The best disco hits of the reckless 90's, for which you are not ashamed

Compositions that were heard from everywhere and millions of people were partying to them like it was the last time.... The tracks we're going to talk about below are very nostalgic!

The greatest hits of 90s disco: the best songs, clips and performers

The '90s were the most wild discos! This was due to a number of factors: the final fall of the Iron Curtain, the penetration of tonnes of foreign music into the country, the emergence of new genres on the world stage... The sound became cheerful, incredibly danceable, daring... The changes affected the domestic scene, of course: it is difficult to count today how many new stars appeared.

Everyone can relate to that era in a different way: some people are very much in love with its spirit of freedom and madness, others try not to remember it at all. However, there are songs that "coming in." practically everyone! In the article. greatest hits disco songs from the wild 90s, which are not to be ashamed of. Compositions that sounded from everywhere, and millions of people were partying to them as if it was the last time, as they say. Nostalgia is ensured...

2 Unlimited - No Limit (1993)

2 Unlimited
2 Unlimited

A very disco track, which was played very often in the 90s. In general, it should be noted that in the 90s there were enormous changes in the world music scene - the fashionable were eurodance bandsusually consisting of an attractive lead singer and a hot. African-American lead singerreading out a dynamic rap song. The lady provided with her sweet voice a stunning chorus, which attracted millions of music lovers and made the track an international hit. The clips were colourful, there was a lot of looseness and boldness... The duo 2 Unlimited is a shining example of the musical fashion of the time. And one of his main idols.

"No Limit." remains the duo's most recognisable hit, the music video for which is approaching 100 million views! The meaning of the track is far from deep: just a rousing motif, which can be easily sung by anyone, even without knowing English!

"No, there are no limits, we will not stop fighting!
We do what we want to do.
And we do it with pride!"

La Bouche - Be My Lover (1995)

La Bouche
La Bouche

German-American duo La Bouche was also very popular in the '90s. They were the kings of discos! There are quite a few well-known songs in the band's arsenal, but everyone was particularly fond of "Be My Lover" - a rousing track with a punchy sound and a catchy chorus that's almost impossible to get out of your head....

"You have to be sure,
That you want to be my lover..."

Unfortunately, the original lead singer Melanie Thornton went to a better world in the early 2000s.....

"E-Rotic" - Max Don't Have S.. With Your Ex (1995)

The E-Rotic Group
The E-Rotic Group

A very hot track from a band that has always lived up to its name. In the '90s, the songs "E-Rotic." were distributed almost all over the world! And a particularly popular track was "Max Don't Have S-- With Your Ex." - It was especially loved in Russia. Not a single discotheque of those years was without this song....

The song was so popular that it was even included in an iconic film "Brother." - it's about the very moment when Danila Bagrov was "hanging out" with Kat and talking about American music.

Dr Alban - It's My Life (1992)

Dr Alban
Dr Alban

No, that's not the track at all Bon Jovithat a lot of people might remember. This hit belongs to a Swedish musician of Nigerian descent, known by the pseudonym of Dr Alban. And it's worth noting - it's the biggest hit of his career.

"Live your life and let me go.
Think of your own business and leave my business..."

The single went platinum twice and was simply adored in Russia.

Mr President - Coco Jamboo (1996)

Mr President's band
Mr President's band

And again. eurodance! Amazing genre of that era, which today brings such warm feelings, memories, emotions... People are happy to re-listen to this track even today - so fresh it sounds, modern.

And what was relevant from Russian hits in those years?

Combination - American Boy (1990)

Combination Group. 1991
Combination Group. 1991

"Combination." - a popular Russian band of the 90s, consisting exclusively of girls.

The band's phenomenon lies in the fact that its songs touched on acute social issues of those years - for example in the "American Boy." soloists sing the main dream of many young beauties of the new Russia of the 90s...

"American boy, I'll go away with you
I will leave with you, Moscow, farewell..."

Car-Man - London, Good Bye (1990)

"Car-Man" in the early years
"Car-Man" in the early years

The first domestic exotic-pop duo, "Car-Man." were one of the first to use their tracks English words (which later became fashionable among artists). And it was very much to people's taste!

"London, goodbye." - the duo's biggest hit, which at one time was heard from every iron. The clip was also actively broadcast on TV, and today many people are nostalgically revisiting it on YouTube.

Kai Metov - Position #2 (1993)

Kai Metov
Kai Metov

By the time his songs became known to the general public, few people knew what their singer even looked like. Kai Metov. This led to many not-so-honest people pretending to be Methow and performing in place of the artiste. But after the release of the music video for "Position #2" The artist's appearance was no longer a mystery to anyone - the video was played very often.

A very danceable hit that is kind of nonsensical but so clingy.....

Irina Saltykova - Grey Eyes (1995)

Irina Saltykova
Irina Saltykova

To make a music video for "Grey Eyes.", Irina Saltykova pawned everything she had - including her flat! Fortunately, the clip not only "shot", but also became mega-popular. Yes, the 90s were the time when everything was possible... Even such interesting men on TV.

By the way: this is one of the few domestic clips that "outdid the West" (as users write).

Shura - Cold Moon (1997)


Shura was the favourite informal of the 90s! Many of his songs were big hits, especially "Cold Moon.".

These were the hits of the 90s. They may seem meaningless and empty to some, but their essence, first of all, was not so much in meaningfulness as in danceability. It was crazy timeThe discos were really crazy... And the music fully corresponded to that era.


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