Who is the boy Bananan and how his song sounded throughout the Soviet Union

“Obviously, Solovyov heard this song somewhere and, as a director, felt that he needed it ...”

Soundtrack to the film "Assa" - history, performers, interesting facts

"Hello Bananan Boy" - legendary hit of the 80s, written Yuri Chernavsky. In 1983, the song made the album famous "Banana Islands" group "Funny guys". Four years later, the composition received a second life, having sounded in the film "Assa". It became not only one of the main tracks of the film, but also a source of inspiration for its name ... We will talk about the influence of "Banana Boy" and its further fate below.

History and background of creation

Yuri Chernavsky
Yuri Chernavsky

Cult hit invented Yuri Chernavsky and Sergey Ryzhov. The history of composition begins in 1982 year within the walls of Chernavsky's communal apartment, which was located near the metro "Baumanskaya". Friends chatted and discussed the idea of the song for a long time, and as a result of their jokes, the famous "Boy Banana"! There were rumors that this character was invented by Ryzhov.

The composition with an unusual and rather original title tells about strange boy: he lives in the handset and communicates with the main character of the song!


Album "Banana Islands" (1983)
Album "Banana Islands" (1983)

The recording of this hit also has a very curious history. At first, the lyrics of the song were planned to be simply superimposed on the melody. "Zebras" - another song from the album "Banana Islands". But they soon changed their minds. So, Igor Gataullin was forced to come up with an original riff, because the author of the masterpiece personally controlled the work of the guitarist. Chernavsky wanted a truly unique and worthy melody. And he got it. As for the vocals, the song was originally supposed to be performed by Sergey Ryzhov. Then they planned that it would be put into circulation Alexander Buynov (who was then the lead singer of "Merry Fellows"), but he refused to sing "this absurdity." As a result, your voice "Boy Banana" presented by Chernavsky himself. From memories Igor Gataullin, who was directly involved in the recording:

“Yura brought a demo to the studio, where he performed everything himself. Then we told him that nothing needs to be changed - the song has already found its artist!

Igor Gataullin
Igor Gataullin

The studio version of the hit is quite long - over seven minutes! Group "Funny boys" consisted of professionals in their field, but even they got tired and lost energy while recording this composition. The situation was saved in a non-standard, but effective way: a familiar girl was invited to the studio, who was asked to dance to the music. But the dance came out very piquant, with elements of undressing: first, the guest took off her jacket, then her blouse, and then her bra. Of course, such a spectacle cheered up the musicians, and the track was recorded in one breath!

Graduation and Success

VIA Vesyolye Rebyata (left) and Matetsky/Chernavsky (right)
VIA Vesyolye Rebyata (left) and Matetsky/Chernavsky (right)

Song about "Banana Boy" saw the light in 1983 year on the album "Banana Islands". She quickly fell in love with the public and became a big hit! Not a single disco of those years could do without it.

A year later, the song became the leader of a peculiar "top 10" dance hits of the Soviet Union!

Banana boy in the movie "Assa"

Sergey "Afrika" Bugaev
Sergey "Afrika" Bugaev

In 1987 year, the composition gained a second life, and all thanks to the sensational film Sergei Solovyov "Assa". Hit "Funny guys" not only sounded in the film, but also determined its working title. The creation of Chernavsky and Ryzhov was the very first to decorate the picture, and the main character performed Sergei "Africa" Bugaev even bore such a name - Banana!

It is worth emphasizing that before filming the film, director Sergei Solovyov was not particularly interested in the Soviet rock scene. A colleague helped him get comfortable in a previously unknown topic Andrey Eshpay, who showed Solovyov a cassette with a song about "Banana". Vladimir Matetsky recalled:

“Obviously, Solovyov heard this song somewhere and, as a director, felt that he needed it ...”

Interesting Facts

  • "Funny boys" performed this song for a long time, as well as other compositions from "Banana Islands". Despite the success of the tracks, they were ultimately abandoned by the band.
  • Music journalist Alexander Kushnir described this hit as "schizophrenic electropop".
  • The composition was glued together from several takes. The gluing point was masterfully disguised by a telephone conversation. Yuri Chernavsky and his son Dmitry.
  • Igor Gataullin, who came up with a catchy riff for the song, made attempts to perform with an ensemble "Funny guys 17 years later". Alas, the court forbade him to do so.
  • Group founded by Gataullin "VR13" continues to perform this hit.

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