Morgenstern's three best songs according to Fuzz Music magazine

Now everyone knows Alisher Morgenstern as the most scandalous rapper on the Russian scene. But once upon a time there was no Morgenstern, and Alisher himself called himself MAMAVIRGIN. About these times we decided to remember in this article.

Morgenstern's Best Songs

By now everyone knows Alisher MorgensternAs the most scandalous rapper on the Russian scene. But once upon a time Morgenstern aspired to a very different kind of fame. At the very beginning of his musical career, he wanted to become a popular punk rocker and even recorded his own songs. At that time Morganstern didn't exist yet, and Alisher himself called himself MAMAVIRGIN.

When he was already a famous rapper, he released an album consisting entirely of his old songs. Some of them were pretty good. We will talk about such punk rock compositions in this article.


A song written by Morgenstern before he became famous. A meaningless composition about a very strange relationship between a son and his mother, but also quite interesting as punk song.

In general, Morgenstern himself wanted to be exactly punkrocker. It's not hard to see from his lifestyle and the material he was performing until 2018. Later on he decided to rap and it came out the way it did. Young people like it.

Beer and skateboarding

On this song. MAMAVIRGIN I even made a music video. In all the traditions of punk music: bacchanalia, young people with skateboards, young Alisher with electric guitar. The meaning is a bit more than in the previous composition, but in general it's also a good punk song for young people:

Many fans go to this clip to compare what Morgenstern was like before and now. Someone wrote a comment like this:

"Morgenstern rode a skateboard then, and a Cadillac now."

An ambiguous hint that Alisher had long since departed from his former image. Or maybe he was real then, but changed under the influence of money and unexpected fame. In any case, we won't hear such compositions performed by Morgenstern anymore.


But this is something truly unique: a Morgenstern song that has no not one word of mouth. A fun song with a very interesting clip: the musician tried to stylize the video using his own resources and with minimal investment the USSR. And he even managed to do it. The clip reminds me somewhat of the Kino videogame "Saw the Night:

And it's not even a punk song, there's meaning and a lot of references to the band Kino and other Soviet musicians.

In the comments, listeners lamented the loss of MAMAVIRGIN:

«What he has become is up to us. If we had checked it out at the time, he would have gone on to say»

BONUS: A track recorded by Morgenstern as a child

Alisher Morgenstern has been interested in music since childhood. Even as a teenager he tried to record his own songs. One of the most famous, recorded at an early age, was the song "We are above the clouds" recorded with a friend of his:

Even then, Alisher could produce interesting rhymes:

"We ain't no Goof, we don't do the letters. Writing rapping is our true way."

How do you feel about Morgenstern's work now, and what do you think of his older songs? Share your opinion in the comments.


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