"And who are the judges": On the main problem of the show "Voice.Kids" - why talent does not decide

And these people think that they have the right to break other people's destinies? Do they really think their great genius can smell talent?

Briefly on why the judges of "Voice.Kids" deprive the show of any meaning

"Voice. Children" - seemingly very original and useful showwhich helps young talents make a name for themselves to the whole world! Yes, that's right, the whole world, because the broadcasts of the program sometimes gain multimillion-dollar the number of views on YouTube. But there's a little nuance that takes away from this show any kind of meaning: And it's his judges.

Alas, today's talent does not solve. If you're a cool singer, but you don't have rich parents, your chances of winning are unforgivable. small. Everyone is screaming about fair choices, about how the show is literally transparent! But we all remember loud scandalwhich has evolved around daughters Alsou

The judges of "Voice.Kids" pretty interesting: rapperslike Basty and Egor Krid, Polina GagarinaAnd these people think that they have the right to break someone else's fate? I hate to break it to them, but many childrenwho performed on the stage of this show, were much more more talented and more charismaticthan they are adults and great geniuses with big names.

Judges rappers are the most genius

Shamil Ibadov and mentor Creed on the Voice Children show
Shamil Ibadov and mentor Yegor Creed, "Voice.Kids" show

I wonder if anyone at all confusingthat in Children's The Voice show judges rappers? No, rap, of course, has the right to exist as a genre. But what does it have to do with children? How can rappers appreciate the talent child?

Have you noticed how often "get blown off." children who come on stage and perform classicsthat will last for centuries? Alas, for our musical gourmets such a I do not like - They want songs. "Leningrad.". Certainly not the classics - it's not a children's repertoire.

A profound composition "Exhibit"Shnurov's version is much more appropriate (it was beautifully performed, by the way).

Fear of being embarrassed

Dima Bilan
Dima Bilan

The Internet has long been raging with a flurry of public outrage: our esteemed judges for real talented children as if don't notice

A striking example is Diana Ankudinova! She is one of the most talented members of the project! That's charisma, that's voice...There's a lot to work with! Such an artist could be trained! But no, our connoisseurs don't see anything outstanding in Diana...

Diana Ankudinova
Diana Ankudinova

Throughout the entire performance, not a single member of the jury didn't click on the button. Nyusha and Dima Bilan clearly overlooked the talent. And, of course, Valery Meladze - Our main connoisseur of female beauty, and then of vocal data...

"They were afraid of the real talent! They were afraid that they could not match the level of this child. They thought about themselves, but didn't give a damn about the development of young talent! What a shame...", - users said.

"Money will save the world."

Alsu and her daughter
Alsu and her daughter

What exactly can be said about moneyis that they may rule the world, but here talent They certainly won't add to it... Alas. There are plenty of examples like that. And then there are the very scandalous An example of how a caring mother decided to make her daughter an object of pride - for money, of course.

By of an astounding audience voting specifically Michella became Winner of the sixth season of "The Voice.Kids"! And this is despite the fact that her performance was not confident, even weak in some places...

The scandal was large! Many viewers outraged on social media, which caused the management Channel One was forced to cancel Mikella's victory. It soon became clear that 8,000 spectator votes in her favor were by fake

No mercy

Eva Sukmanova
Eva Sukmanova

Many children devote all their free time to exhausting rehearsals - And it's not just about vocals. In fact, they want too many things from children: songs on foreign languages, and Extravagant dances, and incredible outfits... And all of this is foisted on young children who just love to sing and are willing to work on themselves so that their hobby can grow into career.

And there is nothing for the judges no surprise: even the French hits in the tender children's rendition won't touch them in the right way! And the sad thing is how children suffer - How many tears have been shed as part of this show... And, one wonders, why?

Why all these sacrifices? Why is talent alone - real, unadorned talent - nothing anymore? does not solve?

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