"Two Personalities in One Mind": Remembering Ian Curtis

"Contrast on the stage and in the soul..."

The story of Ian Curtis, the early but talented Joy Division vocalist

It can be treated differentlyand yet few would dispute the fact that Ian Curtis - a legend of his time and genre. Of course, this is not the kind of artist who instantly acquires the recognition of the whole world: dark, mysterious - Curtis contradicted himself both on stage and in his soul. And yet - top publications, critics and hundreds of performers recognize him as one of the most important people in post-punk and indie rock (as, indeed, does his band Joy Division as a whole).

During his short but prolific career, Ian wrote absolutely every Joy Division song, some of which have become classics. For example - there is hardly a person who has never heard "Love Will Tear Us Apart"The man's personality was so vivid (in spite of his darkness) that movies were even made of his biography. His personality was so vivid (in spite of his darkness) that movies were even made based on his biography! He was only 23 yearswhen he left this mortal world for good. His departure was an independent decision and the result of a battle with epilepsy and depression that Ian had lost.

Theft and dangerous pranks - about the early years

Ian Curtis.
Ian Curtis

The early years of the future star were not bohemian, but they were not boring either. As the eldest child in the family, Ian had to grow up early. As a teenager, he worked a lot, including in social services. Together with his friends he visited the elderly and, if possible, stole medicines, which he himself dabbled in at home. One day this led to his father finding Ian unconscious in his room and taking him to the hospital.

Our hero has been drawn to rock music since childhood. A powerful influence on him was Jim Morrison and David BowieThe young Curtis was a member of a group of writers (which would later affect his talent as a poet). For lack of money, young Curtis had to steal records - So strong was his passion for music. And for artistry! As a child he decided to become a stuntman. He built his own training ground, and - summoning the local kids - demonstrated a dangerous stunt, a jump from the roof of a garage. The result was numerous bruises...

Lack of money and fear of the sun

Ian Curtis
Ian Curtis

Lack of money Ian was haunted not only as a teenager, but also at the height of his fame. Despite the relative success of Joy Division (which increased manifold after the singer's death), the singer often lacked funds... This forced him to take on extra work. Curtis was known to clean recording studios from time to time, and once almost became the lover of a rich lady!

Ian Curtis
Ian Curtis

The musician responded to an ad for young guys, but when he arrived for an interview, he found out that he was to be "Don Juan" for the wealthy. older women. As he himself recalled:

"I was asked if I wanted to "entertain old ladies?"

Another oddity in the artist's biography is his fear of the sun. Yes, it wasn't just Joy Division's songs that were gloomy, but also the lifestyle of their author. Curtis' wife, Deborah, recalled that her husband literally "couldn't go outside on a sunny day because his hands were swollen and red, almost like gloves!"

"The Tricky Trick."

Ian Curtis
Ian Curtis

Curtis, in fact, possessed High intelligence since high school. He was disingenuous in his thinking, and once--in order to get his band some TV airtime--wrote a very offensive letter to a TV host Tony WilsonIn a tirade in which he tried to provoke him. In his "tirade," Ian called Wilson names and called him stupid, to say the least, because he never once included Joy Division in his show. In the end, his clever ruse worked, and Tony literally got them to perform "Shadowplay." and "She's Lost Control.".

Another curious fact is that the members of Joy Division were not actually "sullen silent people.". Music journalist Paul Morleywho almost produced the band's first EP (a hangover prevented him from doing so), recalled:

"I supported them in the press. Their first interview lasted two hours, and the incredibly shy band hardly said anything. Later I wrote that their silence was a kind of artistic statement..."

"Contrast on Stage and in the Soul"

Ian Curtis....
Ian Curtis

Curtis was extremely an inconsistent personality. He sang monotonously, but on stage he made incredible movements that did not fit in with his performance. At the end of his days, he fell in love with a journalist Annik Honorebut continued to maintain his marriage to Deborah. He looked extremely gloomy, but in life he was very cheerful and soulful... From the memories of his Joy Division comrades:

"He didn't fit in with the modern world - he was too unkind for his time. Sometimes he let off steam, but on the whole he always had a warm, kind energy. Like a child! He loved people, and he was eager to help them. If he saw somebody was upset or something, he would always try to support that person, talk to them. When me and the guys would start whining about how tired we were or that we were going to have another setback, he would always say, "Come on, we'll get through it!"

According to his comrades, Curtis was your own worst enemy. His lyrics partly reflected his real anguish, and, unfortunately, no one understood it. Only after his death did the realization come to his loved ones. The realization that this man was literally asking for help from them, from his fans, from the world...

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