Top 5 Popular Groups Whose Biggest Hit - Cover

Today, all of these bands are considered iconic! However... Their biggest success came when they performed... a cover. Who are we talking about? Let's find out together!

Bands that have become famous for their covers

Throughout the history of rock, pop and R&B. cover versions have been a secondary way for bands to fill gaps on albums or set lists - a great trick if the stock of original material was suddenly exhausted. But every now and then there were cases when random interpretations, for whatever reason, broke through to the top of the charts and became something much more than just a "reprise"....

The bands discussed below have made successful careers in the music business through their own songs, but ultimately it was the... with a cover. Strange as it may seem, but it is the presence of the latter in the catalog that still attracts the attention of the general public to these bands, and the younger generation of listeners thinks that the main hit of their favorite band is their own creation. But no: all these songs have a longer and less successful history at first...

The Animals: The House of the Rising Sun

The story goes that the folk music legend Dave Van Ronk was the first to create an arrangement of this folk classic, which he eventually The Animals made their own. Although they were not the first who decided to decorate their catalog with a heartfelt composition with a lyrical title "The House of the Rising Sun": the first to do so Bob Dylan. And in many ways it was his version, which was not particularly successful, that provoked the British rockers into their own reading of...

The Animals have amped up the sound, making it more oppressive and deep. And the vocals Erica Burdon It was as if he had been created for this song: the vocalist told with irresistible power a sinister story that later resonated with the whole world - from Europe and the West to the USSR!

"The tailor was my poor mother -
I'm wearing these jeans as a memento,
A gambler is what my father was.
On a New Orleans afternoon..."

The Animals were at the height of their fame in the 1960s, with a string of hit singles such as "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" and "We Gotta Get Out of This Place." But their version of "House of the Rising Sun"just their second single, would become their only chart topper on both sides of the Atlantic. And the biggest breakthrough that never ceases to delight some and inspire others to this day....

The Byrds: Mr. Tambourine Man

And again Bob Dylan at the center of the story: it is he who owns the original 1965 version, which, alas, he did not release as a single. Simply because he felt "Mr. Tambourine Man" ... But the king of folk was wrong in his judgment, and the version of The Byrds proves it.

Just a month later, The Byrds unveiled their own interpretation, which introduced music lovers to the distinct sound of the 12-string guitar Roger McGuinn and the laconic harmonies of his comrades. As a result, the single from the folk-rockers' debut album topped the charts in the U.S. and the U.K., widely praising the young band and paving its way to Olympus.

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts: I Love Rock 'n' Roll

Joan Jett
Joan Jett

"I Love Rock 'n' Roll" - a shining example of how a fresh take on a song that was initially unnoticed becomes a smash hit for decades to come! After all, the original version by Alan Merrill and his band Arrows passed the public by. And it was only thanks to Joan Jett the song didn't just get noticed, it was recognized as a rock 'n' roll anthem!

For Jett herself, though, the cover was also the biggest accomplishment of her career since The Runaways. "I love rock 'n' roll." - is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to this diva. And her discography is huge!

UB40: Red Red Wine


Surely many people who have lived in USSRThe band, who once visited the country of the Soviets and bravely tried to sway the crowd - despite the fact that the Soviet police demanded the opposite from the audience: absolute calm. Back then. UB40 They were very upset about such orders, as they wanted the audience to "feel free and just dance". And, of course, older music lovers remember the main hit of the British reggae band: "Red Red Wine".

What's most interesting is that it's a cover of Neil Diamondas well as their other big hit. "Can't Help Falling in Love" to Elvis Presley! Ironically, it was these two interpretations that made the band so successful! As for "Red Red Wine", it was the definitive version of the song and, for many, probably the only one that people even know exists.

Bananarama: Venus


Toward the end, we decided to remember a band that enjoyed the peak of fame in the 80s, and was one of the dominant forces in the pop arena. We're talking about Bananarama. Although the band has a solid catalog of songs, its biggest hit was a cover of the classic hit shock blue!

Composition Venus performed by Bananarama topped Billboard, making their performers the idols of the decade! The cover video did not leave MTV for many years, and the song itself is still played on the radio to this day. It is interesting that the original version was a success: today it is favored by a more mature generation of music lovers, while the more danceable version of Bananarama was favored by younger listeners.


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