How the smallest singer in the world lives - Abdurozik. And no, he's not 5 years old!

Abdurozik is one of the most unique vocalists in the world. He is about 1 meter tall and weighs less than 20 kilograms. But at the same time, the little singer has quite a lot of popularity. How did it happen? We understand in this article.

Who is Abdurozik and all about the conflict between Abdurozik and Hasbik

For a long time, videos with Abdurozik. You can hear about him on YouTube, make memes about him, invite him to popular programs. But there is not so much information about the musician himself.

Some, when they see him, generally think that this is a five-year-old child or computer graphics. But in fact, Abdurozik is a rather adult guy, he is 18 years old, but since childhood he has been suffering from a lack of growth hormone. Because of this, the development of his body stopped and the musician failed to grow.

Abdurozik is sitting
Abdurozik is sitting

But this does not greatly prevent him from performing - he has already become a popular vocalist. In this regard, his appearance even helped him: it is interesting for everyone to look at the smallest vocalist in the world. Thousands of people come to his concerts, and his desire to make music, despite health problems, is admired by millions.

Abdurozik's early childhood

The little musician was born in 2003 near the city of Penjikent in Tajikistan. He was born healthy, grew up like all children, but fell ill at an early age. rickets. Abdurozik was from a poor family of simple rural workers, so there was no money for proper treatment.

The boy was treated with what was enough money and it was not possible to completely cure the disease. Because of this, he remained so small. By the age of 16 he weighed less than 15 kilograms. For comparison, an adult British cat or a medium-sized watermelon weighs the same.

Abdurozik in a suit
Abdurozik in a suit

Due to health problems, the boy went to school only at 12 years old, and even then he looked smaller than his classmates. He was sent to school at such a late age for only one reason - the way to school was long, and it was difficult for the boy to walk. The parents decided to wait until his legs got a little stronger.

The first performances of Abdurozik

Where Abdurozik lived, everyone knew him. People like him are rare, so at first the locals were very surprised. But then they got used to his unusual appearance. For a long time Abdurozik was something like local treasure, but one day one of his relatives took the boy with him to Penjikent.

There, even more attention was paid to him, the little singer acquired acquaintances. At first, people thought that he was 5, well, a maximum of 6 years. Each time I had to explain that this was no longer the case ... Some did not believe until the boy began to speak.

And then, with his new acquaintances, he began to sing right at the local market. Even then, he was doing great. Someone filmed Abdurozik on the phone and posted video in Internet. It quickly went viral on social media and garnered thousands of views. People from all over the world were amazed by the singer's appearance, his voice and the fact that he is not as small as it seems at first glance.

Almost every second Tajik saw the video with Abdurozik singing. And one of the popular Tajik bloggers - Baron. The blogger saw how the boy sang and soon contacted him. He started promoting it on his channel and brought it to Dushanbe in order to promote it and organize the first full-scale performances.

Baron and Abdurozik
Baron and Abdurozik

He also gave the boy money for a medical examination. The doctors said that he could still grow if he received full treatment. But it is not cheap, and certainly not fast. It's good that Abdurozik became a fairly well-known performer: he had money for all this.

Abdurozik and Baron

The baron helped Abdurozik, but in return he shot joint videos and clips with him. The Baron himself was a rapper, and therefore promoted his ward in a similar direction. Soon the debut video for the song was released Ohi dili zor (Cry from the heart):

The video gained several million views and gave a huge impetus to the creative career of both Baron, who was the producer, and the singer Abdurozik himself.

Unfortunately, the cooperation did not become long-term: the guys could not share the profit and Abdurozik terminated the contract with Baron in autumn 2021. The boy decided that he was already popular enough to organize his own performances. Now he has command managers and assistants.

Rapper Abdurozik
Rapper Abdurozik

Soon another boy with a similar problem gained popularity on the Internet - Khabik, or Hasbullah.

True, he is not from Tajikistan, but from Dagestan. Therefore, in Russia he is known better than Abdurozik. The guys began to communicate, and for the sake of popularity between them had to pass the battle.

The fight between Abdurozik and Hasbik

Between Abdurozik and Hasbullah arose conflict. More precisely, the appearance of a conflict was made. In fact, the guys get along well. And the fight drew even more attention to them. The bloggers who organized the show said they wanted to boost the guys' self-confidence. This fight was supposed to show that they are no different from other people and can do everything the same.

As a result, the battle was postponed for a long time. Some fans have completely lost faith that he will be. But what you won’t do for the sake of hype - the fight is still took place. More precisely, there were a lot of “non-combats”. A lot of hype videos were released with the guys, where they allegedly fight, swear, train, and all this collected millions of views.

Hasbik and Abdurozik
Hasbik and Abdurozik

This was done in order to make money. The sight itself, of course, is not pleasant. It's a pity that Abdurozik and Hasbik were used like this, but now the guys are already doing more meaningful things. Abdurozik continued to sing, and Hasbik maintains his blog.

By the way, Hasbik was challenged by another guy with the same ailment as his - Erali Boykobilov - Uzbek blogger and showman. But the situation turned out to be similar to the one that was between Hasbik and Abdurozik - another hype ...

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