INTELLIGENCY - "TechnoBlues Therapy Part II" (2022): All about the album

The band INTELLIGENCY has shared their new album "TechnoBlues Therapy Part II" (2022) with listeners

TechnoBlues Therapy Part II (2022) by INTELLIGENCY

Belorusskaya music band INTELLIGENCY has shared with listeners their new album, which has received unique titled "TechnoBlues Therapy Part II" (2022). The record is recorded in the techno style and includes nine musical compositions. A unique feature of the musical collective INTELLIGENCY is that it is multilingualso that one album, which, by the way, is made in the same theme can have tracks in different languages and plate "TechnoBlues Therapy Part II" (2022) is just that. It contains tracks in English, Belarusian and other languages. This is the real deal. bewitchesFor in spite of the different languages, each composition is a continuation of the previous one.


As a reminder, the INTELLIGENCY Group is relatively youngIt is only nine years old, which means that it was formed in 2013. The founders of the musical group are Vsevolod Dovbnei and Yuri Tarasevich. After some time, the bass player joined INTELLIGENCY Mikhail Stanevich and guitarist Eugene Murashko. This is the composition of the band that remains to this day. INTELLIGENCY first performed in public in 2015, which is when they found most of the their listenerswho support them creation throughout the entire activity.

The band's first studio album presented in late 2015, this record received a lot of rave reviews, which gave a huge boost to further creativity bands. The members of the musical group were inspired by their own songs and continued please The work of their listeners, which they still do to this day.

As for the reaction critical press on the new studio album TechnoBlues Therapy Part II (2022), it is positive. Critics are especially delighted with instrumental component The band members used a wide variety of musical instruments during the recording of the record, for example, synthesizer, guitar, piano and even a violin. Listeners were also delighted with the record "TechnoBlues Therapy Part II" (2022), noting that calculate very soon get to know other new work team.


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