Top 7 coolest covers performed on violin, according to Fuzz Music Magazine

In this article we have decided to highlight seven of the coolest interpretations, in our opinion, performed on the "devil's instrument". Let's begin our journey into the world of "classical modern music"...

The best violin covers: modern songs, hits, facts and videos

The violin is often referred to "the Devil's tool."! Largely because many outstanding violinists such as. Niccolo PaganiniIn their lifetime, violinists earned a rather dubious fame: their playing was so light and beautiful, and the energy that emanated from them on stage so powerful and crazy, that the audience literally fell into a trance! In fact, in the olden days, violinists were something like modern rock starswith a crowd of groupies and worldwide fame! And many believed they had a contract with Satan himself! Hence their alleged talent, virtuosity and success....

In one way or another, the violin is a truly delightful instrument whose sound is hypnotising and enchanting... Along with the piano, the violin is the main instrument of choice academic music. Originating from the development of instruments such as the fidel (viela), lira da braccio and rebec, it has been known to people for over 500 years! And over the years, it has been used to perform an incredible number of amazing compositions, many of which have become timeless classics (just one of them is the "The Devil's Trill" by Giuseppe Tartini.(with a pretty diabolical backstory too, for what it's worth?).

Niccolo Paganini, painting
Niccolo Paganini, painting

Even today, in the era of radio hits, younger generation never ceases to be fascinated by the violin and its sound! And actively tries to fit this instrument into the style of his time. Thus, on YouTube you can find delightful covers of various modern hits performed by... yes, yes, on the violin! In this article we decided to highlight seven of the coolest, in our opinion, interpretations performed on the "devil's instrument". Let's begin our journey into the world of "classical contemporary music."

Eminem - Mockingbird

The Real Slim Shady (Eminem) song history.

It's hard to imagine someone performing hip-hop/rap a hit on the violin. Really: it's unbelievable! But one guy from Georgia Such a crazy idea came to mind after all! Author of the YouTube channel "JAPARA MUSIC" presented his interpretation of the track to the public. "Mockingbird." - of the rapper's iconic masterpiece Eminem. We're listening:

And here's one for the record, original:

It sounds really great: beautiful, gentle, sublime... In general - it's clearly a one of the most unexpectedand at the same time successful violin covers! The author himself gave his channel this description:

"This channel is designed to record as many popular fiddle songs as possible!"

Well: we can only wish him luck in his great endeavours!

Alexander Rybak - Fairytale

I'm sure everyone remembers the performance Alexander Rybak at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 with the song "Fairytale.": at that time Rybak took the first place, and the composition itself was played on radio waves for a long time! As we can judge - it has not lost its relevance to this day: in 2022 on YouTube channel "Joel Sunny Violin" this interesting cover was published:

Well, and originalfor comparison:

What can I say: the guy did a great job! His interpretation is very sensual, subtle and beautiful. By the way: the author of the channel is young Australianwho gave his work a concise and clear description:

"Creating music to fire your imagination..."

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

The Neighbourhood
The Neighbourhood

In 2013, alternative rock band The Neighbourhood released a single "Sweater Weather."which quickly took over the world's radio stations and became a hit! Subsequently, many different covers were made for this track, including on the violin. The same Australian presented his version in 2021, and it gained almost 2 million views! Watch and listen:


The violin playing sounds interesting and tender. The guy perfectly managed to convey the character and mood of the track, and maybe add some fresh notes, which only helped the melody to open up...

Fifty Fifty - Cupid

Lately. key-pop is gaining a lot of momentum! Today performers in this genre are popular all over the world, from Russia to the USA, and their songs are played on the radio and on the Internet. One of these songs is a rousing "Cupid." girl groups Fifty Fifty Fifty. And yes: there was an excellent violin cover of it, too. Let's hear it:

And here it is original:

As we think, this is one of the best covers in this list, accompanied by guitar. And it is pleasant to listen and watch. It was performed, by the way, by a certain Alan from Texas. Who knows, maybe in a few years we'll hear him again at some festival?

Imagine Dragons - Believer

Another fine violin cover that scored a almost 10 million views for 5 years! This time, performed by a girl:

Oh, here we go original:

The author of the channel told subscribers a little about herself: her name is Alisonand she plays not only the violin, but also the piano. As for the song itself, it's one of the best-known hits in the pop-rock band's catalogue Imagine Dragons.



Another one girl blew the audience away with her violin playing! The violinist's name Katholinaand yes: she performed one of the K-pop girl group's biggest hits on the devil's instrument. BLACKPINK. We're listening:

Here we go. original:

It turned out to be powerful and energetic. It's safe to say that more than 4 million views on the video thoroughly deserved! And it's probably not the limit yet ....

Khalid and Billy Ailish are lovely

Billy Eilish
Billy Eilish

And we decided to finish our selection with an extremely beautiful and refined violin cover by the very same Alana. This time the guy decided to perform a hit song Billy Eilishknown as "lovely.":

As a matter of fact. original:

Alan seems to have a great ear. He also has a great sense of the mood of the songs. He managed to convey all the tenderness and melancholy of "lovely" and at the same time bring a little bit of his own nuances to this piece. It's a charming rendition. And what a cover like you? And in general: do you like violin? Share your opinion in the comments, we'd love to read it! And that's all for now.


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