Aguzarova's Adventures in the USA: Space on a Skyscraper and Broken Dreams

"There were people willing to work with Jeanne, but she wasn't happy with the conditions-she was far from an easy person by nature. She sang in a restaurant, but it destroyed her morally. She was planning to outshine Madonna, and then the Russian quarter... So our relationship cracked in these five years: Zhanna began to blame me, they say, why I did not dissuaded her from this trip. I only consoled her-what else could I do?

Why Zhanna Aguzarova failed to fulfill the "American dream

At the end of the '80s, the domestic queen of fashion Zhanna Aguzarova left the Bravo group, and soon completely disappeared from the radar. The media put forward the most ridiculous versions, allegedly Soviet "Martian" returned to her home planet. But later it became known: Jeanne went to conquer America! Alas, her brilliant dreams were not destined to come true. In the U.S. Aguzarova did not achieve the desired fame, she got a lot of nerves, and upon returning home she became recluse.

The singer herself, for obvious reasons, does not love to remember this period. So today we will try to reproduce all five years of the struggle for "American Dream.based on on the stories of loved ones her people, and in particular on the interview Nika Poltoranina - her then-civilian husband, who, unlike Jeanne, had managed to adjust in the West.

Limousine Driver and Space on a Skyscraper

Zhanna Aguzarova
Zhanna Aguzarova

Gradually Jeanne spent in the U.S. all the moneyShe had to earn money, and not by singing. Promoter Sergey Lavrov claims that for some time the singer was limousine driver!

"In the five years she spent in a foreign land, she rose to become a limousine driver!"

In turn, the producer of Bravo Eugene Friedland and claimed that in America, Jeanne impoverished:

"She quickly spent all her money, she was blown off the radio, the American stage was closed to her. So she got the biggest "space" of her life - she slept on a cot on the roof of one of the skyscrapers for several nights! What a 'cosmos,' to say the least!"

"Got caught up in the dream, but got burned."

Nick Poltoranin and Zhanna Aguzarova
Nick Poltoranin and Zhanna Aguzarova

Then common-law husband Jeanne, Nick Poltoraninrecalled how the singer woke up one morning and said: "I'm going to America! And you're coming with me!"

"In Russia Zhanna was very much loved, and she was sure that she would become the second Madonna in the United States. I didn't try to stop her - Jeanne's character is God knows what! Of course, it was a huge risk. But then we felt some support: back in Yalta we met a man who promised to promote Zhanna in America. Allegedly he had connections and everything. But in fact he charged us fifty thousand dollars and cheated us! He said that at the airport the suitcase with Zhanna's money and records was lost, and soon the crook disappeared altogether...".

The couple continued believe in the best - Jeanne and Nick tried to make their own way on the radio, but nothing worked:

"We were told to work on the accent, which, as you can imagine, is not a matter of two days."

Ray of Hope

Zhanna Aguzarova
Zhanna Aguzarova

Nevertheless, Jeanne continued to believe in "American Dream.. According to Nick, she even initiated them to give up alcohol and cigarettes!

"Every morning we pulled on our suits and went for a run!"

At first, the couple didn't need the money: Jeanne and Nick were renting luxurious rooms In elite hotels, which sometimes cost up to $1,000 in 24 hours!

"We lived in the Plaza Hotel, went to high-end restaurants - in a word, we threw money around without a second thought! We believed in the best to the last, apparently we were too naive...".

Awareness and despair

Zhanna Aguzarova
Zhanna Aguzarova

But better times are by no means did not come on. Jeanne was asked to sing in the Russian quarterShe was in the National, but she felt uncomfortable there. Gradually the belief faded

"There were people willing to work with Jeanne, but she wasn't happy with the conditions-she was far from an easy person by nature. She sang in a restaurant, but it was morally ruining her. She was planning to outshine Madonna, and then the Russian quarter... So our relationship cracked during these five years: Zhanna began to blame me, saying why I did not dissuade her from this trip. I only consoled her - what else could I do?

In 1995, Jeanne couldn't take it.After calling Igor Nikolaev and finding out about the situation in Russia, she decided to return home. But not with her head held high. That was the end of her relationship with Nick. ended - the man remained in the United States, being "guilty of all mortal sins.


Nick Poltoranin and Zhanna Aguzarova
Nick Poltoranin and Zhanna Aguzarova

In America, Zhanna still managed to record with the leader of the band Center. Vasily Shumov - about the album "Nineteen Ninety's. By the way: "Ninety's. (which means 90) - that was Jeanne's pseudonym abroad. Back in her homeland, the singer surprised the public with her now truly Martian style, and soon disappeared again - this time she didn't go anywhere, just became a recluse.

Her former partner Nick built family happiness with someone named Natalia (also from Russia) and became actor. In his own words, he was even filmed on the same set with Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman!

"She broke down and left in a hurry. Now I've made a lot of connections, and in the present state of affairs I could have promoted her... But what's the point of talking about it anymore?"


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