"Woman, I don't dance": How Stas Kostyushkin got half a million roubles for his obsessive hit

What's this song about? Basically, it doesn't have any meaning. It's just a groovy track, made in the best traditions of pop music!

The song that brought Stas Kostyushkin back to the charts: History and facts about "Woman, I Don't Dance"

Clockwork song "Woman, I don't dance." came out in 2019 of the year, and meant for its performer - Stas Kostyushkin - long-awaited return to the charts! After leaving the band "Tea for Two."Kostyushkin started a solo career, but there was no success as such. In any case, there was no success... It's with Denis Klyaver he was the idol of millions of beauties - in the 2000-х Some people might not like them, but almost everyone knew about this duet! And so, fortunately for the singer, the wave of popularity once again covered him with a head! However, the success of the song was accompanied by by a high-profile scandalwho brought Kostyushkin half a million roubles.

Leaving Tea Two, solo career and wave of popularity

"Tea for Two."
"Tea for Two."

Kostyushkin left Tea Two in 2012 year. Pop duo Of the two young beauties was a big success! Their hits such as "Birthday." or "White Dress."They broke all the records of the hit parades! Stas and his colleague Denis Klyaver have driven millions of beauties crazy! During their prolific career they managed to perform at major festivals and work with prominent representatives of domestic show business! According to the official version, the split occurred because of the lack of concerts and the passing of Father Klaver-- Ilya Oleynikov. Although some people are convinced that guys are trivialising tired and it was harder to stay afloat with the emergence of new ambitious pop projects every year.

After Tea Alone, Stas started building solo career. During his years of independent writing, he has produced several famous tracksbut he didn't have the success he had before. It was the song that changed the situation "Woman, I don't dance."which went viral in no time. hit!

The music video has gained millions of views on YouTube! In it, Kostyushkin performs at a weddingwhere all the female attention is on the artist! It was quite funny, although the music video was not the main way to promote the track - many listeners recognise that it's not the only way to promote the track. for the first time saw the music video a few years after the song itself was released.

Stas Kostyushkin
Stas Kostyushkin

What's this song about? Basically, it doesn't make any sense. does not bear. Just a groovy track done in the best tradition pop tunes. What may really surprise you is the fact that Kostyushkin himself actively proved, "Woman, I do not dance" - the most real chanson! Come on, let's not go into these hypotheses.

The Monetochka scandal.

Singer "Monetochka"
Singer "Monetochka"

You've probably heard of "Monetochka." - is a contemporary artist from Yekaterinburg who broke into the charts in 2016-2017 years. The mega-popular star of her you can't call it - it's more of an amateur's work. Nevertheless, there are fans.

Even before becoming famous, Elizaveta Girdymova did, as she herself claims, parody on "Woman, I Don't Dance." Listening:

For a long time, Kostyushkin neglected but when the girl became famous, he sued Monetochka. for plagiarism. Stas himself claims: he didn't want to sue - he didn't want to dislikedThe singer's producers, however, were not convinced that the song was plagiarised. However, the singer's producers have been adamant: if Lisa wants to, she'll do her impersonation.

Stas Kostyushkin
Stas Kostyushkin

The trial was long and successful for Kostyushkin: the performer managed to sue Girdymova. half a million roubles! The examination showed that her version was not a parody at all, but the real thing. plagiarism. That was the end of it, though Elizabeth did not miss the opportunity rebuke and chuckle over Kostyushkin on social media.

A little about the singer's formative years and childhood tragedies

Stas Kostyushkin
Stas Kostyushkin

Stas Kostyushkin grew up in a musical family, and his grandfather was a frontline journalist - a Cavalier of the Order of the Red Star. Stas loved music, which could not be said about his studies: at school he was the most genuine bigwig! In his interview the singer admitted it, but on such indifference to his own future he had their reasons:

"My father was a hard drinker. When I grew up, there were fights between us. I couldn't sleep well... Sometimes I had to twist him with the help of a brigade! I didn't have time to study..."

Nevertheless, an interest in music never fadedand a fateful acquaintance with Klyaver helped Stas's singing talent to come out! Alas, drunken father - wasn't the only childhood disappointment. When Stas was 8 yearsthe unknown person used the child for his own dirty purposes... Psychological trauma faded over the years, but still remembered. And because of that. 14 years old Kostyushkin started going to judo. You already know the rest of his story!

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