A video that turned an ordinary Australian girl into a real world star: the story of indie guitarist TASH SULTANA

All about the gorgeous TASH SULTANA...

The story of TASH SULTANA, the girl who turned her pain into success

Tash Sultana - Australian singer and multi-instrumentalist, indie guitarist, who won recognition from the general public with her single 2016 of the year Junglewho took third place in Triple J Hottest 100! Critics call her "a one-man band that brings new meaning to the concept of multitasking..." And you should go to her concert, or at least watch the video of Tash's live performances on her YouTube channelto appreciate this statement. Initially Sultana earned a small reputation on the streets of Melbourne, but everything changed home video filmed in her room: the performance Jungle received millions of views on the Internet! From now on Tash speak far beyond the native Australia… First introduced to the guitar at the age of 3 years old, the self-taught artist quickly developed her own unique style. And her amazing vocals shine with magic ... A virtuoso game Tash the guitar seemed to come from another planet. Today people are lining up in huge queues to see TASH SULTANA performing live...

Early years

Tash Sultana (TASH SULTANA)
Tash Sultana (TASH SULTANA)

Tash Sultana first acquired a guitar at preschool age 3 years old and continued to study wind, wood and percussion instruments, eager to learn more… As a teenager, she played in the streets with her friends Melbourne. During the time when Sultana openly talked about personal battles with addiction, she suffered psychosis at the age 17 years… After recovering with the help of professional help, she started a Bandcamp page and started filming performance videos and uploading them to social media.

“There were times when I lost myself ... And was fond of everything that only came across to me!” Tash recalls her addictions. It took her months of therapy and observation before she was able to return home: “It was like I opened a can of worms and couldn't put them back! It took years to get rid of it... You would not even understand what kind of person I was if you saw me in this state. It was hell, and I put myself in that position. It's the worst because you can't blame anyone for what you did... You make the choice yourself..."

Tash Sultana (TASH SULTANA)
Tash Sultana (TASH SULTANA)

Having received his first guitar at the age of three as a gift from his grandfather, Tash mastered more 10 instruments including guitar, bass, trumpet, flute, percussion and saxophone! “My goal was to learn how to play as many instruments as possible!” - says Sultana. Unable to find a permanent job Tash turned to street musicians in Melbourne, to survive. The experience taught her a lot about a strong work ethic, she says. However, her big break came thanks to the Internet and her recordings, which went viral on YouTube.

Video with over 100 million views on YouTube - success with "Jungle"

Tash Sultana (TASH SULTANA)
Tash Sultana (TASH SULTANA)

Tash Sultana never expected to perform as part of a sold-out show in Mercury Lounge in the bottom East Side of New York… “I honestly don’t understand how everyone knows me,” the girl comments. Starting as a street musician Sultana seduced the crowd with her layered playing, which combines indie with ambient rock and impressive guitar riffs ... "Guitar is like a third hand to me," says Tash and values his guitar collection at about 35 copies! And the street game, and YouTube helped her earn the title Unearthed Artist of the Year in 2016 year, after which she signed a contract with Mom + Pop Music at the beginning 2017 of the year. Her most viewed video on YouTube, which has received over 100 million views, is a recording of her hit Jungle in the bedroom. The song and video best illustrate the sonic science of what Sultana does. Both on video and on stage Tash in all its glory demonstrates self-taught skills:

“Over time, you get better at some things. It won't get any worse!" Sultana says. “Then I was just starting to film my jams. My mom gave me a GoPro for Christmas, and I was glad I was going to use this gift for its intended purpose!” Tash recalls his incredible success. “I recorded ‘Jungle’, posted it, and then this video was just shared and shared and shared… I thought it was like 10,000 extra subscribers overnight and then it just kept happening and happening and happening … I love that fact that so many people appreciate what I do, it's just the best feeling in the world!”

Whirlwind of sounds, enveloped Jungle, is, in Tash's own words, a "product of grief" that was inspired by "the separation between heart and head..." In this jam TASH SULTANA refers to his past toxic relationship...

“I didn’t know what else to do, besides creating. Many of us go through these things, and you need to learn to let go of them and move in a different direction…” Considering the success brought by her painful past, she admits: “I am very satisfied with this! I think it's really important to take the journey and share your healing process, because people are looking for answers, and if you have any, then you should share this knowledge ... "

Tash Sultana (TASH SULTANA)
Tash Sultana (TASH SULTANA)

Fortunately, Sultana well aware of its reality. Although her career continues to grow, she says that her only goal is to be happy: “Everything else will be fine! If I am in a good condition, then it doesn’t matter which direction things go…”


Tash Sultana (TASH SULTANA)
Tash Sultana (TASH SULTANA)

spring 2016 year when Sultana It was 20 years, a live recording of an original song Jungle went viral on social media, garnering over a million streams in less than a week. In December of the same year Sultana released a six-track EP Notion, which included a guitar-based reggae tune.

In the meantime, she accepted invitations to perform at music festivals, and at the beginning 2017 signed a contract with the New York Mom + Pop Music, which released a debut EP in several formats. This year also brought with it a busy touring schedule, with shows booked in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and Canada!

TASH SULTANA ended the year with four Aria Award nominations, including Best Blues and Roots Album. The singer's first full-length album, Flow State, was released in September. 2018 of the year.

At the beginning of 2019 a single appeared "Can't Buy Happiness".

After several more international tours Sultana went home to get some rest, dedicate herself to family reunion, surfing and gardening. Rested in body and soul, she set to work on her second album: Terra Firma 2021 years reflected a more mature and grounded outlook on things, with a calmer feel and a more organic approach to composing and performing.

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