Sunset Queen (2020) - Zhanna Aguzarova has released a new album

About Zhanna Aguzarova's new album "Queen of Sunset" (2020)

"Queen of the Sunset": Zhanna Aguzarova released a new album

Zhanna Aguzarova is the one and only singer of her kind, widely known as the ex-vocalist of the Bravo group. There are no such lively, mischievous, as if “fluttering” in notes and rhythms, and it is unlikely to be any more ... What is her manner of performance worth! Aguzarova skillfully embodies any intonation - from playful to touchy and even dramatic ... It is these qualities that contribute to the fact that even today, decades later, millions of people continue to sincerely admire the work of the artist ...

Zhanna Aguzarova
Zhanna Aguzarova

And now, after several decades, Zhanna has pleased her loyal fans with a new album! The title of the release, Queen of Sunset, is as bright as Aguzarova herself!

The album contains 12 tracks. All of them were written in the period of the late 1980s to the early 2000s and had previously been performed by Aguzarova at concerts. Work on the disc took place in different parts of the world: from St. Petersburg and Moscow to Stockholm, London and Los Angeles.

But before discussing Zhanna Aguzarova's new album, we suggest remembering where the singer has been for all these years...

Zhanna Aguzarova: why the singer disappeared from the stage for a long time...

According to the new release of Zhanna, it can be judged that the ex-vocalist of "Bravo" has remained as direct and ardent as at the time of her early work ...


Surely fans remember the chic "Russian Album", released by Aguzarova in 1991. The hits “I feel good next to you”, “Marina” and “Touching Yesenin” became loud! After that, a collection of the best songs was released, recorded by Zhanna together with Bravo drummer Pavel Kuzin. And that's all ... Except that occasionally Aguzarova appeared on television in her futuristic, unimaginable images ...

After a long absence, Jeanne, it would seem, returned to the stage again! In 2013, she became the headliner of the Moscow festival Afisha Picnic! Thousands of spectators, fans of the singer, experienced unspeakable joy ... But, as it turned out, in vain. Aguzarova disappeared again.

Zhanna Aguzarova
Zhanna Aguzarova

Jeanne is back just now! And I want to believe that her new album "Queen of the Sunset" is a direct proof of that!

About the new album "Queen of the Sunset"

The album came out very positive and bright! When listening, the former drive “Bravo” is felt ...

New album cover
New album cover

The release includes three songs from the release of 2003, however - a little more in modern processing: "Do not blame", "Maya" and "Happiness will come"!

The track called “Musician” (also known as “Dedication to Musicians”) is especially good. Slightly romanticized, with bewitching rhythms and a fuzzy guitar sound… But soon the serenity of the track is broken by assertive lines performed in rap style! It turned out interesting and original, in the style of Zhanna Aguzarova!

In general, the record can be described as very diverse and bright!

It is worth noting that in her songs Zhanna mentioned the reasons why, apparently, she was absent for so long. She sings: “Inspiration does not come ... / Time tests us ...”

We hope that from now on inspiration will not leave Zhanna!



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