"That's the best thing that ever happened to him": an American performed a smooth-jazz version of Vitas' popular song "The 7th Element"

American Andre Antunes performed a cover version of Vitas' song "The Seventh Element" and made a jazz masterpiece out of an Internet meme. How was it that the song of the Russian singer became a meme in the West, and how did Vitas return to fame in 2015? We invite you to find out!

The American performed a cover version of Vitas' hit "The Seventh Element".

You can find many covers of well-known songs on the Internet, but what do you think of the unusual approach of the American musical blogger Andre Antuneswho sang a song by the Russian musician and composer Vitas "The 7th Element.. The song itself had no success on television back in 2001, but no one knew what awaited the song next. Here's a look at how the song became popular on the Internet and how the American guitarist's cover version gained over a million views.

How Vitas' "7th Element" became super-popular and went viral on the Internet

Vitas in his costume for the song "The Seventh Element
Vitas in his costume for the song "The Seventh Element

This song's popularity on the Web was originated by a YouTube video-hosting user who posted Vitas' original performance on "Blue Fire" in 2001. After a while, the video went viral on Western social networks, where users ridiculed the song and its performer. After that, Vitas was called the Russian Mr. Trollolo.

A variety of hilarious videos began to appear on YouTube, from humorous covers to cartoon drawings, and other social networks were gaining popularity memes featuring the song "Seventh Element"-that's how a forgotten Vitas song from 2001 became a popular meme in 2015.

Popularity in China

Vitas in China
Vitas in China

If you haven't heard about Vitas in Russia for a long time, then in China he popular to this day. His Chinese fans were captivated by the singer's high and magical voice back in 2006 when he made his debut on the Chinese stage during the filming of a program on China Central Television, where he sang an incorruptible hit"Opera No. 2.". A year later the musician came on tour, and since then the Chinese community has been fond of "the boy with the gills.".

Vitas now tours China every year in the fall and winter, and the number of subscribers on the Internet forum dedicated to him is only growing.

The popularity of the performer of "The 7th Element" and "Opera No. 2" in China has reached the point that Vitas was honored with the role in the Chinese film adaptation "Mulan.".

Short Biography of Vitas


Vitaly Vladasovich Grachev, aka Vitas, was born in Daugavpils, Latvian SSR, and later moved with his family to Odessa. For three years he studied at the music school accordion classLater he worked in the theater of plastique and voice parody.

Vitas' career took off when he came to Moscow. In December 2000 debuted as a musician - his song "Opera No. 2", sung in falsetto, gathered much speculation around the singer. Even more excitement to Russian pop culture was brought by his clip to this song, where Vitas appeared to the audience as a hybrid of a man and a fish with gills, playing accordion and handing out flyers In support of mermaids.

Particular attention was paid to his vocal skills: many believed that Vitas was a commercial project, standing out for his epatage more than his vocals. However, this did not cancel out success the singer on stage.

After that, the musician did several solo programs and toured, but the singer had already written such sensational songs as his "Opera No. 2". failed. He received some grits of fame thanks to scandalous incidents in 2013. However, it was not until 2015 that his popularity rose againthanks to his song "The 7th Element," which became an Internet meme.

Vitas at a festival in Belgium

Vitas, 2019
Vitas, 2019

In 2019, Vitas was invited to perform as a special guest at the Belgian Tomorrowland Festival. The singer appeared during a set by Australian DJ Timmy Trumpet. The crowd of thousands roared and cheered when Vitas, who had already become a famous meme, appeared in exactly the same costume that he wore in the viral video. But, to be honest, after the change of the alien image to a representative suit, this appearance of the singer was a very funny reference to his debut image.

History of the song "7th Element" and the album "Philosophy of Miracle

Vitas in the era of the album "Philosophy of Miracle," 2001
Vitas in the era of the album "Philosophy of Miracle," 2001

"Philosophy of Miracle." - Vitas' debut studio album, released in 2001. In total the album includes 13 tracks; the author of the music for all of them, except for the song "Prelude", was Vitas. The song "Opera No. 2" became singleThe song was awarded the Record Award as the best-selling single from 2001 to 2003.

The album became widely known in 2015, thanks to earlier acclaimed tracks such as "The Seventh Element" and "Opera No. 2." In China, it sold about 3.5 million copies. The album was also recorded with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and many other musicians.

Several songs from this album were included in Vitas' concert programs "Opera No..." and "Philosophy of Miracle or Smile!", the latter of which earned him the record as the youngest artist to perform in State Kremlin Palace.

One of Vitas' most mysterious songs is "The Seventh Element. Users are still at a loss: some think this song is the supreme a display of absurditywhich the singer gave us not for reflection and depth, but for relaxation and a sense of true joy, others believe that the track has more deep meaningThe song is more than merely entertaining, and others are convinced of the magical overtones of the song, which is as if it were trances. But no matter how many opinions there are on the subject, one thing is clear: "The Seventh Element" is a song that immerses people in themselves, no matter what meanings they see in it.

American bloggers' reactions

Vitas on Stage, 2018
Vitas on Stage, 2018

In the West, "The Seventh Element" was taken as seriously as one can take it: first, countless parodies appeared on it, and one YouTube user made a ten-hour version of the song. In 2016, the "Reaction Time" channel released reaction to "Strange Russian Singer," and after that there were many remixes of Vitas' performance.

Some bloggers have taken a very different approach to this song, turning it into a real jazz night track and turning it from a meme to a relaxing and modern composition.

Andre Antunes is a metal man with a guitar on YouTube

André Antunes
André Antunes

YouTube Blogger Andre Antunes - a man who does really cool things with his guitar and viral Internet videos. A close look at his channel might tell you that Andre is a musician who can make a good track in the genre out of a meme. metal or punkand doing it in such a way that it is also funny.

Throughout the channel's existence, the author has been making music content, from live performances with pants changing while playing guitar to videos of the most famous solo in the history of Daft Punk rock. In addition, Andre is involved in the production of your own tracksThe videos for which he is releasing on his channel.

About a year ago videos in which the guitarist plays the electric guitar with viral videos from the Internet started to appear on his channel. In the category of such content there was a video where the musician made cover version to Vitas' song "The Seventh Element" in an interesting arrangement.

Cover version of the "7th" element in Smooth Jazz

Andre Antunes cover
Andre Antunes cover

About four years ago another cover version of a Vitas song appeared on Andre Antunes' channel "The Seventh Element.. But this cover made me listen to the song again and again - it looks so softened on the background of the original. Not without reason - the Smooth Jazz trend, in which the American guitarist performed the Internet hit, translates as "soft jazz".

If with the original sound of the song you want to dance and try to sing as Vitas does, with Andre's version it's different - when you listen to it you sink into the jazz atmosphereI immediately want to collapse in an armchair, sipping mulled wine. The light plucking of the guitar strings immerses you in a domestic atmosphere, and the original is more of an ethereal trance. Both the cover and the original are good in their own way; each of them has its own soul and message, and that's which version you'll want to listen to. more often Only your heart will decide.

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