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Nine loud hits of VIA "Merry Guys" according to Fuzz Music magazine

Every Russian music lover knows these songs - Top 9 hits of "Merry Guys" ensemble "Merry Guys" is one of the brightest and favorite vocal-instrumental ensembles of the national pop music scene!

"Belladonna": How a British ballad became a hit of the domestic VIA "Merry Guys"

The Story of a Song: How UFO's "Belladonna" made its way into the Jolly Fellows' repertoire "Belladonna" is the elegant name given to a very powerful ballad that, alas, is so...

Who is the boy Bananan and how his song sounded throughout the Soviet Union

Soundtrack to the film "Assa" - history, performers, interesting facts "Hello, boy Bananan" - the legendary hit of the 80s, written by Yuri Chernavsky. In 1983, the song glorified the album "Banana ...

Igor Talkov: popular songs and their originals

Plagiarism in the work of Igor Talkov Igor Talkov is a great singer ... This is evidenced by at least the fact that his work is remembered and loved to this day ...