The coolest producers in rock according to Fuzz Music Magazine

Bad or good as people - either way, these producers have earned a reputation as some of the most influential forces in rock history. And here are their names...

The best producers in rock

Often music lovers underestimate the role producer in the career of your favorite band or artist. And for nothing, because how far a project will go depends on how good this person is at his job... Who is a producer and what is he responsible for? The boundaries of his duties are often blurredSo it's not easy to explain what exactly he does. But in a few words - the producer is responsible for production, commercialization and decides (together with the mentee) which single to release first or which song to make a video for (as an example). He also has a big influence on the sound of the album, say, as he brings his own vision to the work. That's why so much depends on how far a producer can see - to predict upcoming trends, to see what the public cares about most right now, and so on.

Generally speaking, it's the producers who make it possible for the artists "hit the bull's-eye"This is the reason why artists approach their choice of music as a choice. After all, no matter how you look at it, no matter how good the music is, if 100-200 people hear it, the probability that the performer will become a star on a global scale is extremely low... For this reason, artists approach the choice of producer. responsibly - Because one wrong decision on the part of the latter, and the whole career can go downhill... And vice versa - if a producer lives his business and understands the trends, fame and influence await his ward!

George Martin and Paul McCartney
George Martin and Paul McCartney

In today's article, we've decided to give a small tribute The producers of our favorite rock stars who were responsible for producing iconic albums and more. Bad or good as people - either way, these producers have earned a reputation as some of the most influential forces in rock history. And here are their names...

Rick Rubin

Rick Rubin
Rick Rubin

Time magazine recognized him as one of the 100 most influencers! Winner of a number of awards, idol of rockers such as Aerosmith and hip-hoppers Run-D.M.C.Rick Rubin is widely regarded as one of the greatest producers in history. His approach is extremely simple, but also very clever: in the process of creating an album or a single, Rick just backslidesHe allows the performers to make their own decisions and experiment, but if he thinks it can be done better, he will give a "signal". He allows the performers to make their own decisions and experiment, but if he feels that they can do better, he will certainly give a "signal". As a rule, he does not speak directly, but asks thought-provoking questions that open up new visions and possibilities.

It is for freedomthat he creates in the studio and is adored for it. Rubin has worked in a multitude of genres throughout his career, but his greatest feats in the rock space have involved Slayer, Tom Petty ("Wildflowers") and the Red Hot Chili Peppers ("Blood Sugar S.x Magik").

Matt Lang

Robert John "Matt" Lang
Robert John "Matt" Lang

Matt Lang always holds a special place when it comes to producers. It was he who produced at least three cult classic rock albums, including the legendary «Back in Black» - AC/DC's brilliant "mournful" comeback after the loss of Bon Scott. This record didn't just revitalize the band after such a tragedy - it was a major breakthrough and opened new horizons for the Australian rockers....

Other rock icons Lang has worked with include. Def Leppard, Foreigner, The Cars. and others. He has also produced contemporary pop stars such as Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and his wife Shanaya Twayne. A master of his craft, Lang had a keen sense of the balance of lyricism and audacity: he combined big rock drums, guitars and vocals with an easily digestible pop sensibility, and created a classic for the ages!

Phil Spector

Phil Spector
Phil Spector

Yeah, we know that Phil Spector - a controversial, scandalous and epathetic personality. However, within the framework of this selection we evaluate him not as a person, but as a producer above all else. And in this business Phil was always strong and in demand. His reputation was tarnished and his fame was bad, but the records he "touched" almost without fail became classics. He revolutionized the recording industry and his influence cannot be denied.

Spector's calling card is technology "Wall of Sound."In this way, the producer adds layer upon layer of vocal parts and instruments to the recording. The end result is a rich piece of music that sounds through the speakers very voluminous, rich, and strongly impresses us with its grandeur... It is like a bouquet of flowers, in which each flower is beautiful and fragrant in its own way... None of the melodies created by Spector are meant to be played in the background. They demand attention.

George Martin

This man played such a colossal role in the Liverpool foursome's career that he earned himself a title "The Fifth Beatle." - and deservedly so! Martin has indeed always been the unspoken fifth contestant The Beatlesand the Magnificent Four owes much of its worldwide success to him....

George Martin
George Martin

George Martin earned a reputation as the "Fifth Beatle" because his contribution to the band's recordings was immense. Like the other producers on this list, Martin revolutionized the recording methods that later shaped the Beatles' sound, namely multitrack recording and tape manipulation.

In addition to his work with The Beatles, Martin has helped chart-topping artists such as America, Cheap Trick, Little River Band and others. While his work with anyone else will inevitably be overshadowed by his work with the Beatles, his full catalog shows the breadth of his abilities as a producer. There's no question: he was a master of his craft.


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