Top Iron Maiden hits according to Fuzz Music magazine

Today we have tried to collect some of the most famous, iconic and simply beloved Iron Maiden tracks, which once again remind us why this band is considered so phenomenal...

Recalling the best songs of Iron Maiden, the British heavy metal legends

There aren't many bands as influential in heavy metal as Iron Maiden. Many music lovers think of this band at the mention of the genre alone! Their melodic guitars, epic lyrics and stunning vocals Bruce Dickinson made them icons: the influence of this band has widely spread to the followers of the 80s, as well as to modern performers - from Slipknot to Trivium.

The band was founded in the mid-'70s by the bassist Steve Harris. It underwent a series of lineup changes before releasing its debut album of the same name in 1980. Since then Iron Maiden began their steady ascent to Olympus: Paul D'Anno's place at the microphone was taken by Dickinson, which led to a whole series of multiplatinum recordsAlas, in the '90s, when Bruce left and his place was taken by Blaze Bailey - the team experienced a kind of decline. As the critics noted (not without irony):

"Dickinson's boots were too big for Bailey..."

Bruce Dickinson
Bruce Dickinson

With him, the band recorded several albums, which, in the opinion of most loyal fans, became "the worst of Maiden's career.". Fortunately, at the turn of the century, the "vocal legend" is back in action to break into the charts again with his comrades! Today, we've tried to collect some of the most famous, iconic and simply beloved tracks "The Iron Maiden.which once again reminds us why this band is considered so phenomenal...

"Run To The Hills."

iron maiden 2
Iron Maiden

A unique track that, as many reviewers and listeners have noted, "shows what white Americans are really like. We won't go into the history, but we would like to point out that to truly appreciate the brilliance of this track, it must be analyze.

"The white man came from across the sea,
He brought us pain and suffering.
He killed our families, he killed our faith..."

"Run To The Hills." - is a song in three parts and a story told by three ways: a Native American (Indian), an American soldier, and a bystander.

"The Trooper."

Introduction only "The Trooper." worthy of being considered one of the best songs in heavy metal.

The jewel of the band's fourth album, this composition is largely based on the poem Alfred Tennyson "The Charge of the Light Brigade. It was written, by the way, by the leader Steve Harris, and, as many critics noted, there is something nostalgic and inspired in its sound. Thin Lizzy

"Fear Of The Dark"

"Fear Of The Dark" - The result of the perfect harmony of guitar and lyrics. It's a bliss to hear the song and the momentum it carries... Many devoted fans loudly call it "the best." in Iron Maiden's career!

With its heartfelt refrain, classic riff, and epic structure, this song has been an integral part of the band's live shows for years. Lyrically, the title speaks for itself: "Fear Of The Dark" speaks of a man who Terrified of the dark.

"The Number of the Beast

Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden

The title track of the band's third breakthrough album, which caused much controversy after its release with religious censorship activists...

"Woe to you, O earth and sea!
The devil has already sent an angry beast to you.
He knows that time is short..."

This nearly 5-minute song did what countless other tracks have failed to do! From the somber passage to the heartbreaking riff, the angry and awe-inspiring lyrics, the swift drumbeat and the stunning guitar solo, this is the anthem not just of Iron Maiden, but of all heavy metal!

"Rime Of The Ancient Mariner"

A beautiful tale that lasts more than 13 minutes! In spite of this, "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" doesn't sound boring at all, but very exciting.

The track was inspired by a Coleridge poem about the cursed sailorand maybe that's why it sounds so mysterious and dark... One of the longest songs in the history of rock, by the way!

"Dance of Death"

Bruce Dickinson
Bruce Dickinson

This song defines the word "epic.".

Everything is beautiful here, from Dickinson's delightfully engaging and heartfelt narration to the explosive guitar solo! And some listeners even remark:

"That was the first and best heavy metal song I ever heard..."

"2 Minutes To Midnight"

Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden

Written by a guitarist By Adrian Smith and vocalist Bruce Dickinson, this song became widely known for its iconic riff! Countless bands have subsequently used the same jerky riff, but not nearly as spectacularly as Maiden did in "2 Minutes To Midnight".

And lastly, there's more. 5 cool tracksIt's hard to imagine classic heavy metal without them (not to mention the playlists of the band's devoted fans). Enjoy listening to them!

"Mother Russia."

"Hallowed Be Thy Name"

"Aces High."

"Phantom of the Opera


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