Nicki Minaj "Bussin": all about the new single

Nicki Minaj continues to please his fans with fresh singles. In this article you will find photos, videos, quotes

Nicki Minaj announces new single "Bussin" - when will it be released?

Nicki Minaj shared details for their 2022 second single "Bussin", which will also feature rapper Lil Baby. The rap icon on February 4, 2022 presented the song “Do We Have A Problem?” and a few days later she released another single for her fans.

"Next week we pushin B for bussin" - Minaj tweeted on Monday February 7th, essentially opening release date of the new track in the same tweet. "Bussin" will be released on Friday, February 11th. The star also shared an illustration for the release, showing her standing in the hallway shown in the "Do We Have A Problem?" video, wearing black glasses and big necklace with the name of the single.

Photo posted by Nicki Minaj on Twitter
Photo posted by Nicki Minaj on Twitter

"Do We Have A Problem?" is also a collaboration with Lil Baby, which is accompanied by a rather lengthy official a clip lasting almost ten minutes. 

Before she returned with the song, Minaj performed to fans at the LA Clippers basketball game in Los Angeles, which was held at the Arena. She also performed her single "Super Bass" at the event, and the team gave her own name shirt.

Later she also looked in on The Late Late Show with James Corden to talk about the track:

"I get nervous every time, - she said about her emotions before the release of the next single. “I want people to like what we do – we wouldn’t make music if we didn’t want to please our fans.”

After Corden commented grandiosity video, Minaj talked about the idea behind it:

“Before I became famous, I went to school and studied acting, so I thought, “You know what, why don’t I put in my music video what I love to do, - acting, - she said. – We have Joseph Sikora and Corey Hardrict, and Lil Baby, in my opinion, too excellent actress, and we just did what's in our feed, not what I'm doing in someone else's."


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