"Gas sector" - continuators or brazen plagiarisers

We tell you about the group "Gas Sector (not to be confused with "Gas Sector!)", which has already managed to quarrel with the daughter of Yuri Khoy himself...

We're talking about the Gas Sector... oh, no, the Gas Sector.

Our article focuses on the history of Moscow musicians. They were young, ambitious and liked punk rock. They didn't have any songs of their own, but they were great players covers to the songs of their idols - the Voronezh band "The Gaza Strip.". They knew all their hits by heart and performed them with such energy and passion that they mesmerised the audience.

One day they got lucky - the musicians got invitation to speak at one of the biggest rock festivals in the country. This was the chance they had been waiting for all their lives. The "gas sector" decided not to take any risks and to insure themselves - they formalised a licence to publicly perform the compositions of "Sektor Gaza" through RAO. They thought that in this way they would honour the memory of Yuri Khoy, the deceased leader of their favourite band, and protect themselves from possible claims. But... they still did problems.

Hoya's band

History "The Gaza Strip." started back in the distant 1987 the year that a guy named Yuri Klinskikh, or Yuri Hoyas he would later be known to everyone, picked up a guitar and wrote his first songs. He didn't have any musical training, but he had a feeling of rhythm and a talent for words. He performed solo in a Voronezh rock club, where he was noticed by other young musicians. They decided to unite into a band and named it "Sektor Gaza".

Members of the Gaza Strip
Members of the Gaza Strip

From then on, they began their journey to glory. They played various venues, recorded albums, and gathered crowds of fans. Their songs were imbued with black humour, social. criticism and a rebellious spirit. They did not seek commercial success, but did what they loved. They were real. But their destiny was tragic. В 2000 year Yuri Khoi passed away from a heart attack at the age of 35. It was with a bang for the whole rock scene and for millions of his fans. The band "Sektor Gaza" ceased to exist, but their songs still live on. By the way, you can listen to one of them below.

In 2021, a film was made about the band Sektor Gaza and its leader. documentary the film "Hoy with you". It was a tribute of respect and love to those who left their mark in the history of Russian rock. Film received high praise from critics and audiences, as well as several awards.

Famous for... scandal.

But then one day a band appeared in Moscow "Gas Sector."who, without permission and without payment, began to perform Hoy's songs at their performances. Well, at least that's what they said they say unravelled fans. What's more, there were rumours that the musicians were boasting that they were better of the original. Irina Klinskikh I couldn't stand the way her father's memory was being treated and decided to act.

Yuri Khoi with his wife and eldest daughter
Yuri Khoi with his wife and eldest daughter

She went to the police with a claim of copyright infringement. She also banned "Gas Sector" to participate in the festival dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Hoy, which was held in his native Voronezh. But the Muscovites didn't give up. They came to Voronezh for another concert, where they continued to re-sing Khoy's songs. But this time Irina was ready for them. She came to the concert accompanied by police officers, who withdrawn video of Gas Sector's performance to prove their guilt.

"It's all legal!"

Thus, there are two sides of the coin. On one side of the coin relatives Hoya, who claim to be singular the legal heirs to his copyright. On the other hand, there is a group "Gas Sector."which performs Hoy's songs at their concerts without permission and without payment, claiming that they are doing so at the honour of your idol. Let's see who's right and who's wrong.

Hoy's relatives are demanding that the Gas Sector cease to use Khoy's songs without their permission. "Gas Sector, on the other hand, claims that they do not infringe copyright, but only continue Hoy's case. According to them, they formed their band out of their love for punk rock and Hoy's work. They also say that help to Khoy's relatives and friends, erecting memorials on the graves of "Sektor Gaza" musicians and supporting Khoy's mother materially. They accuse Khoy's nephew, Yuri Yapryntsev, of turning his relatives against them in order to eliminate competitors. They also suggested that Khoy's daughter, Irina Klinskikh, should enter into a friendship with him agreement to use Hoya's songs, but she refused.

So we can make the following conclusion: yes, the guys really take the songs of "Sektor Gaza" and make on them coversbut even the most famous musicians do it. In fact, they give a portion of the money Hoya's motherthus showing her nobility and friendly spirit. And Irina Klinsky would rather hinder more out of principle than out of noble sentiment. What do you think? Do you agree with our opinion or are you on the side of Hoy's daughter?

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