The Eagles' crazy antics that are legendary

From their formation in 1971 until their infamous breakup in 1980, The Eagles not only dominated the charts with gentle ballads, they also accumulated an impressive number of crazy stories that lavished their biography!

The Eagles you didn't know before: The incredible adventures of the soft-rock legends

As one of the most popular and best-selling bands of all time, The Eagles were not at all as soft and placid as their sound! Yes, the soft vocals and soft rock that abounded in this band paint images of relaxing, drowning in the ocean of sunsets and gentle breezes... But in fact, the everyday life of these American rockers was full of Madness! Ozzie himself would probably take his hat off to them...

From their formation in 1971 until their infamous breakup in 1980, The Eagles not only dominated the charts with tender ballads, but also accumulated an impressive amount of crazy storieswhich have generously added to their biography! Because of this, the Eagles could easily compete with such hard rockers as Led Zeppelin and Guns N' Roses! They were on fire, in a word, in a big way!

"No weirdos!"


At the height of their popularity, the Eagles developed their own system of passes to the so-called "Third encore." - This is how the musicians dubbed the crazy party after the concert. The guests were invited in the following way: each member of the band and the crew was given kind of badgeThe third encore was the first one they could give to the people backstage or in the audience. But not everyone could get to the "Third Encore". A strict rule was in effect: "No weirdos!"

By geeks, the Eagles meant characters who didn't mind a bit of a binge. Although their famous "Third Encore" was not unlike high moral character: tons of substances and alcohol, hot dancing and many other interesting things. Rumor has it that their guests included not only artists, but also famous athletes, in particular hockey players.

They rocked harder than Black Sabbath in the studio

Black Sabbath Band
Black Sabbath Band

During the recording of the famous Hotel California Eagles shared studio space with Black Sabbath. From memory Geezer Butler it follows that when Sabbath arrived in the studio after the Eagles, they literally had to "scrape stuff out of the mixing desk"!

"There was at least a pound of them in there!"

Subsequently Don Henley will say:

"It was our engine, our inspiration, our writing tool. Substances fueled our writing, but with it brought out the worst in each of us..."

Another interesting episode of their studio life is the track "Life in the Fast Lane."Inspired by the way Glenn Frye and his personal purveyor of "forbidden pleasures" were speeding in the car 90 mph!

"He was doing 90 miles an hour, and I yelled at him, "Hey, what are you doing!" And he replied, grinning: "Life in the fast lane!" I thought, "Now there's a song title."

"Hop baths" are fraught with the risk of dismissal

Bernie Lydon
Bernie Lydon

By 1975, the Eagles began to move away from their country-rock roots and became a real rock and roll group. Some participants, in particular Bernie Leadon, didn't like that kind of direction. He came in as a country guitarist and played banjo! So the change of tone toward pure rock, alas, did not appeal to him. The constant touring was also taking its toll, and Lydon was on his last legs...

One evening after a concert at the Orange Bowl Glenn was excitedly discussing his plans for the band, which finally got to Lydon. He walked up to Fry and said: "You need to chill, man." The next second he poured out whole jar of beer on Fry's head! After that, Bernie left the band without apologizing.

Design by Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh

Joe Walshwho replaced Lydon, was famous for his love of things you don't know why, but must have! So, the Eagles' manager gave him a birthday present chainsaw! Irving Azoff advised the guitarist to keep this particularly dangerous item at home, but Walsh had other plans...

"We stayed the night at the hotel. We were promised adjoining rooms, but there was no way! We were cheated! So I decided to make a door in the wall myself! There was some ridiculous plywood partition... Anyway - I started the chainsaw and made my own door! I went through it to Azoff and said: "Hey, now we have adjoining rooms!"

A $28,000 hotel smash

James Belushi
James Belushi

But on this Adventures Walsh's hotel days were not over. As you know, Joe often hung out with the comedian James Belushi. The story goes that one evening the two went to a restaurant, but were refused service - the reason being their blue jeans. Undeterred, the two men bought a can of black paint in a nearby alley and transformed their outfits there! According to Walsh's recollection, they were allowed into the restaurant this time. True, when the meal came to an end and he and Belushi rose from the table, the chairs where they had been sitting, blackened.

But it was only in the middle of the evening! That same night the friends went to a fancy hotel, where they trashed the room to smithereens! And they did it on purpose. for fun! Their childish pastimes cost them $28,000.

Problems with the police


If you think rock stars are personalities untouchable and the law doesn't go around them, you're wrong. The Eagles have had to deal with law enforcement on many occasions. And once the band almost got locked up Bahamas!

In 1974, the Eagles took a two-day break from touring and decided to fly to the Bahamas to relax and play for their own pleasure. Like typical rock stars, they flew to the country with their "untold riches." (we're talking about substances). When they got off the plane, customs control stopped them for a search. It's not hard to imagine what happened next. As Glenn put it, "Suddenly we were in a cell in a Bahamian prison. But the Eagles lucky manager!

Irving Azoff
Irving Azoff

No one knows what he said. AzoffBut five minutes later, the rockers were able to leave the dungeon - and with all their substances! Safe and sound.

Backstage dramas


Randy MeisnerThe Eagles, the founding father of The Eagles, had a turning point in 1977 when he was found to be under a great deal of stress and to be pretty tired of "Take it to the Limit". But the audience didn't really care about the musician's morale. And yes: they demanded "Take It to the Limit" for an encore. When Meissner refused to go on stage, Glenn Frye sent him very, very far away... The next second the two got into a fight, and not even the police officer on duty at the concert was able to separate them.

"Go to hell! It's personal!" yelled Fry.

After this incident, Meissner left the group. The behind-the-scenes scuffle, meanwhile, is not over! Glenn Fry is at it again. This time, he's got his hands full with... Don Felderand it happened during a benefit concert! The story goes that on July 31, 1980 The Eagles agreed to perform at the Long Beach Arena as part of a fundraiser for Senatorand Alan Cranston. The only problem was that not all members agreed to it...

Don Felder
Don Felder

Don Felderwho has had increasing conflicts with Glenn and Don Henley, was against the fund-raising show. And during the greeting, he waved the senator off, which pissed Glenn off. Backstage, Fry threw a beer can at Felder with all his might, and it almost hit him on the head!

"We played the show, but onstage we were having a hard time containing ourselves so we wouldn't fight each other. He (Felder) kept looking back and saying to me, 'A few more songs and you'll be screwed! And I'd say to him, "How great! I can't wait!"

After the show, Felder smashed his guitar, jumped into a limousine and drove away. That's the story of The Eagles ended.


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