Hippo Campus - "LP3" (2022): Everything about the album

Album «LP3» (2022) from the indie rock band Hippo Campus has a more adult sound

Album "LP3" (2022) from indie rock band Hippo Campus

LP3 (2022) is the first Hippo Campus album in four years. This record is sharp is different from the previous works of the group more adult soundwhich can be heard literally from the very first notes. Added to Hippo Campus music compositions electronics, as well as synthesizers, in turn, the group abandoned the conceptual and preferred personal storytelling.

Uniquely, many fans of the Hippo Campus group did not immediately notice the new sound in tracks, although after listening to them several times they recognized that it should be noticeable from the first notes. Actually, in order to notice new notes in musical compositions must listen several tracks from the band's old work, so you can compare old and new sound.

Hippo Campus (2022)
Hippo Campus (2022)

In principle, the album "LP3" (2022) was accepted listeners and critics positively, the latter even noted that the band's style of music narration has changed in positive sidejust like the sound itself. The Hippo Campus group, which was founded in 2013, includes four people, which is why many call this group quartet from Minneapolis, because it was in this state that the group was founded.

Despite the fact that the releases of the four from Minneapolis come out quite infrequently, they produce impression on listeners and critics, so this group, like the album "LP3" (2022), can be safely called successful. clip for one of album tracks An LP3 titled "Boys" can be viewed below.

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