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The article will focus on the rising star of electronic music, which, contrary to the laws of the genre, continues to experiment, going beyond its traditional boundaries. This is how his debut album "Worlds" came out, immersing the listener in a completely different world...

Porter Robinson and his debut album "Worlds"

Currently, electronic music is beginning to gain more and more popularity among young people and not only. Arguably the most famous EDM and dubstep artist, Skrillex's tracks are still playing everywhere on the radio today, despite the fact that his peak of activity came in the 2000s and early 2010s. In our article, we will talk about the new generation - how young DJs find their way in this incredibly confusing world of electronics. Porter Robinson is one of them.

Biography and early career

As befits musical talents, Porter Weston Robinson I understood for myself what I would do in the future, even in childhood. Already at the age of 12, Robinson got down to business - he was inspired by a series of popular music video games Dance Dance Revolution (slot machines in the arcade genre), which every person has probably played at least once in their life. To create tracks, Porter used music software from the company Sony - acid Music Studio, the capabilities of which allow you to create unique audio tracks and create music using your own uploaded samples or ready-made ones. It is worth noting that at a fairly young age it is rather difficult to understand such an audio editor, so the merit of the future DJ was at least that he, as a professional, learned to apply various musical special effects, make remixes, and use mixing tools. And even then, trying to recreate compositions from video games, he releases his versions on the Internet under the pseudonym Ekowraith.

Young Porter Robinson
Young Porter Robinson

The fruitful teenage years led to the fact that the young man, upon reaching 18 years old, releases a song under his real name with the uncomplicated name "Say my name", reflecting his desire to show who he is on the music scene, to ensure that his "application" for the musical the future is strong. Porter did not fail, because after the release of the single in 2010, a record company led by Skrillex, which we did not accidentally mention in the annotation. label OWSLA signed a contract with Porter, so his fate was sealed. So, the first record released on the label was a mixtape «Spitfire», which, after being released on the Beatport service, contributed to the fact that the servers of this site collapsed - they were so eagerly waiting for the official release of Robinson, who in 2011 also recorded remixes for Lady Gaga - the most influential pop star of the time and a Swedish DJ Avicii. But in order to shine globally, Porter needed to write a full album.



When Porter conceived the idea of writing an album, he was on the verge of burnout after numerous concerts and the EDM movement, therefore, an independent release was perceived by him as a kind of "lifeline". The commercial focus of the classic EDM-movements drove the performer into a rigid template framework, which he was not ready to endure due to the desire to be realized precisely in creativity.

The musician admitted: “I decided to create an album that would be true to my worldview and would make me feel nostalgic, in particular, in relation to the Japanese culture that interests me - video games, anime and vocaloids (approx. - software that imitates the human voice) ".

In order to carry out his idea, Porter chose to keep the publicity under wraps and continued to perform DJ sets throughout 2013-2014. Then everything was sudden: in March 2014, during the award ceremony "Oscar", Robinson puts the release of the first track from the album, which was called «Sea of Voices». The composition immediately became available on the service soundcloud and spread in trends on the platform Twitter. This meant global success. In addition to new commercial achievements (and this song became the soundtrack to the video game NHL 15), it should be noted Porter's departure from the electronic house to ambientbased on the modulations of the sound timbre. Deep and enveloping sound, incredible atmosphere and unobtrusiveness ... this is what perfectly characterized Sea of Voices and new trends in the musician's work. While listening to this composition, the listener has a feeling of freedom and inspiration, renunciation of the outside world. This is what the fans liked, despite the fact that the author was afraid of a backlash from his already devoted listeners since «Spitfire».

Worlds cover
Worlds cover

Second single «Sad machine» again turned Robinson's style in the other direction. This track is more typical of EDM-movements, but with some peculiarities. The accents in the composition create sounds that are very similar to the soundtracks from classic video games - this is a reference to the first experience of the musician, which we wrote about above. In addition, there is another interest of Porter in the track - vocaloid, which reproduced a female voice in a kawaii style. Modified by Robinson himself, it was used to form an organic combination with the musician's vocals, resulting in a kind of duet.

Porter Robinson DJ
Porter Robinson DJ

A song with a remarkable title Lionhearted became the third single from the album "Worlds". In it, the cycle of styles went in the opposite direction - Porter turned here to synth-pop, and a group was invited to perform the vocal part Urban Horse. In addition, Robinson's debut on the recording also contains influences from such musicians as Amy Millan and Breanne Dürenwho also helped Porter.

Full of extraordinarily beautiful soundscapes, Worlds received critical acclaim. The album could be on 18th line on the chart Billboard 200 and became #1 on Billboard's Electronic/Dance Music Albums Chart.

Tour "worlds»

For more promotion, Robinson decided to go on tour, while telling the label that he was no longer so interested in playing simple DJ sets at festivals and did not want to deceive fans. His plans were to create a live show that would use live instruments and sampling. world tour «worlds» in North America nevertheless took place - in 2014, and Porter, thanks to his devotion to the fans, became an even more interesting person for them and not only an idol.

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