lennon was unique and one-of-a-kind, and that's just the way it is. I admire him very much..."

When Lennon passed away, Mercury was shocked. As a tribute and tribute, on 9 December 1980, the band performed the legendary "Imagine." at Wembley Stadium, London. Queen continued to play this song live as a tribute to John throughout 1981-1982 (and maybe even longer).

Around the same time, Freddie wrote a song "Life Is Real (Song for Lennon)"which appeared on the album "Hot Space.". In fact, it's far from the only notable moment on the album.

В "Put Out the Fire"I think there's a reference to John's death:

"They called him a hero
In the land of the free!
But he didn't shake my hand, boy
He disappointed me...
So I took my revolver
And I blew him away!
He was a bad guy,
And I had to make him pay..."

Lennon did a medley of Queen songs

John Lennon
John Lennon

However, while he was still alive, Lennon made Queen medleyThe summer before Lennon's death was really fruitful: he was busy with home and family, but he was also having a good time as an artist, performing some of the band's hits. The summer before Lennon's death was really fruitful: he was busy with home and family, but also had a good time as an artist, performing some of the famous band's hits.

Legends rarely sing songs of their own, so Lennon's medley seems like something unique and incredible! He did a good job with the acoustic guitar version and borrowed some tastefully chosen tunes, although he did mix up some parts "Bohemian Rhapsody"which makes his version both funny and sweet.

John Lennon and his son Julian
John Lennon and his son Julian

Remarkably, Lennon learnt about Queen by accident, from his son Juliana. In an interview, he recounted:

"Julian was a big Queen fan. I ring him up and he says, "Have you heard Queen?" and I say, "No, what is it?"

Brian May is a big fan of George Harrison.

George Harrison and Brian May
George Harrison and Brian May

Who would've thought it, but Brian May - big fan George Harrison! Yes, yes, it's his favourite guitarist, despite the fact that people sometimes like to belittle George and belittle his guitar playing.

Brian only met George once, at a charity event that took place on 29 November 1992. Shortly before the death of his idol, he gave an interview in which he said:

"I've been thinking about George a lot lately and really wish him all the best. I was just thinking about how the press treated Freddie when he was ill. You know, he literally couldn't walk out the door because of the photographers. They even tried to climb in the windows, and there's absolutely nothing you can do: you have no defences..."

Freddie Mercury and his favourites.
Freddie Mercury and his favourites.

May continues:

"I only met George once. And it was a precious moment... I had a blinding migraine, but the moment overcame the pain. I wish I had had the courage to say what I really wanted to say to him at the time. I have so much reverence for George, and I think he's so underrated by the guitar community: everyone is in awe of people who play fast, but if you look at the catalogue of stuff he's produced, it's just colossal."

George Harrison.
George Harrison.

Speaking of other participants "The Beatles."May emphasises:

"I've met Paul a few times and we've played together. He's a great bloke and an animal rights activist, like me. I'd really like to see him more often, but life doesn't always allow you to do that... I saw Ringo a couple of times, but mostly Freddie got on well with him. As for John Lennon... I wish I could have, I would have loved to have seen him. But I didn't get the chance... What a wonderful talent and a wonderful voice. Unbelievable."

In conclusion

Ringo Starr and Freddie Mercury.

As far as we can tell, between The Beatles and Queen. there was no a great friendship. However, the members of the teams treated each other warmly, and even co-operated (which left them with extremely positive emotions). Returning to this topic - once Brian May said:

"The Beatles were our bible, the models and the pinnacle of writing, performing and the spirit of rock music. And I think they are underrepresented in today's world. I mean, young people don't know The Beatles as well as they should. Maybe that's the problem with today's industry, which is too impoverished... Thinking guys are missing the right idols."


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