The song that blew up the dancefloors of the noughties.

Is it possible to combine traditional Indian music with alternative hip-hop? British DJ Panjabi MC answers in the affirmative.

The song "Beware of the Boys (Mundian To Bach Ke)": creation story, music video, other hits by Panjabi MC

The development of musical possibilities in the 1990s was enviable. At last, there was a commonplace electronic gadgetsThe dance electronic music attracted a huge audience as the entertainment industry grew by leaps and bounds. Dance electronic music attracted a huge audience, as the entertainment industry was developing very big steps. In the 90s of the XX century appear DJswhose goal is to get people dancewhich they've been successful at.

Panjabi MC
Panjabi MC

In the UK, electronica was being promoted just as quickly. Musicians mastered the new art and technique and began to promote the culture of electronic music to the masses. Hence the huge hit rateThe article is about an iconic song from the 2000s that shattered a lot of music charts and who made it so. This article is about a landmark song from the 2000s, which smashed a lot of music charts, and who made it such a success popular.

An indie hit from the 2000s that we remember well

In 1998, a British musician of Punjabi origin Rajinder Singh Rai releases the composition "Mundiah To Bach Ke" ("Beware of the Boys") as a single in Germany. It also appeared on his album Legalized. The song, which translates to "Beware of the Boys" in Russian, quickly rocketed up the European charts. This was largely due to the musical choices made by the young DJ. He decided to borrow the basic bass line from the theme song of a science fiction series "Knight of the Road."to make the melody recognizable.

Panjabi MC
Panjabi MC

But out of all the other hip-hop compositions, "Mundiah To Bach Ke" certainly stands out for its flavor. Considering that Rajinder Singh is. PunjabiHe decided to consistently pursue the idea of cultural dialog in his music. Therefore, the distinctive features of his tracks are related to Punjabi culture culture.

"Mundiah To Bach Ke" in the style bhangra. This Indian folk dance is characterized by energetic movements and strong rhythmics. By successfully bringing the idea of bhangra music into hip-hop, this "twist" was able to bring Panjabi MC worldwide popularity. The lyrics of the song, by the way, also have something to do with Indo-European culture: they are written in Punjabi.

"You've only grown up, beware of boys
It's not your fault you have such pretty eyes.
Once you realize that, you become shy.
Cherish your youth...," the song sings.

Thus, "Mundian To Bach Ke" made a major impact in Europe and America: the song reached the top 5 of the UK Singles Chart and set a historical record by becoming the first bhangra song to reach the top 10 of the chart. In 2003, the rapper Jay-Zwho really liked this track, decided to do a track on it remix featuring a British DJ, and easily made the song an even bigger hit. According to estimates by reputable publications, this bhangra hit sold more than 10 million copies all over the world.

"Jay Z heard my song in some Swiss club. It's amazing but true, he really liked the beat and wanted to diversify it somehow and present it in a new way. What makes this situation cool is the fact that someone was inspired by bhangra music and called me saying, "We are big fans of your music, for a long time!". Well the next thing you know, Jay Z quickly recorded his verse and the remix was ready. It's definitely a groundbreaking moment for bhangra music," says the Panjabi MC.

A little bit about the artist: who is Panjabi MC and where is he now?

Panjabi MC - is a native of Great Britain. According to the artist himself, the mission he brings to the world of music can be characterized as a desire to connect two completely different worlds, bhangra and hip-hop. And, it should be noted, Rajinder Singh has done it perfectly!

As the DJ himself notes, "I started writing rap and stuff at the age of about 12, and I managed to record it by the time I was 16. So far it was just local rap in the vein of British hip-hop, which was popular at the time. And I really didn't plan on rapping alongside American artists or anything like that."

Other famous songs of the artist

In 2003, the Panjabi MC released a song "Jogi."which features an even more colorful blend of alternative rap and traditional bhangra music. The abundance of samples and Muhammad Sadiq's unique vocals, coupled with Ranjita Kaur's female voice, have made Rajinder Singh one of the most outstanding performers in bhangra music.

"Don't give your heart to a stranger,
He'll make you cry every day.
Don't give your heart to a stranger,
He'll make you cry every day.
So is Ranje yoga,
You'll have to become a yogi," the song sings.

Now the Panjabi MC continues to make remixesnow on Indian songs. His latest studio album, titled "56 Districts." came out in 2019.


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