The bouncer from Studio 54, to whom Madonna and the Beastie Boys owe their careers

Sometimes one performance that may seem like just "another one of a kind" can make you a star (or at least a recognizable personality). That's what happened to Madonna and the Beastie Boys at the beginning of their journey, completely by accident and... thanks to a Studio 54 bouncer named Avi Montug!

Studio 54 bouncer Avi Montug and his story

Beastie Boys - legendary American rap-rock band formed in 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. Today they are titans of their time and genre with a multi-million circulation! The same goes for. Madonna - scandalous pop icon, which in its time turned the idea of pop singers, their charisma, persistence and talent... In general - these are cult names, without which it is simply impossible to imagine modern musical history. But it wasn't always like that, of course.

Once Madonna and the Beastie Boys were nobody by unknown aspiring musiciansThe first time I was in the middle of the world, I was in the middle of the world. As you know, some events fundamentally change destinies, and sometimes a lot depends on seemingly small things. Sometimes one performance, which can seem to be just "another one of a kind" can make you a star (or at least a recognizable person). That's what happened to Madonna and the Beastie Boys at the beginning of their journey, and completely by accident and... thanks to a bouncer from Studio 54 named Avi Montug. You could say they owe their dazzling career to this man...

A Little Background: Studio 54 and Avi Montug

The famous nightclub Studio 54, former Gallo Opera House
The famous nightclub Studio 54, former Gallo Opera House

The era of the '70s was an exciting time for the music industry, the underground movement and the New York scene in particular. People were increasingly drawn to discos and substances that were freely available at the time - like alcohol. No one knew about AIDS at the time, so "love" and partying were actively flourishing, and with it, the night clubs. New York's most elite establishment (or at least one of them) was the legendary Studio 54The main bohemians of those years gathered there: actors and musicians, artists and photographers... In general - the cream of society.

Guests of Studio 54 have fun
Guests of Studio 54 have fun

Hollywood aristocrats went there to see their own kind and, just as importantly, to be seen. Ordinary "mortal." It was more difficult: not everyone was allowed inside the club, and often some adventurers took risks trying to get into this "bohemian oasis" through ventilation shafts or with the help of climbing equipment...

Michael Jackson visited Studio 54
Michael Jackson visited Studio 54

Some time behind the dress code of the guests Studio 54 was being watched by a man by the name of Avi Montug.. As a doorman/bouncer at one of New York City's most elite nightclubs, he was part of a cult era. He saw more than one cult star in person, even when fame was still a long way off... Avi probably had no idea how far the young artists he hired for the traveling cabaret showcasing new talents would go. Two of those "diamonds" were Madonna and the Beastie Boys - The world-renowned idols of that time were unknown to anyone, but are now world-famous.

How Madonna and the Beastie Boys got on Avi's radar


Avi not only guarded Studio 54 and made sure it "looked good. He also supervised own showHe was a traveling cabaret that showcased new talent. He personally selected the artists and supervised the numbers, and it was he who gave the start to a budding but promising singer from Detroit at the time, named Madonna Ciccone Or just Madonna.

As part of "No Entiendes" (the name of the show, which is Spanish for "You Don't Understand") the future pop star performed the track "Everybody". She was about 25 at the time, but a dazzling career was just around the corner... Remarkably, before she took the stage, her number was presented as "world premiere".

At about the same time, fate smiled on a young trio from New York, which in just a few years would become widely known as Beastie Boys. Emerging performers were desperate to succeed in rock, punk, hip-hop, or, as the critics say, in "Beastie Boys genre"when they were spotted by Avi. Soon their careers will go up...

The Further Life and Bright Finale of Avi Montuga

Avi Montug.
Avi Montug, rare photo

Avi's career actively flourished in the The '70s and '80sBefore then, no one had any idea about the disease. Before that, no one had any idea about the disease, which is probably why people were partying so hard and going to nightclubs - being uninformed you don't know about the terrible consequences. Alas, Montug himself became a victim of the disease, and passed away in 1991.

Given his vibrant life, Avi knew there was no way his ending could be bleak. Sensing that his days are almost numberedhe was determined that if he was going to die, he wasn't going to die of misery. The former bouncer threw a wild party in his own style, inviting those closest to him, including Madonna, who joined them by telephone. Surrounded by those he loved, he took powerful drugs. He was sure that was it, but in the morning he somehow miraculously still woke up. Avi went into a rage. After all the guests had left, he took much more than he had the first time, finally accomplishing his plan. One of the most iconic personalities of the Studio 54 era passed away brightly and not out of misery.

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