Remembering the best Blondie songs

While Blondie certainly inspired many rock performers, they themselves were inspired by the popular music trends of their time. And this list of their best tracks serves as proof of that statement.

Blondie: Top Songs, Hits and Clips

It has been more than forty years since blondie released their debut album in 1976. When critics refer to the new wave and punk scene of the late 1970s, usually Talking Heads, the Ramones and... these guys get the most attention! Blondie was an American band that thrived during that interesting period of rock and roll in the late 1970s. So what is this period notable about? At the time. disco music was attacked by a new rebellious sound in rock music. This revolution was aimed at bringing back fans of early rock and pop music hypnotized by the disco ball. The first five years of Blondie records maintained a certain flirtation between the genres of punk, new wave and, yes, disco!

Today we decided to present the songs that, in our opinion, defined them as an extremely successful popular music group that stayed together long after even forty years together. Most remember Blondie simply for their music, or rather for a couple of high-profile hits. Others remember them for their image. But we remember them as influencing the culture through both image and content. While Blondie certainly inspired many rock performers, they themselves were inspired by popular music trends of their time. And this list of their top tracks serves as a proof of this statement.

"Heart of Glass."

Blondie: Debbie Harry
Blondie: Debbie Harry

Perhaps we are not exaggerating if we call "Heart of Glass." Blondie's most recognizable number. It's one of the greatest dance songs ever made. With an epic intro that transitions into new wave funk-fusion, with touches of disco, and a broad bass groove, the single emphasizes the vocal range Debbie Harry and the band's eclectic sound.

Because of the disco direction, the band has been criticized and accused of sells to the mainstream - At that time they were only considered punk and new wave.

"Call Me."

Blondie group!
Blondie group!

A huge hit that appeared in the band's repertoire thanks to disco producer Giorgio Moroderu и... Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac! The thing is that originally Moroder planned to give the song to Nicks, but she refused. Then he decided to contact Blondie, and this time he got an agreement to collaborate. And a great classic of the disco era!

And again: in fact, in spite of the rabid success on the charts, "Call Me." The band became a kind of stumbling block for the band. The band, which positioned itself as punk and new wave, began to be accused of being popish and chasing the trendy sounds of the day. A small number, but still there were fans who remained disappointed by this kind of change in style...


One of the most beautiful songs in Blondie's repertoire.

Everything here is amazing, every second track sounds great. Especially the inspiring chorus...

"Maria, you have to see her,
Losing control and going crazy.
Latina, Ave Maria
A million and one candles are burning..."

"One Way Or Another"

Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry

Dynamic "One Way Or Another" can be characterized as "ode to the stalker"who used to be your boyfriend. Debbie addressed this cheeky musical message to her ex-boyfriend, who really stalked her after the breakup!

"I'll drive by your house,
And if the lights go out,
I'll see who's around.
One way or another, I'll find you..."

The lesson to be learned is that if you pursue a songwriter, he will forever perpetuate your bad behavior in music.


With its signature funky bass and triple synth combination, this is one of the band's standout singles. Remarkably, though. "Rapture" is often referred to as the first number one song in the U.S. to include rap.

The composition in which Debbie read a rap song.was truly groundbreaking for Blondie and the era as a whole! Who would have expected something like that? I'm sure many were pleasantly shocked (because it was really good).



By Debbie's own admission, the song was much more futuristic and sinisterthan planned. The cool fusion of many styles lets you instantly recognize Blondie! This versatility and courage in all that concerns experiments is why the band is generally loved.

And some more great tracks lastly! Share in the comments which Blondie song is your favorite - let's try to figure out everyone's favorite together.

"X Offender."

"Detroit 442."

"In The Flesh."

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