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The Eagles' complete discography

Eagles - one of the most popular bands 70s of the twentieth centuryThe band is the first to perform hits in a variety of styles, from country to hard rock. Throughout their history, their albums and hits have repeatedly topped the world charts. Millions of our compatriots know the band Eagles on netliness Hotel California. This rock ballad is still recognizable from the first notes, it became an unconditional hit and a symbol of the band for all time. All other works of the cult band are familiar only to its devoted fans, mainly from the English-speaking world. And it is quite logical. The rockers managed to declare themselves loudly nearly four decades ago. At that time in the USSR They were known only to avid rock fans. Creatures Eagles and now, demonstrating amazing dedication, unfading love for the stage, music and his audience. Discography "Eagles." deserves special attention.

A resounding start. The Eagles' debut album

The Eagles, Eagles album
The Eagles, Eagles album

At the beginning of 70s a group of musicians including a country rock instrumentalist Dona Henley, musician and singer Glenn Frye, composer Bernie Lydona and the author Randy Meisner released her debut album "Eagles.". It took two weeks to record the studio of the same name. The album was recorded at the recording studio Asylum Recordsand included ten compositions.

By the time their debut album was released, the band's founders, being representatives of different musical orientations, had reworked many styles in an attempt to find their own unique sound. Their style was particularly influenced by the work of Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Summer 1972 year the band's long-awaited debut took place. The album "Eagles." was a real breakthrough for aspiring musicians. In a matter of days it topped the Canadian chart, and also hit the top lines of the Billboard Pop Albums (USA). The iconic singles were. "Take It Easy" and "Witchy Woman". They were on the air 24 hours a day on every radio station.

The main stakes in creativity are Eagles The band's original focus was not only on sound quality and volume, but also on meaningful and meaningful lyrics. The members of the band are still thoroughly working out every word. Such a meticulous approach to the case has led to the expected result - in USA Eagles" album went platinum. In record time it managed to sell more than two million copies. В 2003 year's debut studio Eagles entered the "500 Great Albums". From that moment the triumphant ascent of the musicians to the tops of the world musical Olympus began.

"Desperado" - 1973

The Eagles, "Desperado" album
The Eagles, "Desperado" album

Having tasted the first taste of success, Eagles went on a large-scale tour as part of their debut album. The musicians toured for a long time, and only returned six months later to the UK to record the second studio album. Disc "Desperado." brought to you by Eagles a new wave of popularity. The record consisted of eleven tracks, one of which was an instrumental version of the hit single "Doolin-Dalton."which once again blew up all the radio stations.

The concept of the album was based on the gangster theme. This studio is also notable because for the first time the musicians used their own photos on the cover. It had never been done before or after that. The dominant style in "Desperado." became folk and ethno motifs. This allowed the Eagles to become part of the avant-garde movement 70swhich, at the time, was gaining considerable momentum. In addition, the band's second album contained traditional rock 'n' roll elements. "Desperado" received gold status in less than six months.

Song "Tequila Sunrise" entered the TOP 50The album was a hit for many years to come. After the recording of this CD the musicians went on tour in Europe again. Later on they invited an instrumentalist Don Felderand began working on their third studio album. With several number-one singles to their credit, the Eagles became one of the best known musical bands 70s years.

"On the Border" - 1974

On the border" (1974) by The Eagles
On the border" (1974) by The Eagles

In the wake of the popularity of the first two albums, Eagles released their third studio CD. By the time it was created, the musicians had Eagles finally established themselves in their desire to create a different format of creativity. They gravitated toward hard rock, which counterbalanced the position of producer Glyn Johnson, who wanted the Eagles, as before, to write music exclusively in the country style. As a result, they parted ways with the producer after the release of two records. He was replaced by. Walsh Bill Shimchik. It was Szymczyk who introduced the Eagles to the guitarist Don Felderwho soon joined the lineup of the group.
According to fans of the collective, Felder brought to Eagles the missing flavor. In 1974, the third studio album "On the Border" was released, which exceeded all expectations and brought the band a good dividend. The Eagles literally managed to score. In just four months. "On the Border." surpassed the gold line. The disc managed to be at the top of all the prestigious charts, and the track "The Best of My Love" became a hit, and brought a new wave of popularity to the band. Equally loud was the release of the single "Already Gone.". The album includes ten songs in total.

