Tony Iommi is a heavy sound legend and simply "the coolest kid on the block

"I tried not to be inspired by other guitarists. I was always looking out for myself first. My goal was to surpass myself, to get ahead of myself, to do something I hadn't done before. That desire was my main vector!"

Tony Iommi and the secret of his legendary playing style

The Man in Blackwhose unique sound goes back to an unfortunate accident - Tony Iommi rewrote rock history, becoming a legend of heavy sound! Despite the difficulties and the realization that "getting out of the swamp" when you are up to your neck in it is virtually impossible - Iommi overcame a lot of obstacles and proved that even the bravest dream is feasible.

Thanks to the already mentioned accidentTony gave birth to a completely new, unique sound - rumbling and multi-layered. He discovered the territory of metal, and became the inspiration for thousands of followers! And it was "blamed" on an accident that happened to 17-year-old Tony in a sheet metal factory. The future icon lost the tips of the middle and ring fingers of his right hand, but managed to turn his misfortunes into an advantage! Iommi manufactured soft caps for his damaged fingers, and to relieve the pressure on them, he tuned the guitar strings lower. The result was an instantly recognizable sound that made Black Sabbath one of the most legendary bands in history!

Early years

Tony Iommi
Tony Iommi

To call Iommi's early years "stylish" or "bohemian" is unequivocal. it is forbiddenAlthough his family loved music. The future star's childhood was difficultIt even resulted in psychological trauma: Tony's father constantly told his son that he "never wanted him. They had strained relationshipand you could say there was no love in them. But one thing is certain about the early Iommi period: he was the coolest guy in the neighborhood! As the guitarist himself once put it:

"I was the coolest kid on the block!"

Tony's coolness was expressed in his impertinent anti-social behavior. His main "victim" at school was his future Black Sabbath bandmate Ozzy Osbourne! Iommi was constantly making fun of Ozzy, so he didn't even want to play with the "bully" in the same band at first. From memory Geezer Butler:

"Ozzie literally hated Tony for bullying him at school all the time!"

Black Sabbath Band
Black Sabbath Band

But eventually fate brought Tony and Ozzie and Geezer and Bill Ward together, and the gang burst onto the world stage Black Sabbath (formerly "Earth").

Iommi's influence on the group

Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath

Iommi has repeatedly stated that success is The fruit of diligence and discipline. Over time, his commanding character and unwavering perseverance instilled the same work ethic in the other band members, and soon Black Sabbath showed the world that they were more than serious. You have to agree: the band did a lot, even in the years when substance and alcohol addiction took over the members. Tony was the guy in the band who ran it like a real company and treated his comrades like employees.

After Ozzie left, the era began Ronnie James Dioand Iommi continued to show his brilliant mind both creatively and managerially. He was not a leader, but his influence on Sabbath was always undeniably - and it didn't matter at all who was at the microphone. With the arrival of the new vocalist the band remained the same "good old Black Sabbath", because the legend never left his post.

In Black Sabbath Tony demonstrated his virtuosity and skill. According to most critics, his riff in "Symptom of the Universe" was ahead of its time and brought the discovery of thrash metal at least five years closer!

And there are plenty of examples of Iommi discovering new forbidden territories and playing against the clock! Or rather, he was always playing in a race against time. with myself.

"I tried not to be inspired by other guitarists. I was always looking out for myself first. My goal was to surpass myself, to get ahead of myself, to do something I hadn't done before. That desire was my main vector!"

In retrospect

Tony Iommi
Tony Iommi

Today, the legend of the heavy sound has eighth decade. The crazy rock'n'roll routine was a thing of the past, but not the craftsmanship. Even nowadays, from time to time the members of Sabbath got together to play powerful concerts and to please their devoted fans. But, of course, nothing like that will ever happen again - there won't be that chemistry and rage that ruled the young guys who just dreamed of getting out of their "swamp". Toney himself said it all this way:

"We've been doing this for 50 years. It's time to draw the line, isn't it? It's been great, but it's time to stop. I can't do it anymore. My body can't take it anymore..."

The doctors diagnosed him with lymphatic tissue cancerbut after the operation, they claim, the deadly ailment is under control. Nevertheless, one can understand Tony: all his life he has never let the guitar out of his hands. He's overcome pain and hardship, loss of fingertips and poverty, childhood psychological trauma and the crushing effects of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle... Today he feels he's done enough to just Relax a little bit. By the way: there have long been legends that Iommi worshipped the Devil as a teenager. Who knows, maybe his amazing success story is a consequence of a deal with Satan? And the factory accident was a sacrifice? We're kidding, of course! But who knows...

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