Who are they? The colourful wives of the iconic musicians of the 20th century

"Behind the great man is an equally great woman." - Is it true? We tried to find out and made a selection of 5 wives of famous musicians of the XX century.

The wives of five of the most famous musicians of the last century

It's known to be statement"Behind a great man is an equally great woman." Is that really true? - Not always, but often. Cult celebrities from the world of music, who walk hand in hand with beautiful women in life, prove it!

Some would say it's unrealistic for these hotties lucked out in life: they were born with good looks and found equally good-looking and, more importantly, talented men. But it should be borne in mind that behind the looks and behind the relationship was a not only just luck.

No one would fall in love for looks, especially not stars who see thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of similarly beautiful women every day. It was about something else: their endless charismaand charm and sometimes just as much. talentthan their husbands.

Priscilla and Elvis Presley on their wedding day.
Priscilla and Elvis Presley on their wedding day.

Today's selection is dedicated to the most beautiful companions of musicians of the last century.

Bianca Jagger

Happy Mick and Bianca Jagger.
Happy Mick and Bianca Jagger.

Lovely actressand a strong advocate for the right and just luxurious woman. This searing beauty hailing from Nicaragua has never played the role of "just the wife of the famed lead singer of the Rolling Stones".

From their earliest days together and since the breakup of their relationship, Bianca Jagger has attracted a huge amount of attention from thousands of lenses to her extraordinarily flamboyant persona! Her extravagant appearance, egregious. antics and unacceptable way of life for a girl, everyone was either shocked or delighted.

After the birth of her daughter and her divorce from Mick, Bianca never returned to her acting career. Instead, the woman dedicated herself to the needs of humanity by enrolling in the ranks of benefactors and human rights activists. Bianca Jagger led the charge ambassador Goodwill of the Council of Europe, founded her own Human Rights Defence Foundation, and became a member of the Board of Executive Directors of Amnesty International USA.

Nicaraguan actress, model and human rights activist Bianca Jagger. Photo : Norman Parkinson Achive
Nicaraguan actress, model and human rights activist Bianca Jagger. Photo : Norman Parkinson Achive

Apart from the above achievements, Bianca Jagger deserves respect and admiration in one more direction - style. This beauty has always been on top ofHer images have always graced the front pages of leading fashion publications.

Courtney Love

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.
Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

Kurt Cobain's widow gained worldwide fame long before her marriage to the legendary Nirvana frontman. On the threshold of the 80s-90s, Courtney formed her own band, known today as Hole.

Let the first plate of the group and didn't get Hole was a multi-platinum album (like the second one, released after her marriage to Cobain), but this event was the springboard to her stardom. It was Hole that opened the gates to the girl in the secluded world of bohemian partying in America. Already very soon, at the expense of insane Courtney became no less a legend than her husband during the drug-induced depression that plagued the rock world in the '90s.

In addition to her successful musical career, Love's involvement in the acting Activities. One of the best roles, perhaps, can be called her character in the film "The People vs. Larry Flynt".

Courtney Love poses for a photo shoot
Courtney Love poses for a photo shoot

Talking about this amazing lady today, it's amazing how she - a princess who was a partying and alcoholic princess - managed to become a rock icon of her era. Be that as it may, the fact remains.


One of the legendary celebrity couples...
One of the most legendary celebrity couples.

This incredibly beautiful woman, with her marvellous figure and delicate facial features, is immediately striking! Unlike all her "neighbours" in today's selection, Iman managed to keep a strong alliance with David Bowie all the way of a musician's life!

In large part, this phenomenon was due to the fact that the couple's met Not at the height of their careers, but as influential established figures: he a legendary rock musician, she a professional model who could boast of working with Helmut Newton and Ann Leibowitz. The result is a happy, starry family: world-class model Iman, iconic rock musician David Bowie and their joint daughter Alexandria Zahra Jones.

Happy celebrity family: world-class model Iman, iconic rock musician David Bowie and their joint daughter Alexandria Zahra Jones
Happy celebrity family: world-class model Iman, iconic rock musician David Bowie and their joint daughter Alexandria Zahra Jones

For her signature sophisticated style, which harmonises glamour with her distinct Somali roots, and for her "significant impact on the fashion world", Iman was awarded in 2010 lifelong with the title of "fashion icon."

Jane Birkin

Young Jane in the arms of Serge Ginzburg.
Young Jane in the arms of Serge Ginzburg.

Even though this lady had time hang around married before and after a stormy affair with Serge Ginzburg, which, by the way, lasted integers 13 years and during which Charlotte Ginzburg - a famous actress and singer - was born, none of the men never played a major role in her fate, unlike the mentioned French composer.

Their collaborative duet "Je t'aime... moi non plus" became. unrivalled French pop classics, and Ginzburg's films, featuring Jane herself, are cult favourites. bestsellers on bohemian life and the sexual revolution of the eighties.

Pretty Jane...
Pretty Jane

Unfortunately, this beautiful romance has a very sad ending... Shortly after the separation, Ginzburg died, and the woman still couldn't take it anymore. to get on with her personal life. Some believe that "endless grief for Ginzburg, leaving no room in her heart for other men" is to blame.

For her invaluable achievements in her cultural and artistic life, Jane Birkin has been honoured Orders of the British Empire.

Priscilla Presley

The incomparable King of Rock 'n' Roll Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla Presley
The incomparable King of Rock 'n' Roll Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla Presley

The love relationship between these two people is more like a beautiful fairy tale than a real relationship story. Although... However, it is - the legendary king of rock 'n' roll's romance with a country girl didn't work out.

Presley met with Priscilla when she was only 14! After 7 years the couple got engaged, but was it due to sincere feelings on the part of each of them? Many fans of the king of rock 'n' roll thought that the girl just wanted to profit from Elvis Presley's wealth.

Elvis Presley's ex-wife in her 70s!
Elvis Presley's ex-wife in her 70s!

Anyway, and after 5 years together, the marriage was already cancelled. Another five years later, already after the musician's death, Priscilla inherited the famous Graceland estate, which was subsequently fitted out for her into one of the finest . museum houses of the world.

That's the irony of Priscilla: her whole point has always been to marvellously business strength and grip, which she disguised with make-up and a cute provincial girl-next-door image.


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