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Crash Landing is a great entry for the collection!

Jimi Hendrix's posthumous album Crash Landing...

Crash Landing is a posthumous compilation of the greatest guitarist in history Jimi Hendrix: the album was released in 1975. By the way: this was the first work produced by Alan Douglas… This is Hendrix's eighth album, and the fifth one released after his death… How did the idea of Crash Landing come about? And what is its value today? First things first…

Where did it all begin?

Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix

At the end of his life, Jimi Hendrix worked hard on what would eventually become a double studio album called First Rays of the New Rising Sun. However, a significant part of the tracks that were supposed to be included in this LP was scattered over posthumous releases ... So, at the end of 1973, the release of Loose Ends was announced - an LP of 8 tracks, 6 of which were considered as incomplete or low-quality ... this is why Loose Ends was not released in the United States! It is worth noting that the guitarist worked a lot at the studio in the last years of his life, and as a result, a lot of tracks were recorded that were close to ideal ... When Hendrix died, Alan Douglas had to evaluate the audio material, which was never included in one of the previously released albums of the musician ... And as for Crash Landing, the album includes recordings made by Jimi together with Billy Cox, Mitch Mitchell and Buddy Miles ...

Release and ... controversy


As mentioned above, Crash Landing was the first Hendrix album produced by Douglas... Of course, this had its consequences, and after the release in the mid-70s, the collection could not but cause controversy... So, many were indignant due to the fact that Douglas hired session musicians (in order to re-record individual fragments, to overdub instruments, and so on ...) who not only never met Hendrikos personally in their lives: their playing simply overlapped the original sound of the instruments and, thereby, gave the songs a completely different character … The only good thing is that Hendrix's vocal and guitar contributions have been retained.

If we argue from a neutral position, we can assume that Douglas took such a brave step in order to give the compositions a complete mood and sound ... After all, do not forget that the tracks from Crash Landing could not just be in development: they could be completely raw demos. version... However, that's not all that pissed off Hendrix's fans. So, for example, Douglas embellished the title track with female backing vocals, and proclaimed himself a co-author of more than half of the material from Crash Landing! But even so, the album reached number five in the States (in the UK it only peaked at number 35...)

Track list...

Crash Landing (1975) - Jimi Hendrix (album cover)
Crash Landing (1975) - Jimi Hendrix (album cover)

The album contains 8 tracks in total! Some of them were already familiar to fans from Band of Gypsys (only there the composition "Message to Love" was called "Power of Soul"). After Crash Landing, Douglas would re-release this track in the mid-90s for Voodoo Soup, along with the instrumental "Peace In Mississippi"... The same song, only more extended and reworked, will be included in the 1997 South Saturn Delta compilation... Recording of the track "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" took place in the spring of 1968, shortly before the Electric Ladyland sessions, and the composition "Stone Free Again" was recorded a year later by the original Jimi Hendrix Experience line-up (Noel Redding would leave the band in a few months ...)

Well, now, having familiarized yourself with the idea, history and success of Crash Landing, you can go directly to the songs from the album! As mentioned above, there are 8 in total:

"Message to Love"

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

"Crash Landing"

"With the Power"

"Stone Free Again"

No audio:

  • "Captain Coconut"
  • "Come Down Hard on Me"
  • "Peace in Mississippi"

Special attention should be paid to the infamous title track (after all, Douglas added female backing vocals to it): this composition serves as a thinly veiled warning to a girl, a fan of Devon Wilson, who was also associated with Mick Jagger. Hendrix also dedicated the famous song “Dolly Dagger” to her… But their relationship is a completely different story!


There was no shortage of posthumous Jimi Hendrix releases in the 70s. Reprise and other labels knew that the fans of the cult guitarist were incredibly loyal and dedicated, and they also knew that serious collectors were ready to break their ass for every Hendrix record they could get their hands on... Crash Landing was one of those posthumous releases. which Reprise released in 1975. And despite the famous tracks "Message to Love" and "With the Power" - this record is intended more for collectors: after all, they will want to hear such rarities as "Captain Coconut" (psychedelic instrumental) and "Peace in Mississippi" (another instrumental and the heaviest track on the album)... Listening to "Peace in Mississippi", it's not hard to see why Hendrix is called the first heavy metal artist: he certainly had a big influence on early headbangers like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Budgie and Deep Purple! Newbies would do well to skip this LP and start with LPs like Are You Experienced?, Electric Ladyland and Axis: Bold as Love. But those who are fascinated by Hendrix's work will find that Crash Landing is a great entry for the collection!

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