"The Road" - Remembering the timeless AuktsYon classic

Today in our article is an unusual band AuktsYon, whose hit "The Road" was a hit in the late 90's. Why the album where the song was recorded has not been released for almost 2 years and what is the meaning of this cult composition? Let's find out!

All about the song "The Road" by AuktsYon: history, popularity

How does popularity come to songs? There is still no exact answer to that. Some compositions, even by world-renowned artists, can be long forgotten by the public, unless one day it appears in the public eye again.

That's what happened to the rock band's most famous song AuktsYonwhich, in the opinion of many of their fans, was the best of their work. Today in our article we will look at the history of the song "Road" and her frenzied popularity, which was given to her by Alexei Balabanov's film.

The story of a future hit

AuktsYon. Beginning of the career
AuktsYon. Beginning of the career

The story of the song's creation began в 1991 year, when Leonid Fedorov had just come up with the idea for a future hit while walking around Hamburg. Work on the future album, which was called "Bird."The album's completion was delayed for two whole years, because of the revolution in the country, the album could not be completely finished. In general, as Fyodorov notes, the album turned out just about freedomThe country was in need of it at a difficult time.

In Hamburg, Fedorov sketched out the melody for "The Road," and the lyricist Dmitry Ozersky the words to the music. On their return to Russia, the musicians finished work on the song.

An Unexpected Popularity Boom - How "The Road" Became a "listened-to classic" after the release of "Brat-2

Auktsyon. 80-е
Auktsyon. 80-е

After the song "The Road" was released in 1994, it was a little forgotten by the fans. Only in 2000 more and more people began to talk about it, thanks to the then released film by Alexei Balabanov "Brother 2.". Fans of the first part were happy to plunge into the new story of the unforgettable hero Danil Bagrov, and at the same time, in order to resemble their idol as much as possible, they listened to tracks from the cult action movie. Thus, AuktsYon's song "The Road" became most listened to the song of the band, and remains so until now.

Since that time, AuktsYon has been performing its iconic song practically at every live concert.

"Deeper Than It Looks" - lyrical meaning

Leonid Fedorov
Leonid Fedorov

One can almost think about the meaning of the songs of such an unconventional band as Auktsyon. endlessly. The band's fans didn't miss out on the beloved "The Road.

There is an opinion that such a lyrical composition of AuktsYon became practically anthem for people who are closer to the subject "prison romance". The rockers couldn't have imagined that their mesmerizing melody and rhythm, referring more to the romanticization of the "zone," would appeal to people who love chanson.

Looking at the meaning of the word "road" in a rock band song, the first thing you can think of is that this very road is the life of a simple man who simply Unusual to feel himself where there is no crime. His comfort begins where they can't be reproached for this, because everyone in the "zone" is connected to it in one way or another.

The second meaning of the word is more profound. "Road" is perceived as freedomBut this freedom is limited to the hero by the barbed wire. It is clear that on the outside the man cannot cope with the freedom that is understood in the minds of the majority. For him it is his own - one that seems limited to others, but to him it is simple and understandable.

The looped lines of the song, where the hero "is himself both the sky and the moon," suggest this as a metaphor for the fact that the life of the hero of the text is such a vicious circle, which, however his life turns, encircles him and returns to the "zone." She waits for him, as if knowing that even if he were free, he would not endure such a world, which he does not understand, and would return back. The musical content of the composition precisely creates the entourage of such a long journey, which in the end closes. Even in freedom, which does not seem so colorful, does not let go of his old life: it seems that the hero will remain there, in this "bare ground" - about the zone. The motif of of death - the hero talks about the earth chewing him up, and then his "road" goes into the clouds, and the hero himself "flies somewhere," unaware of himself.

Finally, a little about the "Bird" album

AuktsYon on Stage
AuktsYon on Stage

The album on which the cult song "The Road" was released was in 1993. Leonid Fedorov himself dislikes this record, complaining not about the bad songs, but about their unsightly recording. It is quite understandable - the whole album was written during the coup in Russia, when the August "putsch" took place. During the time of turmoil the musicians moved to their acquaintance's dacha, where they created their songs. The musicians will describe this time as personal freedom: there was nothing but horror outside the window, and they had their own freedom.

At the time when the material for the album was finally ready, AuktsYon were touring Europe. The recording was hard: at first it was supposed to be done entirely in Hamburg, but the musicians decided to rewrite him in Moscow. "Bird" didn't see the light until the end of October 1993. So the album still exists to this day in different versions: one was made in Hamburgand the second is in Moscow.

Fans still mark this album as the most "light." of the band's entire discography. The album took 2nd place in the "50 Best Russian Albums of All Times" rating by Afisha magazine, and the song "Doroga" was included in the top 100 best songs of Russian rock in the twentieth century.

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