YAV - All about the singer, the new project, the album "YAV"

“This is the perfect adrenaline rush! I am incredibly happy that I managed to keep it in myself! And now, with the help of “YAV”, I can share it with people!”

IAVB: Who is it?

"ЯAVЬ" ("REAL") is a new musical project of the singer Yolka. What's this? What for? Well…

The fact is that in the modern pop music industry there are too many twenty-year-old idols and ... unforgivably little room for forgotten by many, but once such popular stars of the 2000s ... To gather a fanatical audience, you need to become famous at least on YouTube! And for this you need to thoroughly approach the formation of: new phrases, meanings, ideas, images ... Actually, everything is simple: those who are able to modernize themselves survive.

So the singer Yolka did not contradict the trends, but simply took it and ... burst onto the stage in a new image!

Biography Yolka

Christmas tree...
Christmas tree…

To begin with, let's refresh our memory and ... let's talk a little about the heroine of the sensational project!

Elizaveta Ivantsiv is a Ukrainian and Russian singer, whose hit “Provence” (or, in extreme cases, “In a Big Balloon”) is known to everyone!

In 2004, Elizabeth signed her first major contract with Vlad Valov, took the pseudonym "Yolka" and released her debut album "City of Deception". The release was marked by success and the beginning of a promising career! A little later, two more releases saw the light, however ... none of them was crowned with such success as the debut.

In the period from 2010 to 2012, Yolka participated in the X-Factor project as a member of the jury. In the same period, the singer releases her most successful hit "Provence", which brings her 3 nominations for the Muz-TV awards at once!

Success slowly began to return, and the fourth studio album “The Points Are Set”, released soon, found ardent recognition among both the audience and critics ... As a result, it was named the best pop album of 2011 according to such influential publications as “Afisha”, “ Time Out" and "Interview"! At the end of 2012, Yolka was recognized as the most rotated performer on Russian radio stations!

Today, Elizaveta Ivantsiv is a seven-time winner of the Golden Gramophone music award and a nominee for the Russia Music Awards of the MTV channel. She is one of the three most successful figures in Ukrainian show business, and has also been repeatedly recognized as the singer of the year!

And so, in 2018, Yolka loudly announced her project “YaV”, which has already attracted the attention of the general public!

Project JAB

“Do not rust, do not fall into an emotional meat grinder, do not become a cynic” - this is exactly the message Yolka put into her project. According to the singer herself, “YAV” is a reflection of her personal, one might say, her intimate side ...

Christmas tree in a new way...
Christmas tree in a new way…

Curiously, Elizaveta Ivantsiv claims that the emergence of a new alternative indie project is not related to trends... According to the singer, she has long wanted to give life to parallel art. Plus, our heroine has always been inspired by: Portishead, Tricky and, of course, Björk... Here they are - the 3 main icons that influenced the birth of YAVЬ.

The very history of the project began with the song "Cure my love", which was successfully recorded and published on the Internet for free listening. The same thing happened with the track “One Warrior in the Field”, which also safely went on a free voyage and ... soon sounded on “Dancing on TNT”! This development of events began to strain Lisa ...

“I didn’t understand how a project could exist without a name?! I wanted the listeners to enjoy the music, and not get confused by guesswork, presenting a particular image ... "

So, absolutely relaxed and measured, Lisa continued to record new tracks, being sure that there would be no material for a full-fledged album ...

“That summer turned out to be truly magical ... I had a lot of sources of inspiration! The last tracks were recorded in the studio in just a few hours! It was difficult not so much physically as mentally ... "

Christmas tree
Christmas tree

By the way, well-known artists of Ukraine also worked on the project: producers Tomasz Lukacs and Jay, ex-soloist of VIA Gra Daria Medovaya.

“I’ve known someone for a long time, I met someone for the first time literally the day before ... But we worked so intuitively, organically ... I immediately understood: this is“ it ”commented Yolka.

As for the stage outfits "ЯАВЬ", this is a separate issue. All of them were designed according to the sketches of the artist, two-time winner of the Best of Russia - Alisa Gagarina! When working, the girl used various materials and their most daring combinations: plastic, feathers, leather ... Well: we pay tribute! Alice got incredible costumes that scream loudly about "YAV" - a project with insightful lyrics, blowing beats and luxurious vocals ...

“In our time, girls have to expose their inner strength. It's time for the girls to put aside their fears and boldly move forward, ”commented Alice.

