"A seer?" Peter Mamonov predicted the tragic outcome of Tsoi

Are accidents not random? In the life of musician Peter Mamonov, this phrase is key. Today in our article: how Mamonov predicted the death of a Russian rock legend and is it a coincidence? Let's find out!

The tragedy of Victor Tsoi: how Pyotr Mamonov saw the legend's death

Many words have been said about the death of the legendary musician, who made a tremendous contribution to Russian culture. After his death various speculation about his death, many theories were taken into account. But was it the case that the tragic outcome could "as a joke" predict?

Today we will find out if the musician's words were a coincidence Petra Mamonova in a famous TV show in the late 1980s, or the singer could still know something about Viktor Tsoi's death.

"A Star Lighted and Faded: The Tragic Death of Victor Tsoi

Viktor Tsoi
Viktor Tsoi

At the end of the summer, Viktor was on vacation after a huge concert at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium, and was vacationing in Latvia. In two days. Before the musician's death, a preliminary version of the album was ready, which Victor's colleague Yuri Kasparyan took with him to St. Petersburg. Tsoi decided to devote the remaining days to himself and went fishing in the early morning of August 15.

Around noon, Tsoi's dark blue Moskvich was driving along the Sloka-Talsi highway, not far from Riga. At the same time an Ikarus-250 bus was traveling on the same road. clash The car of a rock hero of the USSR. According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the Moskvich could not The ambulance arrived a little later and pronounced him dead from his injuries.

Yuri Kasparian and Viktor Tsoi
Yuri Kasparian and Viktor Tsoi

A long investigation into the strange death of the great musician concluded: Viktor Tsoi failed I was not able to drive, because I fell asleep at the wheel. But neither Victor's relatives nor fans believe this version.

After Tsoi's death, many speculation about what the reason for the accident might have been. The star's parents claimed that their son could not fall asleep at the wheel because it was only the middle of the day; the musician's mother thought it was because he distracted from the road, and my father believed that the tragedy was due to inexperience son in driving a car.

The Kino Group on Stage
Kino Band on Stage

There is more five versions why Victor Tsoi's car collided with a huge bus that day, but it is clear one: The death of the musician shocked everyone, including colleagues rock stars.

Peter Mamonov predicts fateful events on TV

Victor's stage colleague Peter MamonovThe leader of the popular rock band Sounds of Moo in the 1980s, had appeared on a television show a year before the tragedy. "Music Ring". The singer, answering a question about the confrontation between the lyrics of his band and those of Kino, said a phrase that is now attributed to fatal: "There's romance in getting hit by a bus, too.

It is difficult to judge how prophetic Mamonov's words were about Tsoi's fate. Some people see in Peter's words a prophecy of the rock legend's tragic fate, while others think that this is just an ordinary coincidence. But in the case of the leader of the band "Sounds of Moo" such accidents could be at all not trivia.

"Not of this world" - Mamonov's extraordinary personality

Pyotr Mamonov in his youth
Pyotr Mamonov in his youth

In the life of rock singer Peter Mamonov, there were a lot of coincidences, and life sometimes hung on the line.

It all began in his youth, when at the age of twenty-five the musician hospitalized to the hospital with a ruptured lung - Pyotr was wounded in a street fight. The rocker spent a little over a month in a comaThe musician had to be dragged out of it with difficulty. Doctors literally pulled the musician from the afterlife. Mamonov's life was later reminded only by a large scarwhich is noticeable in the musician in the film "Needle".

Mamonov on Stage
Mamonov on Stage

Many years after those terrible moments, the artist finds himself back on the operating table: in 2019, Mamonov survived two surgeries at the heart.

Peter Mamonov was not only a talented man, but also a great friend. His childhood friend, - Alexander Lipnitsky, - died for four months Previously his comrade. Mamonov recalled how they organized their first "apartment parties" together, and although they chose different paths in life, they remained faithful friends all the way. Lipnitsky valued their friendship: he was able to set up a recording studio in his dacha, where his acquaintances often spent time.

Peter Mamonov. 2010-е
Peter Mamonov. 2010-е

Another coincidence is that Pyotr grew up in the same neighborhood where the Soviet film legend once lived. Vladimir Vysotsky.

After a vivid rock-star life, which had room for recycling and noisy parties, Peter Mamonov settled down. His role in Pavel Lungin's film is indicative of a change in the singer's inner world "The Island."The main character, played by Mamonov, undergoes a process of redemption through conversion. The film's protagonist, played by Mamonov, goes through redemption by turning to faith; after this role, audiences associated Peter with his hero.

Pyotr Mamonov in The Island
Pyotr Mamonov in The Island

A considerable amount of time after the premiere of the film occurred Scary for all fans of "The Island": on the location of the filming, in Karelia, burned to the ground the very monasteryThe film was a great success, and the audience could see it in the movies. A month after this accident, the life of Pyotr Mamonov, who literally burned from coronavirus disease in the summer of 2021.

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