Earth's Revenge Soundtracks (OST Feng Bao 2022)

All songs and soundtracks from Earth's Revenge (All movie soundtrack).

Songs from the film "Revenge of the Earth"

In film "Revenge of the Earth" (OST Feng Bao 2022) gathered a lot of exciting soundtracks and songs that immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of a cult action movie. In the center of events are a father and son who want to prevent a geological catastrophe. Since landslides, strong earthquakes, mudflows begin to appear at the same time, this is only a small part of the iceberg that is approaching ordinary citizens.

Although the father and son had disagreements in the past, they united to lead people out of the death trap, who ended up there due to natural disasters. The main thing is that there should be no new destruction, so scientists are trying to unravel the mystery of nature, what exactly could cause such cataclysms. The main trouble for people - built tunnel, which was being built last 10 years.

Therefore, difficult times have come for civilians, it is not known when these misfortunes will end, because in such a situation there will be no casualties. Why did the earth rebel, since it began to take revenge, it means that people are doing something wrong, how to correct the situation so that the troubles end, and relatives stop losing loved ones. The audience will have to go through all the difficult moments in their lives together with the characters, and how the situation will be resolved, they will find out by watching the film to the end.

Consider soundtracks from the film "Revenge of the Earth" (OST Feng Bao 2022) in more detail, the film project contains many musical compositions. We offer you to listen to the music from the film "Revenge of the Earth" (OST Feng Bao 2022) listen to all songs in good quality online:

Revenge The Penelopes (Music from Earth's Revenge)

First Revenge Marc Marder (Song from Earth's Revenge)

REVENGE Amr Ashraf El Baz (Earth's Revenge Soundtrack)

Radowitzky's Revenge Unabomber (Composition from the film "Revenge of the Earth")

Revenge feat. Cazok Foreign Gnomes (Soundtrack from Earth's Revenge)

Messala's Revenge Miklós Rózsa (OST Earth's Revenge)

Revenge Meier Manuel Music

Mine ID:Earth (Listen to the song from Earth's Revenge movie)

Earth's Call Simon Fransquet (Listen to Earth's Revenge soundtrack)

Earth Hermann von Asuncion (Listen to the song from the film "Earth's Revenge")

Elements – Earth (OST from Earth's Revenge)

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