After the studio's release, events began to develop at a furious pace. Breaking the record of its predecessors, the album made its way into the "TOP 10.". In the same year. Eagles received their first prize "Grammy."which marked a new stage in their career. Unfortunately, there was another side to the crazy fame. Popularity, the increased attention of fans and journalists, as well as a hectic touring life led to the fact that the team left Bernie Lydon. At that point the Eagles began to be torn apart by constant conflict, a redistribution of spheres of influence, and a dragging of the blanket over themselves. Lydon's place was taken by Joe Walsh - a musician who joined the band during a tour of the Far East. At that time the Eagles were already stars of the first magnitude, and could afford a lot of things.

"Their Greatest Hits."

Eagles - "Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)"
Eagles - "Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)"

Since the musicians spent most of their time touring, and the time to record another studio was catastrophically short, it was decided to release a selection of greatest hits. It included the hit singles from the first four records. "Their Greatest Hits." appeared on the shelves of all music stores in America. He has been certified platinum a record thirty-eight times. С 2017 The Eagles' compilation is housed at the National Archives of Recording, located at the Library of Congress.

Disk "Their Greatest Hits." was officially recognized as a historical and cultural site, part of the grand musical heritage of the United States, the significance of which can hardly be overestimated. At this point. Eagles have definitely written their name in history with golden letters. The success of the compilation in America and the European music charts was a great surprise for the band. No one expected the greatest hits compilation to be such a dizzying success. "Their Greatest Hits" received a well-deserved platinum. To date, the number of sold copies of the compilation is close to 42 million. Sales of the album continue to this day.

"One of These Nights" - 1975

One of These Nights" (1975) by The Eagles
One of These Nights" (1975) by The Eagles

The next album appeared at the top of all the American charts in five weeks. In the UK. "One of These Nights." took eighth place. By that time, the lineup had not changed. The disc "One of These Nights" gained an army of millions of fans in New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Canada, and Hong Kong.

The plastics were a dizzying success, but the main breakthrough, as we know, was yet to come.

"Hotel California" - 1976

Eagles "Hotel California" Album Cover
Eagles "Hotel California" Album Cover

Eighteen months after the release of the previous album, the legendary record Hotel Californiawhich broke the record of the previous albums, going platinum in a record seven days. It was enough to make the whole world realize they were in front of a netherworld. After breaking the threshold, the album literally blew up the world. The title track of the same name flooded the airwaves all over the world. "Hotel California" was heard from radio receivers all over the world. Fifth studio album EaglesIt is no exaggeration to call it a cult.

The cover of the disc is decorated with the legendary hotel The Beverly Hills HotelThe photo was taken by Hollywood photographer David Alexander. The photo was taken by Hollywood photographer David Alexander. In 2011, Music Radar ranked the album cover in TOP 40 the best covers of all time. As soon as the album hit the shelves, more than ten million copies were sold. The release of the single was an equally resounding success. "New Kid in Town". IN 1977 the album won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year. The same year the album was nominated in the "Album of the Year" category. On the wave of triumphant success the band left the musician Randy Meisnerwho decided to start a solo career. Unfortunately, it was extremely unsuccessful. Meisner was replaced by Timothy B. Schmidt. Meanwhile, people continued to buy the album with terrible force.

"The Long Run" - 1979

The Eagles, "The Long Run" album
The Eagles, "The Long Run" album

Participants Eagles They understood that it would be difficult for them to surpass the success of the Hotel California. The musicians worked on the new record for almost two years. The effort paid off handsomely. Another Eagles creation went platinum. And once again the Eagles singles reached the top of the world charts. The breakthrough was the song "Heartache Tonight," which won "Grammy.". Tracks from "The Long Run." burst into the British chart. In the second half 1980 The album was awarded platinum, which has become a tradition for the musicians. In spite of the dizzying success, the musicians made the unexpected decision to disband the band. By that time, passions had heated up to the limit. During the 1980 U.S. tour, the band recorded a live performance "Eagles Live.The tour was followed by the announcement that the band was ceasing to exist. After the end of the tour, the Eagles stopped touring and recording in the studio. However, the date of the band's official dissolution is still considered to be 1982 year. At this point, each of the band members began to develop their own solo projects. However, there was no exploding bomb effect. Musicians' solo careers Eagles can hardly be called successful.

