It's time to cheer up - the Pet Shop Boys' top 7 dance hits

The Pet Shop Boys were famous for never taking their cue from the industry. They always had a flair for the trendy sounds of the day, but they also always tried to stick to their own concept, without interference from record companies or executives in the music world.

Pet Shop Boys and their most incendiary hits - the best, tracks and clips, a selection of tracks

Formed in 1981 by the soloist Neil Tennant and instrumentalist Chris Lowe, Group Pet Shop Boys has become one of the most prolific and popular synthpop and house duos in British music history! "Pet Shop Boys" have wowed audiences with their unique, out-of-this-world dance tunes and lyrics, often touching on more than just love fiascos. They have released more than 40 singles, 20 of which were in the top ten in their home country. These guys have also managed to work with 20th century icons like Elton John and Madonna. And in doing so - their own collaborative creative journey hasn't stopped to this day. Impressive, isn't it?

Pet Shop Boys were famous for never taking orders from the industry. They always had an excellent nose for the trendy sounds of the day, but they also always tried to stick to their own concept, without interference from record companies or executives in the music world. They stood out from their peers: their dance tracks often had deep meaning, and in general the duo's work was distinguished by specific visualizationthat has become their calling card. So: today we decided to look back at some awesome tracks from these pro rocking rhythms that are sure to cheer you up! At the very least - you'll want to stomp your foot to these fantastic tunes.

"It's A Sin"

Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys

This is a powerful, melodic '80s anthem, with a very danceable motif and powerful lyrics. The song is "It's A Sin", ranked number one in Great Britain for three weeks, was inspired by mortal sinswhich was not a particularly obvious theme for such a huge hit. What makes the song work is its exaggerated performance, which makes sinfulness sound like the most exciting thing in the world...

Music video is very interesting and vivid - not for nothing that it has collected more than 130 million views. It vividly describes all the sins, and the members of the Pet Shop Boys appeared before the audience in a rather unexpected role.

"Always On My Mind"

Pet Shop Boys did their first cover of the song Elvis Presley's "Always On My Mind" during a television broadcast on the 10th anniversary of King's death. Both they and the audience liked the interpretation so much that they recorded a synth-pop version later that year.

Released in November 1987, the single reached number one and held the position for an impressive four weeks! It was also a success in the USA, reaching #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Domino Dancing"

Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys

The title speaks for itself: it's a great track to do a little dancing!

Absolutely: on the "Domino Dancing" a big influence from Latin American pop music, which made the track so searing and groovy. However... that didn't help it storm the charts, and it only made it to No. 9, which was relatively bad compared to the Pet Shop Boys' previous performance. Tennant later recalled:

"It entered the charts at number nine, and I thought, 'It's over.' I knew then that our imperial phase of number one hits was over..."


Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys

In fact, the duo's second studio album is full of exceptional tracks, and the following song is one of them. Originally Heart was written for Madonna, but Tennant and Lowe liked it so much that they decided to release the song themselves. The end result is an exquisitely playful piece of '80s pop music.

Released in March 1988, the track was the duo's fourth and last single to ever reach the top of the British charts. The music video, incidentally, was directed by the brilliant British actor Ian McKellen.

"Paninaro 95."

"Paninari." - was the name of a subculture of Milanese youth obsessed with fast food and high fashion. Tennant and Lowe generally liked this movement, and in 1986 they released a song of the same name. Alas, there was no success as such. By the way: it was the first track by the band, the lead vocals of which belonged to To Chrisnot the Nile.

That changed many years later, in 1995, when an updated version of the song (now called "Paninaro 95.") attracted a lot of attention from the public. It remains very much in demand among music lovers to this day.


Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys

Very danceable track in our opinion, but with notes of elevated gloom in the sound. However - this is easily explained by the lyrical stuffing "Rent.": the hero sings of an exploitative relationship in which he is literally "rent."They pay for love with money. They only see him as a "doll.

"But look at my hopes, look at my dreams,
The money we spent.
I love you, and you pay for my love..."

It was the third single from the 1987 album "Actually". The song proved so topical and infectious that over the following years it was made into many covers.


Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys

One of the best, if not the best song ever written Pet Shop Boys. "Suburbia." is based on the 1984 Penelope Spheeris film of the same name: despite the groovy sound, the lyrics talk about the creepy mayhem that goes on and on in the suburbs.

"Provincialism, where.
Suburbia meets Utopia..."

In a rousing refrain Neil Tennant suggests that we take him on a dangerous run through the suburbs at night, racing with the dogs, since "you can't hide anywhere anyway," dear traveler!

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