Bizarre Barbarella party that Keith Richards was "tricked" into attending

"Everyone was in outer space..."

How Keith Richards got into the Barbarella party: history and facts

The Rolling Stones began their musical careers in the 1960s, led by Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones and Charlie Watts. They burst onto the British and American music scenes at the same time as the The Beatlesbut with a contrasting image. While the Beatles were the "good guys" (at least in public), the Rolling Stones seemed to be rough and rebellious rebels! As their first manager Andrew Loog Oldham once said:

"While the Beatles were setting records and bridging the generation gap, the Stones were saying, either you like us or go to hell!"

best rolling stones 70s songs: 20 rock'n'roll classics
Rolling Stones

And it was hard to argue with that statement, because that's how the rock 'n' roll band had always positioned themselves. Nevertheless, the Rolling Stones had an incredible staying power in pop culture that any band could envy. What's to say that in the 21st century, the Rolling Stones are still gathering huge stadiums?

Each member of the band created their own unique image in the culture. And if Charlie Watts remains in our memory as a bright bluesman at heart, and Mick Jagger as an inveterate ladies' man, then the band's image is the same. Keith Richards became sort of the baddest guy in the bunch. It's no secret that the Rolling Stones lived a stereotypical rock 'n' roll lifestyle, using heavy substances. Their survival in all this chaos is legendary in itself! Richards also survived electrocution on stage and accidental poisoning due to his use, which sparked the accompanying meme that he would live forever no matter how many substances he had taken in the past. He probably has stories associated with all that use, for life....

A quirky party on the set of Barbarella.

Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards.
Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards.

One story has to do with the cast of the film "Barbarella.". True to his crazy reputation as a party boy, Keith Richards once threw an interesting party right on the set of a film in 1967! However, not without some help... At the time, Richards was dating a Anita Pallenbergwho was in the film with Jane Fonda. Richards had missed Pallenberg, and. Tom Keylockhe was tired of Richards's moody mood and frequent phone calls. He suggested that the two of them visit a film set in Rome.

Upon arrival, Fonda invited everyone to the after-party. Keylock told Richards that he would cook "okroshka cake" for party people. As you can imagine, the cake had a surprise (i.e., substances instead of "okra"). Richards told him that no one felt any effect from the cake, but it didn't take long for things to change. Lead actor John Phillip Lowe has been feeling the effects of the party and the treats in particular for days.

"Everyone was in open space," Keylock said.

The deception Richards went to for the party.

Keith Richards, 1974
Keith Richards

Tom Keylock literally had to go to fraud to get Keith Richards to Rome from the United Kingdom. In 1967, the Rolling Stones were on thin ice with British law enforcement because of their possession of substances and scandalous reputation. And because of Richards' previous arrest. not allowed to leave the country.

But weary of Keith's heartache, Keylock was not confused. He called Richards' lawyer and told him that the director of "Barbarella" wanted Richards to helped with the music to the film. As a result, the court agreed to let Richards leave, but only if Keylock would accompany him and get him back in time for his court date. The plan worked, which today seems almost unrealistic!

Summary: Keith Richards is getting sober.

Keith Richards
Keith Richards

Keith Richards' wild antics in his younger years are legendary, and one story is more colourful than another. Like the moment when he shot his own favourite guitarjust because he was pissed off that Ronnie Wood got his hands on her.

Despite his reputation and seemingly fully formed lifestyle, Richards stopped using certain heavy substances in 1978. He finally gave up heavy substances in 2006 and quit drinking in 2018. Having quit smoking around 2020, Richards said he now has more stamina during performances. This has certainly pleased Rolling Stones fans, who have enjoyed seeing the band live for a while now for almost 60 years.


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