Top 5 best songs of VIA "Singing Guitars" according to Fuzz Music magazine

In this article we analyze the favorite hits of the inimitable "Singing Guitars"... or the story of how they fought the Soviet censor.

A selection of the best songs of VIA "Singing Guitars" or singing covers - it's not as easy as it seems

In 60s years in the Soviet Union, it was not easy to play music that appealed to young people. Especially if that music came from West. But there were brave men who were not afraid experiment and look for his own style. One of them was Anatoly Vasilievwho in 1966 created the ensemble "Singing Guitars, about the songs of which we will talk further.

Vasiliev wanted to bring Soviet pop music closer to Western standards and play cover versions of popular songs. But this was not to the taste of the censors and criticswho considered such music decadent and unhealthy:

"Eventually, by some miracle from the fifth screening, we managed to get on the big stage. We were allowed to tour the country."

Fat Carlson

It was originally a fun and cheerful the '70s song that made people dance and sing along. Her records sold millions and its melody became the basis for many other songs. Many bands took this tune and made up their own lyrics, creating new hits. But from where Where did this song come from? Who wrote it and who sang it first?

VIA "Singing Guitars"
VIA "Singing Guitars"

It was the story of one missed chance and one lucky choice. The song "Yellow River" composed Jeff Christiewho was a singer and composer. He offered it to a band The Tremeloeswhich was known for its cover versions. The band recorded the song in several versions and wanted to release it as a single. But then they released another one "Call Me Number One"which became very popular. The musicians decided that they didn't need "Yellow River" and refused from her.

Jeff Christie was not confused and put together his own band, which he called Christie. He myself sang "Yellow River" and released it as a single. And then the miracle began. "Yellow River" became a worldwide hitwhich topped the charts in various countries. It became a symbol of the 70s and received many reprises and translations. In the Soviet Union, it was called "Fat Carlson" and sang by the ensemble "Singing Guitars."

This song has become one of the most favorites of Soviet songs that everyone knew. So Jeff Christie created his masterpiece, and the Tremeloes lost their chance.

There's no one more beautiful than you

In 1969, a song was played in the Soviet Union that won the hearts of millions. It was the song "There Is No More Beautiful Than You", which is also known as "Don't die love.". It was a song that gave light and warmth in difficult times. It was written by three talented people: Yuriy AntonovIrina Bezladnova and Michael Belyakov. Yuri Antonov was a singer and composer who had already had success with the ensemble «Arax». Irina Bezladnova and Mikhail Belyakov were songwriters who worked with a variety of performers.

They met Yuri Antonov and decided to write a song together. Its first performers were the VIA "Singing Guitars". They sang the song with such soul and emotion that it immediately entered the hearts of listeners. Later the song was performed by himself Yuri Antonovwhich gave her her own special charm and personality.

The song "No More Beautiful Than You" became one of the most famous and favorite songs of Soviet pop music, which is still alive and well today.


One night. Anatoly Vasiliev was walking home along Smirnov Avenue, where he lived in house number 6. It was raining outside. But suddenly Vasiliev stopped at a traffic light on Smirnov Avenue (which is now called Lanskoe Highway) and heard a melody in his head. It was a melody that took hold of him and wouldn't let go. As you can guess, it was the melody that would become the basis for one of the most famous songs of the Singing Guitars.

Anatoly Vasiliev
Anatoly Vasiliev

Right on the street he wrote down the first notes and went home, where he continued working on the music of the song. He worked on it for a whole week without any distractions. Then Vasiliev turned to his housemate, Kim Ryzhov. Kim Ryzhov was a famous Leningrad songwriter who wrote poems for many performers. Anatoly Nikolayevich asked him to write words for his song.

When Ryzhov showed the text, Anatoly Nikolayevich was in a delighted. It was rarityBecause usually composers and poets argue about every word and every line. But this time they immediately found common ground and created a song that became a masterpiece. It was performed by the soloist of the ensemble Evgeny Bronevitskywho was a talented and charismatic singer.


In 1972, on a mignon "Singing Guitars VII" a song called "Nightingale" appeared. It was a composition sung by the soloist of the ensemble Valery StupachenkoHe was one of the brightest and most talented singers of Soviet pop music. His voice and manner of singing gave the song a special charm and mood.

Words The Soviet songwriter Yakov Abramovich Golyakov wrote for "Nightingale" (Goldstein), who was known for his lyrical and soulful poems. But where did this melody come from? Who wrote it and who sang it first? The Soviet record said that the song was based on a Chilean a folk song, but it wasn't true. The song actually came from Venezuela and was called "Los Garceros".

It was a song that was composed by a Venezuelan composer Juan Vincente Torrealbawho was a founding member of the band Los Torrealberos. In 1954, it was sung by the soloist Mario SuarezHe was a talented and charismatic singer. The song Los Garceros became famous in Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

Blue frost

In 1959, a single was released in America that became a hit. It was a single "Oh! Carol."who sang Neil Sedakaa famous singer and pianist. But on the back of this single was another song that also became popular. It was a song "One Way Ticket (To the Blues).". It became famous in many countries and received many translations and re-sings.

One of those chants was a Russian version of a song called "Blue Frost.".

The words were written by a poet Albert Azizovwho was a talented and original songwriter. He didn't want to repeat the original lyrics, which were sad and forlorn. In the end, he came up with a lyric that became a classic of Russian pop music.


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