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Lights & Motion - "The World I Remember" (2022): Everything about the album

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Lights & Motion 2022

Album "The World I Remember" (2022) by Lights & Motion

Album titled "The World I Remember" (2022) from musician Christopher Franzen under a pseudonym Lights & Motion. The album "The World I Remember" includes twelve tracks, combined great music and vocals. And this is not surprising, because many critics called Lights & Motion new look to rock.

As for the reaction of fans to this album, they almost unanimously stated that the album is inspiring, some claim that this album made them take a new look basically rock. The point is that most people perceive rock music as something restless, disturbing them, the album "The World I Remember" (2022) from Lights & Motion, on the contrary, makes the listener calm down and find appeasement with myself.

Lights & Motion (2022)
Lights & Motion (2022)

Despite the fact that in musical compositions The album "The World I Remember" has no words, each listener somehow magically understands what the musician was trying to convey to them. One way or another, there is a meaning in the tracks of this album, but it is deep enough and not everyone can find it. Lights & Motion is Swedish ambient from the musician Christopher, who was born in Gothenburg. Debut album musician presented on January 15, 2013, at that time this album became a real find for critics who for many years praised. The musician's debut album is called "Reanimation" and if listen his and Christopher's last released album "The World I Remember", you can see how style has changed his submission.



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