"Is the old rock 'n' roll making a comeback?": Derby Brits prove they're 'too good at raising hell'

Talk about this summer's newest release, "Too Good at Raising Hell" by the incredibly stylish band The Struts.

Talk about The Struts' new hit that has become an anthem for this summer

Group The Struts is definitely worthy of your attention. These talented Brits have already released a couple of decent hits, and, apparently, are not going to stop there....

The Struts coming back with a whole new era of music, releasing a stunning new single and returning to the UK for a three the long-awaited summer show.

Typical British rock stars.

The Struts burst onto the music scene with their giant anthem for the first time "Could've Been Me", which was a hit in the US, reaching #5 on alternative radio and introducing the world to his triumphant and timeless rock soundcausing such a stir that a certified platinum the record continues to resonate with fans around the world.

The Struts
The Struts

After releasing his debut of the 2016 album "Everybody Wants"The critically acclaimed band hit the road, bringing their energetic tracks to life onstage with incredible performances and cementing their reputation as a must-see band living speeches.

Vocalist Luke Spillerand guitarist Adam Slackand bassist Jed Elliott and drummer Gethin Davis continued to prove themselves worthy of the award by performing at the warm-up from bands such as The Rolling Stones, Guns N' Roses and Foo Fighters, the latter of which called them "the best opening band we've ever had". The Struts have garnered full houses at concerts around the world and have released two more widely acclaimed albums: "Young & Dangerous" 2018 and. "Strange Days" 2020.

Their skill on stage and terrific sense of music allowed them to occupy the 1-е Viral Top 50 Spotify, collect over 850 million on-demand streams and work at the same studio that collaborates with the Cachem, Tom Morello, Robbie Williams, Def Leppard and others.

The Struts band members
The Struts band members

Now The Struts are taking the raw character of their live ones speeches and turn them into a new musical era, fuse their energy the size of an arena at its most honest, consistent and exciting songs to date.

The Stones rock 'n' roll drive.

Released on the Big Machine/John Varvatos Records label, "Too Good at Raising Hell" is filled with a driving chorus and Stones-esque guitars as the band offers a brash but surprisingly introspective Textsreflecting a longing for a debauched lifestyle. It's the perfect introduction to the recent improved A sound filled with exuberant tracks from their live performances.

One of the pictures of the band The Struts
One of the pictures of the band The Struts

Vocalist Luke Spiller explains:

"Too Good at Raising Hell" is a song that was written about the disappointment I felt after having too much fun (well, you get the idea). However, it still captures the essence of the overly sweet life and all the glorious moments that come with it. It's the perfect song to get the party started, and it's a brilliant introduction to what's to come at the party. The track still sounds a lot like what The Struts are known for, but it's the new sound everyone has been waiting to hear from us."

Fans can experience this track for themselves as. quartet continues its tour "Remember The Name" across the United States. Before a summer European tour, he'll take them on the eight countries, including three concerts in the UK.

About the clip

The Struts are having a hell of a good time with their new musical clip to his track, which has become a true summer anthem. Directed by Chris Applebaum (he is known for his work with Rihanna and Miley Cyrus), made the visuals as follows: the band's frontman Luke Spillerwith a horn, boldly meditates about the consequences of a hardcore rock 'n' roll lifestyle. The clip should preferably be watched with VPNIn many countries, viewing is not available.

The inimitable The Struts
The inimitable The Struts

"We are so excited to release our devilishly cheeky video for our latest single,"
Spiller shares his impressions.

Interesting to know

  • In the early days of the band's existence, all four members lived together in the same house, and they often have themed parties. Spiller recounts:

"I remember when Jed and Geth first joined the band, I gave them £200 of my money because they had nothing to wear. I thought, "Go on! Buy yourselves something!"

One of the photos of the band The Struts
One of the photos of the band The Struts
  • The participants pay a lot of attention not only to the music, but also to their external the view on stage. Spiller, for example, had his eye on the works of Zandry Rhodesthe English designer who was known to have dressed not only Mercurybut the guitarist of Queen Brian May.

"It was actually my mom, oddly enough, who told me to contact her."

The Struts
The Struts
  • In addition to more obvious bands - Queen, the Stones - Spiller notes another band he and The Struts turn to for the inspiration.

"I have to say the image of the band Oasis is our everyday image when we go to the pub. I want to put on a nice big parka, have a pint, smoke a cigarette, be able to stand outside and enjoy it," - told Spiller.


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