Singer Yolka in an extravagant outfit
Singer Yolka in an extravagant outfit

But what about the name? It turns out that “YAVЬ” is an Old Slavonic word that accidentally overtook Yolka on the road:

“Thus, I wanted to draw attention to the fact that, in fact, we all exist more than we live ...”

As Lisa says, you need to be able to enjoy every moment! You should not bring yourself to automatism, or, even worse, plunge into a routine. So “YAV” is an extra reminder to all of us about awareness, joy and faith in miracles!

Debut album "REAL"

The debut album "ЯАВЬ" was presented in January 2019. On the solemn day of the presentation, Yolka first appeared in public in a new image ...

The very next day, "REAL" reached the top positions of the iTunes chart! The singer herself, who had long been accustomed to applause, could not resist and still shed a tear:

“I didn’t even think about whether this music would find a response in the hearts of the listeners ... I was just immersed in the work with my head, that’s all ... It’s a big shock for me ...”

Singer Yolka
Singer Yolka

But to this day, many listeners are tormented by the question: why was it necessary to create all this mystery ...? But it is worth listening to “REAL”, and the answer is obvious: as soon as Yolka included this music in his traditional discography, the audience would immediately ask: “What? What do you mean? And where are the catchy tunes and hits?

Yes, the motives of electronics and trip-hop combined with mermaid vocals are wonderful! And yes: because of the love for the singer, this album will be listened to by a much larger number of people than just connoisseurs of this genre ... But! The listeners will have ambivalent impressions... Therefore, the reason why Yolka created a separate project and released an album on his behalf is obvious.

Tracks from the album

Well, it's time to take a look at the tracklist from the album "REAL". It should be noted right away that each composition has a completely ordinary name. The only thing that catches your eye is that it is written in capital letters. Today, such a “zest” is at the peak of popularity among musicians: despite the message, the title looks catchy and stands out noticeably from the rest of the tracks. But it’s not uncommon for the formula to work: “the larger the letters, the smaller the songs.” But you can’t say the same about the album “REAL” ...

Tracks from "REAL" are difficult to classify as a hip-hop genre. Rather, they resemble the work of FKA Twigs. Yolka sings evenly, as monotonously as possible... Sometimes she adds vocal transitions so that the listener doesn't get bored!

In fact, the work of "YaAV" is vastly different from the traditional style of Yolka: here you will not hear the usual angularity or self-irony, a hit motive or a catchy chorus ... A kind of relaxation ...

Composition "Beregom" - JAVЬ & Gruppa Skryptonite

A cool fit with Scryptonite... And now let's turn to the version of the track "BEREGOOM", which is as beautiful as it is unexpected for everyone! The composition was recorded by "ЯАВЬ" together with the Skryptonite group (Gruppa Skryptonite). It turned out very cool ... Absolute immersion in a trance and a feeling as if you fell into semi-meditation ... And yes: not a hint of rap! In general: goosebumps are guaranteed to you ...

If everything is clear with the “YAB” style, then Gruppa Skryptonite decided to experiment by recording this fit. Well: it will be great if the guys explore the most unexpected creative paths for themselves ...

A little about Skryptonite

Skryptonite (Scryptonite)
Skryptonite (Scryptonite)

The Skryptonite group was founded and named by the Kazakh rapper Skryptonit (real name - Adil). The guy was born and raised in an ordinary family. In elementary school, Adil loved to draw and act in productions, and in older grades, he became seriously interested in music ... At the age of 15, Adil wrote his first rap track.

Enrolling at the insistence of his parents in an art school as a master artist, Adil continued to write songs, which, in the end, became his vocation. So, the guy sold his work to more famous performers, thanks to which even then he began to earn much more than his parents ...

Today Scryptonite is known in musical circles as a producer. In 2018, he founded his own project called Gruppa Skryptonite, and a year later he began to actively pursue a solo career.

In December 2019, the rapper released his fourth studio album with the concise title "2004". In his interview he said:

“I started working on this issue about a year ago. I did not plan to record an album in the rap style, but for some reason new tracks were written surprisingly easily! This is the first album for which I created all the music myself ... "


Fans of Yolka, who “fell in love” with him, can sleep peacefully: the singer will not go anywhere - within the framework of the YAVЬ project, she only explores the expanses of experimental sound, discovering new opportunities and ideas for herself ... As Lisa herself admitted, the new image takes her to younger years , when she, twenty-two years old and inspired, went on stage and was full of a variety of emotions:

“This is the perfect adrenaline rush! I am incredibly happy that I managed to keep it in myself! And now, with the help of “YAV”, I can share it with people!”

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