Remembering the best Skid Row songs

Bach is one of the best and brightest metal vocalists of his era. But today we will not talk about his vocal skills, but about the songs that made the band so popular. This top of the best Skid Row songs according to Fuzz Music magazine!

Skid Row's Top Hits

Skid Row - a fairly well-known and still popular American metal band, formed in 1986 in New Jersey. Remarkably, the members took their name from a poor neighborhood in Los Angeles, although in the U.S. "Skid Row. is the name of any neighborhood with a lot of homeless people and poor people. Despite its unimpressive name, the band was able to build a dizzying career and earn a famous name all over the world! Today the band can boast a rich discography, a rich and varied repertoire - from soulful ballads to rocking tracks, as well as multi-million circulation and views of clips on YouTube. You have to agree: it's speaks volumes

The legend of Skid Row has become a handsome Sebastian Bach: As a young man he was an idol for millions of girls around the world, and today he remains an icon of his time and genre, and a source of inspiration for today's generation of vocalists. His voice sounds exciting, beautiful, strong... Bach is one of the best and brightest metal vocalists of his era. But today we will talk not about his vocal skills, but about the very songs that made the band so popular. This Top Skid Row songs by Fuzz Music magazine!

"Slave to the Grind"

Skid Row Group
Skid Row Group

Great track from of the same name 1991 album.

"I'm forced to work from morning till night almost for nothing,
I'm just another cog in the machine ... well, no!"

Everything is beautiful here: the opening riff, the stunning lyrics, the stirring performance... All these factors made this song about life ingenious!

"Monkey Business."

First single from the second album "Slave to the Grind", for fans of "Monkey Business." was a kind of unexpected track! It was many people's first introduction to the band's transition from glam rock to a more mature metal sound.

Although the song did not even make the top 40, it is still remembered fondly and actively rotated on stations dedicated to classic rock. As you can see - we didn't miss it either!

"In A Darkened Room."

Moscow Music Peace Festival (1989), Sebastian Bach, Skid Row frontman
Moscow Music Peace Festival (1989), Sebastian Bach, Skid Row frontman

"In a darkened room." - This is the romantic name of the song written by By Bach together with By Dave Szabo and Raychel Bolan. The lyrics are very powerful, as is the sound: it's a beautiful message about the importance of hope in the face of despair...

"Will I be able to face the day,
Tortured by scruples of conscience
And watching them become tangible,
While the hopes of salvation turn to ashes?"

Wasted Time

An awesome track, for which a very attractive music video was shot. By the way: the number of its views is gradually approaching the mark 8 million

Wasted Time succeeded on both sides of the Atlantic, and is often characterized by critics as "Skid Row's last real hit."Bach himself said this song is dedicated to the former drummer of the band. Bach himself said that this composition was dedicated to the former drummer Guns N' Roses, to Steven Adler, who had been struggling with his addiction for a long time.

"Piece of Me."

Business card live performances groups, "Piece of Me." cannot be overlooked!

What's most interesting is the song from debut album Skid Row, which came out in the late '80s. So many years have passed, and it sounds very cool and fresh, as if it came out just recently!

"Quicksand Jesus."

Rachel Bolan
Rachel Bolan

One of the most unique Skid Row songs, which had a great personal value For the bassist Rachel Bolan. During the interview, he said that this song is about the battles with faith and religious issues that he and his bandmate Dave Szabo have experienced in their lives...

"Quicksilver Jesus." remains one of the band's most recognizable and relevant tracks, which is familiar to every metal fan.

"I Remember You."

For Skid Row it was first powerful balladBut today. "I Remember You." is one of the strongest and most heartfelt lyrical compositions of all time! It's already a classic, and a very luxurious one at that...

This powerful track really touches the deepest strings of the listener's heart. No wonder that emotional video has already been viewed 60 million times!

"18 And Life."

Skid Row Group
Skid Row Group

Most people who grew up in the '80s and '90s have heard this song at least once in their lives. Worthy of its debut of the same name, it reached No. 4 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. VH1 would later rank it at number 60 among the best hard rock songs of all time. Oh, yeah: Just three months after its release "18 And Life." received a gold certificate.

Why was this song such a success? It's easy to understand: with its deep lyrics, incredible riff, and gut-wrenching with a powerful performance of Bach, that's 4 minutes of perfection!

"Youth Gone Wild

Skid Row Group
Skid Row Group

Skid Row's first radio single became an anthem of an agitated generation! In fact, everything is clear from the title: "Young people have gone crazy.". It was a track about a lot of teens and young adults who got tired of following the rules and... just started rebelling!

It wasn't a significant hit on the charts, but "Youth Gone Wild" became favorite song many fans of the band.


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