Improvisation online: when a Santana song was ordered from a band, and only the bassist knows the notes

One of the most interesting versions of "Evil Ways" performed by "Santana"...

DØVYDAS and his improvisation of the iconic "Evil Ways" by Santana

"Evil Ways"which in English means "Evil Ways", is one of the band's most famous songs «Santana"which has become a worldwide classic. The composition adequately adorned the band's self-titled debut album. 1969 of the year. Released as a single, it peaked at number nine on the US charts. The song became a hit for "Santana" with lead vocals Gregg Raleigh (he also plays solo on the organ Hammond in the middle of the piece). Subsequently, many cover versions and improvisations were recorded on Evil Ways! The most interesting and unusual of them will be discussed below ...

Not an easy task

Joe Bruno
Joe Bruno

In October 2018 year on youtube channel DØVYDAS, which has more than a million subscribers, a curious video was published. The author of the channel is a Lithuanian musician known as David Smash, and his partner Joe Bruno perform on the street: apparently, this is some kind of gala evening. David Smash asks the crowd what song they would like to hear, to which they receive an answer "Evil Ways" groups Santana. Obviously, this “order” confuses the musicians a little… “Do you know the notes?” asks DØVYDAS from your colleague. "No," Bruno replies. “I don't know either,” admits Døvydas. There is silence. It seems that the performers hit a dead end... Fortunately, they quickly pulled themselves together and gave the audience an unforgettable improvisation! Actually, let's see:

It turned out very original, but most importantly - beautiful! One of the most interesting versions "Evil Ways" "Santana". Judging by the video, people who watched this little concert also liked the interpretation of the men! And how did viewers from the Internet react? We invite you to read the comments.

Public reaction

DØVYDAS and Joe Bruno
DØVYDAS and Joe Bruno

As you can tell from the number of likes alone, YouTubers were also thrilled! For several years, the video has gained almost 900 thousand views and 20 thousand likes, and this, you see, is an excellent indicator! The comments below the video are mostly positive. Let's take a look at some of the more interesting ones:

"God, how many times have you and Joe already saved yourself improvising another 'Santana song'... Love that!"


"It's much better when he doesn't know the songs!"


"Your talent is off the charts! Improvisation at its best. Can't get enough of your music..."


"This guy's ability to improvise is amazing!"

There are no comments from Russian users, but some of them most likely also watched this masterpiece!

A little about DØVYDAS and his partner

Dovydas – Billie Jean

Let's start with DØVYDAS. Dovydas Mascinskas, better known to the public as David Smash, is a Lithuanian musician, composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The guy was born in 1992 in Kaunas, but in 2012 he emigrated to the United States. Dovydas has built a successful career as an innovative soloist! He has his own YouTube channel DØVYDAS with an audience of over one million subscribers. On it, the author publishes videos in which he often improvises. It turns out he is very good at it! Many write in the comments under his video that at first they thought it was a performance! But no. The Lithuanian genius is really able to get out of any situation, and even create a real masterpiece…

It is worth adding that Dovydas was the headliner of the largest music festivals in Lithuania and Poland, and also appeared on national television (as a rule, these were musical talent shows). As for his colleague Joe Bruno, then the man also leads his YouTube channel. However, more modest - so far he has a little more than two thousand subscribers. However, his content is worth a look:

Joe Bruno talented bassist, and that's a fact! We hope it finds its audience...


Evil Ways (1969) - Santana (single cover)
Evil Ways (1969) - Santana (single cover)

Finally, I would like to tell you a little about the "Evil Ways". This song about a woman makes the narrator feel like a fool - he seems jealous and upset that she is spending time with her friends while he is not getting any attention. He ends up warning her that he will leave if this behavior continues.

When Santana performed "Evil Ways" at the festival «Woodstock», they made a huge splash even before the release of their debut album! The band has not yet released their first record, but has already made a big name for themselves by playing shows on the West Coast.

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