A star named Zhanna Aguzarova: sunrise and sunset

Creative biography of Zhanna Aguzarova.

The story of Zhanna Aguzarova and the Bravo group

The character of Zhanna Aguzarova can be envied. A girl from the godforsaken village of Kolyvan came to Moscow and became a legend of the domestic underground of the 80s, the "queen of rock and roll." But this was preceded by unsuccessful attempts to become a student of four music schools, an incomplete course at the theater, studies at a construction vocational school, a mental hospital and a labor camp.

Magical light flashes
And a star will fall
When the Martian girl
Will disappear without a trace.

Zhanna Aguzarova "The Martian"

Zhanna Aguzarova
Zhanna Aguzarova

Her star rose, shone for a long time and somehow abruptly set. The Martian girl has disappeared. Not traceless. Aguzarova tried more than once to return to the musical Olympus, but to no avail. And then she began to live for herself.


Zhanna ended up in Moscow in 1982. She studied to be a painter, but almost all the time she disappeared in a "bohemian" environment, where she sang with pleasure. So far, only for friends. It was from this period that Aguzarova's passion for eccentric outfits began.

In the capital, the future star lost her documents. At the Belorussky railway station, she acquired the passport of the Swedish citizen Ivan Anders. Specialists added the letters “n” and “a” to the document, pasted in the photo, and according to the documents, Aguzarova became Ivanna Anders. That's how she appeared.

Armen Grigogryan
Armen Grigogryan

Zhanna tried to join Grigoryan's Crematorium, but was refused. But luck smiled at her at the audition for the Postscript team. No, she did not become his vocalist. Zhanna just met Yevgeny Khavtan. He was just looking for musicians for his own Bravo project and was about to leave Postscript.

Evgeny Khavtan
Evgeny Khavtan

Havtan invited Zhanna to become the soloist of the group and the very first recording, made in 1983, made a splash. The successful tour of Bravo began around the Union, which he soon knew by heart and sang “Yellow Shoes”, “I Believe”, “Wonderful Country”. In the same period, Aguzarova became a student at the Music College. Ippolitov-Ivanov. She was unconditionally accepted to ... the people's department. However, Aguzarova later said that it was here that she became a professional vocalist.

Madhouse, forced labor, Pugacheva and emigration

In 1984, during one of the police raids, the Bravo group, right from the concert, was taken in full force to the police station. And Jeanne is still living on a fake passport. Because of this, the singer ends up in Butyrskaya prison. But she didn't stay there long. According to legend, Zhanna demanded to release her immediately, claiming that she was a citizen of Mars, for which she was sent to the Serbsky Institute.

Zhanna Aguzarova
Zhanna Aguzarova on Mars

But psychiatrists recognized the "Martian" as completely sane. And the "most humane court" sent her to be corrected in one of the timber industry enterprises of Siberia for a year and a half. Zhanna honestly "chimed" this term, after which she safely returned to Moscow. Havtan immediately took Aguzarova back, and Bravo began to actively perform and record. Lesopoval little changed the singer. At least outwardly. She still sings in outrageous costumes, although she comes to record in decent outfits and with a minimum of makeup.

In 1986, Zhanna was first shown on TV as part of the Musical Ring program. Alla Pugacheva herself became the “godmother” of the singer. The appearance on the Soviet screens, in fact, was the legalization of "Bravo". After that transfer, the musicians are recorded on Melodiya. Later in 1990, the monopoly studio will release Zhanna Aguzarova's famous solo album "Russian Album", which will be published with copyright infringement and reissued in 2003-2004. In the meantime, the group is going on a new mega tour around the USSR ...

And the country is already one step away from disaster. Concerts are getting smaller. The group's popularity plummets. Zhanna leaves Bravo. She is accepted into the Alla Pugacheva Theater, but soon, after a loud scandal, the singer is kicked out.

Alla Pugacheva
Alla Pugacheva

In 1991, Aguzarova decides to seek her fortune in the United States. She easily gets a job in the Los Angeles Russian restaurant Black Sea, where she sings in the evenings for nostalgic emigrants. The career of a restaurant singer lasts two years. But the success that Jeanne has achieved in her homeland haunts her. She wants to repeat it in the US. Aguzarova is finishing DJ courses. However, it turns out that no one needs it in this field.

Jeanne managed to record two albums with the help of producer Vasily Shumov. American music lovers hardly noticed these discs. For some time, Aguzarova worked as a saleswoman and taxi driver. And then she decided to return to Russia.

Return home, short success and final retreat into the shadows

Aguzarova came to her homeland in 1992. Havtan again takes Zhanna to Bravo. The band begins their triumphant return to the big stage with sold-out concerts in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Then he repeats the success, having traveled almost the entire CIS. And again Aguzarova drops everything and goes to America. But the second attempt to gain a foothold in the "country of great opportunities" also turns out to be a failure.

In 1996 Jeanne is again in Moscow. He performs as part of the election campaign of the first president of Russia, appears on ORT in Old Songs about the Main 2. In 1998 he again toured with Bravo. In 2001, visitors to the Maxidrom festival enthusiastically greeted her. But these concerts are the last large-scale performances of Aguzarova.

Valery Syutkin
Valery Syutkin

A conflict begins with Syutkin, who mentions the singer's conflict in an interview. Concert organizers are less and less likely to sign contracts with Aguzarova. Her behavior also contributes to this: the singer disrupts performances, citing the fact that she flies home to Mars to gain strength. In the end, Jeanne disappeared. Only rare publications in the press and periodically reminded fans that she had not gone anywhere and occasionally gives concerts at small venues.

In 2015, Zhanna delighted the audience with her appearance in Evening Urgant. It turned out that she is still loved and remembered. Video transmission on the network is popular even now.

Aguzarova continues to perform in clubs. According to rumors, the singer takes very decent amounts for a concert, so she rarely pleases the audience, preferring to live for herself and spend the money she earns on travel.

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