How Spaniards reacted to Alexei Arkhipovsky's "Sharmanka" and "Cinderella"

"They said the hall was quiet because they were showing respect for the musician..... I had tears flowing in the audience ... This is a conversation between a man and his soul..."

Foreigners watch the Russian balalaika virtuoso play

Alexei Arkhipovsky - domestic balalaika virtuoso, composer and simply a talented musician! His dazzling career spans several decades! The works of this genius do not get out of date: to this day, these amazing melodies touch the hearts of listeners, gaining a large number of listens on modern platforms... His music bank is truly rich: there are also slow, even in some places sad songs, и cheerfulwith a rousing note!

Creativity of Arkhipovski is very familiar to listeners from different countries, because this man is constantly touring - if only there is a chance! But now Alexey Vitalievich is also an idol in Spain. And all thanks to a reaction that gained half a million views in less than a year!

Video response to "Sharmanka." и "Cinderella." Alexei Arkhipovsky appeared on the channel "ONTELEVISION" May 2021. In it, young Spaniards watch performances of the Russian balalaika genius, namely a performance of two of his most famous pieces!

Game of Arkhipovskiundoubtedly delightful! Nevertheless, our foreign friends had different reactions. But in the end they all came to the conclusion that the performance was really talented and virtuosic.

"He plays several harmonic frequencies at the same time! It's incredibly difficult," emphasised one of the 'jury members'. "He sustains the main part and adds a trill? Amazing," added another Spanish observer.

Audience YouTube also did not miss the opportunity to share their impressions:

"Arkhipovsky is our national treasure. I was at his concert, fantastic! A very modest man, he left autographs for everyone who asked for them...".


"A month ago we went to a concert in Yekaterinburg. An hour and forty without a break!!!! How does Alexei do it!?!? On three strings - and the impression that an orchestra is playing. People were crying..."


"They said the audience was quiet as they showed respect for the musician... I had tears flowing in the audience... It's a conversation between a man and his soul."

Alexei Arkhipovsky
Alexei Arkhipovsky

Another user added that "the Spaniards have delighted with their good taste in music!"

What do the commentators think abroad?

"He has the whole Russian soul in him. Russians cannot be defeated. If you gave a Russian a spoon, consider him armed. If you gave a note to a Russian, consider him invincible. And that's why it's better to see the Russian as a friend, not an enemy...," reads one of the comments.


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