Throughout the next decade producers were on the hunt for Eagles musicians, offering them a reunion. But they refused such a commercially lucrative offer. During the discussions about a possible reunion Don Henley answered that it would happen "only if hell were covered with ice.

"Hell Freezes Over" - 1994

The Eagles, Hell Freezes Over
The Eagles, Hell Freezes Over

Nevertheless, in the middle of the 90s Eagles still reunited for a while. That same year saw the release of a live recording "Hell Freezes Over.". The band members recorded a concert on MTV, and then went on tour again. The reunion tour was incredibly successful. Soon the studio version was recorded. "Hell Freezes Over."The first of the two albums, which has taken a leading position in all the charts, including the Billboard.

Despite the fact that the album only had four tracks, it sold millions of copies. Three years later, the Eagles were inducted into the Hall of Fame. The beginning of the millennium was marked by the departure of Don Felder.

"Selected Works" - 2000

The Eagles, Selected Works
The Eagles, Selected Works

In 2000, the release of the set "Selected Works."The band's most famous compositions are included in a retrospective.

"The Long Road Out of Eden" - 2007

The Eagles, The Long Road Out of Eden
The Eagles, The Long Road Out of Eden

In 2007, the rockers returned with a new record called "The Long Road Out of Eden, and consisting of two parts. It was the first studio album in the past twenty-eight years, and again a breakthrough awaited. The disc topped the U.S. charts. Release "The Long Road Out of Eden proved that the veterans of the rock scene are still capable of many things. The Eagles not only surprised the public with new compositions, but also demonstrated an irrepressible thirst for creativity and the stage. On the eve of their double studio release, the Eagles announced that it would likely be their last work together. Although the album was far from newfangled musical trends, the Billboard Top 200 he appeared on the first line, which surprised many. The rockers were competed by the pop princess Britney SpearsThe album was sold in several times smaller numbers.

In 2013 The year saw the premiere of the documentary "The Eagles' History.The band's history and the relationship between the band members.

At the beginning of 2016 one of the founders of the group passed away Glenn Frye. In the spring of the same year, the Egles once again announced the cessation of concert and studio activities. Some time later, however, the Egles reunited. Fry's place was taken by his son Deacon. After that the rockers embarked on a tour. By the way, the Egles are still actively touring, not slowing down their concert activity. In addition to the band's regular members and Deacon Fry to Egles joined the multi-instrumentalist Vince Gillwhich was a breath of fresh air.

"Legacy" - 2018

The Eagles, "Legacy" album
The Eagles, "Legacy" album

In 2018 Eagles released the complete collection of their albums. They decided to package the anthology in a separate set. It was called "Legacy." In 2018, "The Greatest Hits. was named America's best-selling album. In doing so, Egles managed to overtake the Michael Jackson with his legendary album "Thriller.". "The Eagles beat the King of Pop by five million copies, and topped all the charts again.

In 2019 year for MGM Grand Garden Arena The rockers performed their album in its entirety for the first time in years. Hotel Californiawhich became a landmark album for them. The iconic album was joined by another set list that included the band's greatest hits throughout its existence. That same year the Eagles went on a tour of New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany etc. The musicians toured dozens of cities and countries.

Despite their enormous popularity, the Egles, remained in the memory of millions of our compatriots thanks to the mega-hit Hotel California. The fame of this song has not faded for more than forty years, it is known and loved by several generations of the audience. The legendary rockers continue to draw audiences of many thousands. В Europe and America There are still quite a few people who want to enjoy quality rock, remember their turbulent youth, and hear the old hits in a new sound.


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